Bethany Christian School

Weekly Sports | Policies

Please view the Weekly Sports Policies below:


  • Parents are asked to notify [by text or a call] as soon as possible if their child will be absent from Training or a Match.
  • Notifying the coach 15mins before match time makes it extremely difficult when managing the team
  • Once enrolled players are expected to play the entire season.


  • Players are expected to wear the correct match uniform to the game. There are no exceptions. If there is a concern this should be dealt on a coach to player/parent level, but if there is no resolution then it needs to be referred to the Sports Department. The normal School sports jacket and pants should be worn over the top of the normal team uniform.
  • Players are encouraged to wear their School Sports Uniform to trainings.


  • Players are expected to follow all instructions by the coach during practice and match times.
  • Low level consistent min-behaviour or serious incidents will result in players being suspended from play for a period designated by the Sports Coordinator, or withdrawal from the program.


  • As in all sporting arenas, the ‘Blood Rule’ applies. If there is an injury where blood has been found then training or play must stop and the individual with the blood must be removed from the court/field and have first aid applied. If there is any blood on the court/field then this needs to be removed before play can be recommenced. This also applies to the player’s uniforms. The individual in question can only re-enter the session if approved by the overseeing authority.


  • Please approach the team coach to address any matters directly. Gossiping or talking about any issues you have without intention of discussing it with the coach are counterproductive. Coaches are volunteers who contribute their time and knowledge; they do have the best interests for your child and would be happy to discuss any concerns that you may have.
  • Conflict may arise between a player, a parent, the coach from an opposing team or an official. In all things you do as a coach please remember that you are a role model to the children you are coaching. When or if conflict occurs please speak to that person about your concerns at an appropriate time. For example if it is an official, wait until the end of the match. Please speak to the person calmly and try and resolve the situation. If you are unhappy with the outcome or would like the matter taken further please contact the Sports Department.


  • There are fees to be involved in the Weekly Sports Program. These fees need to be paid to be involved in the program. Unpaid fees will result in your child being withdrawn from the team


  • Each team has a first aid kit which is used for immediate 1st Aid. The team manager will apply appropriate dressings as needed.
  • It is the parent’s responsibility to follow up any further medical attention
  • It will be at the coach’s discretion if they allow them to continue to play after said injury has occurred.


  • Please arrive 15mins earlier to matches so the coach can organize the team and perform warm-ups
  • Please send our child’s drink over with the team manager for breaks in play.
  • Players are to remain with the coach during breaks. Going back over to the parents during breaks is not permitted as the coach needs this time for organization.


  • Any concerns about player or coach safety should be immediately reported to the Sports Department for further investigation.


  • Only players registered though the Bethany Sports Department are eligible to play for Bethany teams. Coaches who require fill-in players will need to contact the Sports Department with details and reasons for the fill-in. Any fill- in player who plays more than 3 games during the season will be required to pay the registration.


  • The coach, where possible, will work towards giving players equal playing time. This is the same positional play. However, this does not mean that the players get to play in each position each week. Playing time and rotations will be on a 3 to 4 week basis. Coaches need to communicate this to parents at the beginning of the season through the initial contact letter.
  • Players are expected to attend training, as it is compulsory. If a player has not notified the coach that they will be absent from training then their playing time will be reduced. Priority will be given to players who attend training.


  • Parents are expected to be present at trainings and games, or have made appropriate arrangements, in case of injury to their child to arrange appropriate treatment.
  • It is not the responsibility of the coach or manager to supervise siblings of players on your team.
  • For training, siblings of players are not permitted in the training facilities without their parents being present. If they are present siblings will need to be sent to the late pick-up yard duty.
  • Children of the coach are permitted to be in the training facility but are the responsibility of the coach.


  • Training is compulsory.
  • Training may be cancelled from time-to-time. The Sports Department will place notifications of cancelled trainings on the school’s website. Please view this, as this will be the most up-to-date information, besides contacting your child’s team coach.


  • In line with the school policy, if the temperature is 35 degrees or higher as advertised on the channel 9 six o’clock news the night before training, training will be cancelled. It is the responsibility of the coach to inform their player’s parents of this policy when sending out the initial coach’s letter at the beginning of each season.


  • Training will still commence in wet weather. Court based sports can train under the undercover area. Football will only be cancelled in extreme wet weather, hail or lightning. It is the parent’s responsibility to find out if training is cancelled by following the above procedure


  • Players will be suspended or withdrawn from the program if parents or players fail to follow the policies set out within this document.