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SACSA | Soccer Tryout Form

Please complete the following form to enrol your child into the SACSA Soccer Tryouts.

Students will need to have nominated via this form, and attended at least one of the two tryouts, or communicated their asbence from the tryouts to be considered for the team.

Please view the SACSA Sports Website for more information.

Event Information

SACSA Yr 3|4 TournamentSACSA Yr 5|6 Tournament
Tues. 11|06  |  Week 7, T2Wed. 12|06  |  Week 7, T2
Kings Baptist Grammar School, Wynn ValeBarratt Reserve, Military Road, West Beach
Wednesday 08|05 & 15|05Mondays 06|05 & 13|05
Weeks 2 & 3  |  T2Weeks 2 & 3  |  T2
3.15 - 4.00pm3.15 - 4.00pm
BCS | TCC OvalBCS | TCC Oval

Students will need to wear their school sports uniform to all practices. If training after school they will need to bring their sports uniform in a bag and change into it after school. If training during lunchtimes, then they can wear their uniform to school.

If students are successful in making the team then players will be required to train as outlined on the Calendar on the School’s Website. Please confirm all event dates with the Sports Department.

Teams will be emailed out to all parents, and will be placed in the student common area. The permission form, for the parents of the successful students will be sent via email with permission to be given via the school's app. All notifications will be made via the app, or emailed directly, so please download and sign up to the BCS App.

Even after selection, students with poor behaviour, attitude, or who do not complete their class work will be ineligible to compete at the tournament and will be withdrawn from the team.

If successful in making the team, your child will be supplied with a playing uniform; if the uniform is not returned then a replacement fee will be placed on your school account.

Student Details

Parent Details

Terms and Conditions:

  • My child's medical information is up-to-date with the school.
  • I understand that if my child has poor school behaviour, attitude, or incomplete work they will be ineligible for the tournament and will be withdrawn from the team.
  • I understand that I will need notify the Sports Department if my child will be absent from tryouts or training.
  • I understand that even if selected, my child will be withdrawn from the team if they are not able to attend trainings.
  • I have read, understood and will actively engage in Bethany Christian School’s Sporting Code of Behaviour and the Policies for Representative Sports as outlined on the School’s Website.
  • I understand my child may be in photographs/videography. I consent to these photographs/videography being used in accordance to the school's internet policy to promote sports at the School and affiliated sporting associations including newsletter, webpage, yearbook and social media.
  • I understand that  if my child is selected in the team that games take place in the public arena and Bethany Christian School are unable to ensure that photographs are not taken by outside sources (eg: other schools, spectators, sporting associations, etc)
  • I understand that if my child is selected and a uniform is loaned to them, the uniform will need to be returned in the condition that it was loaned out to them, or I will be invoiced for the replacement.
  • I understand that my name and contact information [mobile number and email] will be used for contact purposes. 
  • I understand that all communication will be sent via BCS App and|or or email.

A generic email will be automatically sent to the email address provided to confirm that your nomination has been received.