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Week 9Term 22022

Some photos from our Pyjama/Casual Day.

From the Principal

Welcome to our final Newsletter for Term 2. Our SRC held a pyjama/casual day last Thursday and students really enjoyed this special day. We were able to raise $760 for our sister school in Indonesia. Hope School is in the rice fields of rural Sumatra and is attended by children who live in the local villages. Education has been extremely interrupted in Indonesia with the pandemic. We are very blessed here in Australia and the awareness of our responsibility to care for others is one of our values here at Bethany. We are grateful for your support, and we look forward to sharing how our contributions have helped others in a practical way. 

Our Year 1 students are heading to the Adelaide Zoo this Friday. This is a wonderful way to bring together a term of learning about animals and we know that our students will enjoy visiting the zoo. Thank you to those who are volunteering to support this excursion.

Our Year 3 and Year 4 students will have their swimming lessons next week. Please make sure that you have returned all permissions required. Swimming lessons are so important for us to help to keep children safe in and around water. Australia is surrounded by beaches and has many homes with swimming pools and so learning water safety is one of the ways we can reduce drowning accidents and build awareness of water safety.  

We continue to have a steady level of absentees with staff and students as we head into the cold of winter. If your child is unwell, please keep them home to rest and recover. We are very grateful for your help in this matter and understand the inconvenience this creates. We will do the same with staff to minimise the spread of COVID-19, flus or other illness within the community.

Term 2 finishes on Friday 8th July at 3:10pm. I would encourage you to enjoy some time with your family over the school break. OSHC vacation care is available during this school break. Term 3 begins on Tuesday 26th July for students. We will have a pupil free day for staff on Monday 25th July and so OSHC will be open for bookings on that day.

On Monday 1st August we will receive a commemorative plaque from Christian Schools Australia (CSA) at Monday Morning Praise in recognition of our valued contribution as founding members. This will be presented by Mr Mark Ryan, the executive officer for South Australia. CSA began in 2002 and Bethany was one of the schools that has belonged to the network since that time. CSA continue to provide a range of resources, connections, and support for us as well as representing us in the political arena to help our voices be heard as members of Christian Schools. It is wonderful to belong to a community of Christian Schools and know that we share common values about the importance of parent choice in education.

I do hope that your school holiday time will be refreshing and that your stay warm and safe.

God bless,

Wendy Matear


 Nothing is hidden from God! He sees through everything, and we will have to tell him the truth.

Hebrews 4: 13

Deputy's Corner

The learning experiences we have, shape our thoughts, values and responses to the world around us. Charles Leadbeater, a futures thinker in education, talks about us having agency in a variety of spaces in our learning. These include:

•    Moral - doing the right thing
•    Creative agency - bringing new things into being   
•    Political - being capable committed citizens
•    Economic - creating value with and for others

He talks about our responsibility to take action and reflect on our own learning in order to be active participants who are collectively part of a whole. In Corinthians 12, the Bible teaches us that we all belong to the body but that we are all different parts of the body. Each part should have equal concern for each other and there should be no division.

During this semester, a group of dedicated teachers from both the ELC and the school, have been meeting weekly to further develop an environment that celebrates identity and promotes cultural respect and safety. This may take place through curriculum, events and products we create, but more importantly it takes place in our hearts and minds as we seek new patterns of thinking and doing. This team wishes to further develop an understanding of our Aboriginal culture. We exploring issues of reconciliation and healing, in order to support students to understand, reflect, and be more culturally aware citizens in our very diverse world. We also wish to provide more opportunities for our Indigenous students and community to collectively create opportunities that strengthen relationships for the benefit of all Australians.

If this excites you as a parent (or student) and you would like to contribute to some of these discussions, we invite you to contact the school and speak with Melissa Taylor to see how you might like to get involved.
We also wish to acknowledge the winners of the Reconciliation Week competition that was run by the library. We had 21 participants with a strong representation from Year 5 students. We are planning on this being a regular event as part of our celebrations and we are looking forward to seeing what our student library leaders have in store for us next. The creations are on display in the library for students to have a look at.

Art Competition Winners:
Shayla N Year 5
Brooklyn S Year 6
Lucca M Year 5 
Diego T Year 5

Creative Writing Competition Winners:
Piol D Year 5
Joash S Year 5
Nina N Year 5
Charlie S Year 5

I wish you a restful weekend.

Melissa Taylor
Deputy Principal (Curriculum & Coaching)



Health Care

As we have seen an increase in the number of cases of the flu, we wanted to share some information about the disease with you.

Influenza, commonly known as the flu, is a highly infectious viral illness caused by influenza A or B viruses. It affects the nose and throat and may also affect the lungs. In Australia, seasonal flu of varying severity occurs every year, usually between May and September.

How influenza is spread
The flu virus is spread when an infected person talks, coughs or sneezes small droplets that contain the virus into the air where they may be breathed in by people nearby. Infection may also be spread by contact with hands, tissues and other infected articles.

Signs and symptoms

Symptoms include:

  • rapid onset of fever
  • headache
  • muscle aches
  • fatigue
  • sneezing
  • runny nose
  • sore throat
  • cough
  • nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea in children

Most people recover within a week, although the cough and fatigue may last longer. The flu is much more serious than the common cold. It can lead to pneumonia (lung infection or inflammation) and other complications, and even death, particularly in:

  • people aged 65 years and over
  • pregnant women
  • young children
  • people with chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes and lung disease.

When to seek medical advice

Seek medical advice if you experience:

  • shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • confusion
  • symptoms getting worse
  • you are concerned about the symptoms
  • children are unable to keep fluids down because of vomiting
  • children show signs of dehydration (dizzy on standing, passing less urine than usual).


  • Flu vaccines reduce the risk of getting severe influenza. Annual flu vaccination is strongly recommended for anyone 6 months of age and older and should be actively promoted for people at increased risk of complications.
  • Cover a cough or sneeze with a tissue or your arm, not with your hand. Drop used tissues immediately into a rubbish bin, then wash your hands.
  • Wash hands as soon as possible after sneezing or coughing and after contact with nose and throat discharges or articles soiled by these. Use soap and water or an alcohol based hand rub.
  • Wipe down all frequently touched surfaces regularly with a cleaning cloth dampened with detergent, or a large alcohol wipe.
  • Exclude people with flu from childcare, preschool, school and work.

Thank you

Priya Wilson
School Nurse

Community News


Play Start Soccer

Kidgo Big Birthday Bash

Grasshopper Soccer

Sports News

Representative Sports | Soccer Report

3|4 Boys  |  No Ladder

CoachMr Mabikafola
Front Row (L – R)Back Row (L – R)
Matthew G (C)Harrison M
Brandy LMitchell B
Connor TNhial M-Y (C)
Oscar ERhythm S
Zakir SKhonreich C
Samuel M (3|5 Games)Tobiasz T

It was a privilege to coach the year 3/4 BCS boys' soccer team this year. The team comprised of players with varying degrees of experience, with only one player currently playing at club level. Our captains, Nhial M and Matthew G, did a fantastic job of leading their teammates, reflecting on games, and giving meaningful feedback that led to improvement in the team’s performance throughout the day. Throughout the tournament, each player made valuable contributions during each of the games, and I am proud of the way that the boys conducted themselves and represented our school. The team finished the day with 3 losses, a draw, and a win. Thanks, must go to Connor Androutsis, a returning student, who helped with training the team and to the many parents who came out to support us on the day. 

Mr Mabikafola

3|4 Girls  |  No Ladder

CoachMr Hannaford
Front Row (L – R)Back Row (L – R)
Jamelia AEmily D
Aleesha BLoria C
Jemima MAnnabel J
Sophie S (C)Millie F
Madelyn NGrace M
Chloe H (VC)
Arizona G

Today was a great day. The girls played as a team the entire day, working the ball around the field to help give their forwards the best opportunity to score. Loria worked hard to keep goals to a minimum, and Chloe lead in defence all day. Congratulations on a great day, I am proud to have worked with such a great group of girls!

Mr Hannaford

5|6 Boys  |  Runner Up

CoachMr Mabikafola
LinesmanNathan H
Front Row (L – R)Back Row (L – R)
Lucas H (C)Diego T
Brayden HJacob N
Orian P (C)Judah M
Colby MLucca M
Harveer BYanish G
Angelo H (C)Piol D
Orlando HTyler M
Oliver L

It was a pleasure to coach this year’s 5/6 BCS boys’ soccer team. Competing at the SACSA tournament the team, led by captains Lucas H, Angelo H and Orian P played a fantastic brand of football throughout the day. The team won their 5 group games convincingly, netting 15 goals without conceding. In the semi-final we faced Sunrise who scored against us in the first half, leaving our team with it all to do in the second half. For the remainder of the game the team showed great character, fighting bravely in the minutes that remained to win the game 2-1. In our grand-final against Tyndale, both teams gave it their all and after extra time the 2 sides could not be separated. The tie was then decided by a penalty shoot-out that we lost 2 - 3. Throughout the tournament, each player made valuable contributions and, as coach, I was extremely proud of the way that our boys competed on the day. Thanks, must also go to Connor Androutsis, a returning student, who helped with training the team and to the many parents who came out to support us on the day. 

Mr Mabikafola

5|6 Girls   |  4th

CoachMr Hannaford
LinesmanConnor A
Front Row (L – R)Back Row (L – R)
Soriya HMakenzie M
Demi MJayelah A
Stella RJayda M
Wynter D (VC)Ann Lena B
Riley BAlyssa A
Sienna FMicaela G (C)

The girls worked hard and played a brand of soccer that was exciting to watch and showed their talent as both individuals and a team. Micaela led on and off the field as a true captain provided feedback for growth to her teammates. It was pleasing to see that we only lost in the lead up to the grand final was to the eventual winners. Well done Girls!

Mr Hannaford

Representative Sports | Tryouts

SACSA AFL Football Tryouts

SACSA will soon be holding their annual AFL Carnival

SACSA Year 3|4 Carnival  |  Wednesday 14th September  |   Week 8, Term 3

SACSA Year 5|6 Carnival  |  Friday 16th September  |   Week 8, Term 3

Students who would like to trial, and are eligible please use the link to nominate

Year 3|4 Tryouts  |  TCC Oval  |  Separate Boys and Girls Teams

Thursday  | 04|08, 11|08  |  Weeks 2 - 3, T3  |  Lunchtime

Year 5|6 Tryouts  |  TCC Oval  |  Separate Boys and Girls Teams

Wednesday  | 03|08, 10|08  |  Weeks 2 - 3, T3  |  Lunchtime

Meet at the verandah by the oval at the beginning of tryouts.

Students enrolled into tryouts may wear their PE uniform to school.

SACSA Netball Team Tryouts

SACSA will soon be holding their annual Netball Carnival

The 3|4 & 5|6 Carnivals will be on Wednesday 24th August Week 5, Term 3

Students who would like to trial, and are eligible please use the link to nominate

Year 3|4 Tryouts  |  @ BCS Courts  |  Separate Boys and Girls Teams

Monday 20|06 & 27|06  |  Weeks 8 & 9,  T2  |  Lunchtime

Year 5|6 Tryouts  |  @ BCS Courts  |  Separate Boys and Girls Teams

Tuesday 28|06 & 05|07  |  Weeks 9 & 10, T2  |  Lunchtime

Students enrolled into tryouts may wear their PE uniform to school.

Weekly Sports

Weekly Basketball  |  Rec - Yr 6

Bethany Christian School offers a Weekly Basketball program. This is a user pay program staffed by approved volunteer coaches, with compulsory weekly after school trainings held at BCS

There are two seasons per year

Winter Season - Terms 2 and 3  |  Summer Season - Terms 4 and then 1

Age Groups as follows (must be 5 yrs old)

U08s mixed  |  U10s mixed  |  U12 Boys | U12 Girls

Saturday games are generally at the following recreation centers

Golden Grove  |  Burragah  |  Turramurra  |  Ingle Farm  |  The ARC

Weekly Netball  |  Rec - Yr 6

Bethany Christian School offers a Weekly Netball program. This is a user pay program staffed by approved volunteer coaches, with compulsory weekly after school trainings held at BCS

There are two seasons per year

S1 Season - Terms 1 and Two  |  S2 Season - Terms 2 and 4

Age Groups as follows (must be 5 yrs old)

U08s mixed  |  U10s mixed  |  Under 12s mixed

Saturday games are at the The Gardens Recreation Centre.

Match Results | Weekly Sports

Saturday 18|06

SportTeamOpponentCoach's PickMatch Result
NetballU08 Wild StarsGems EmeraldEmily PW145
NetballU10 Bright StarsBlue AngelsEmily DL27
NetballU12 DiamondsBlue CatsMohitha SL1011
BasketballU08 BullsBrooks Cavaliers 8Bentley LL218
BasketballU10 BoomersWalkerview 10Jensen BW262
BasketballU12 HornetsBye
BasketballU12 CelticsBrooks Thrillers 12Rossi CW358
BasketballU12 MavericksCedar Flames 12Tylah-Shae SL912

Saturday 25|06

SportTeamOpponentCoach's PickMatch Result
NetballU08 Wild StarsHurricanesAmity CL510
NetballU10 Bright StarsRenegades WhiteIsabella BW200
BasketballU08 BullsWings CruisersEthaniel YW2010
BasketballU10 BoomersKings HeatLazar TL814
BasketballU12 Hornets76ers CheetahsTyler ML221
BasketballU12 CelticsGGLPS All StarsElijah RL1925
BasketballU12 MavericksTyndale AngelsVivia PW2520

Weekly Information

Important Dates

Date Event
Friday 1st July

Year 1 Excursion to the Zoo

Monday 4th July to Friday 8th July

Swimming Lessons for Years 3 and 4

Wednesday 6th July

Reception Reading Workshop

Friday 8th July

Year 2 Incursion

Monday 25th July

Pupil Free Day

Tuesday 26th July

First Day of Term 3

Uniform Shop Opening Times

Wednesday8.15 to 10.30 am
Friday8.15 to 10.30 am
2022 Term Dates
Term 1Monday 14th February to Thursday 14th April
Term 2Tuesday 3rd May to Friday 8th July
Term 3Tuesday 26th July to Friday 30th September
Term 4Monday 17th October to Wednesday 14th December

PE Timetable

ELCMonday to Friday
RHanTuesday and Thursday
RHayMonday and Friday
RKTuesday and Thursday
1TCThursday and Friday
1DThursday and Friday
1PThursday and Friday
2WSThursday and Friday
2RThursday and Friday
2ZThursday and Friday
3HRMonday and Friday
3MMonday and Thursday
3TTuesday and Friday
4GTuesday and Thursday
4PSMonday and Wednesday
4WMonday and Friday
5RWednesday and Friday
5KTuesday and Thursday
5TWednesday and Friday
6SCWednesday and Friday
6TWednesday and Friday
6WWednesday and Friday

Bethany Christian School

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Newsletter published: Thursday, June 30 2022

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