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Bethany Christian School Events

This page contains all event related information for the Sports Programs at Bethany Christian School. Please view the information below which may relate to the programs that your child may be participating in.


There are no events at this time.

Representative Sports

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Weekly Sports

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Weekly Sports Updates:

  • Come and Try Basketball has now been filled, and nominations have been closed.
  • Term 4 Hot Shots Tennis for Receptions to Year 2 has now commenced, please email the Sports Department if wishing to enrol your child for the remaining sessions.
Team Trainings  |  Session Info
Hot Shots Tennis | R - 2 Monday  |  Lunchtimes  |  Wks 4 - 8 | T4
U08 Bulls  |  U12 Raptors Monday  | 3.20 - 4.00pm | 4.20pm
Fitness Club Tuesday  |  8.00 - 8.30am
Come and Try Basketball Wednesday  |  Lunchtimes  |  Wks 4 - 8 | T4
U08 Boomers  |  U10 Blazers  |  U12 Lakers Wednesday  | 3.20 - 4.00pm | 4.20pm
U08 Wild Stars  |  U10 Bright Stars | U12 Diamonds Friday  |  3.20 - 4.00pm