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Week 3Term 22023

It has been a busy and fun week 2 here at Bethany, with our Mother's Day Stall being a huge success, Year 6 Camp, and the Year 1 and 2 Swimming Lessons.

From the Principal

Welcome to our Week 3 Newsletter. We welcomed back our Year 6 students from camp and I look forward to sharing some of their experiences with you. I would also like to let you know that Week 5 is National Reconciliation Week. We will participate in some learning together to understand more about how we live together as Australians. “National Reconciliation Week is a time for all Australians to learn about our shared histories, cultures, and achievements, and to explore how each of us can contribute to achieving reconciliation in Australia.” As Christians we know that we have experienced reconciliation with God through the death and resurrection of Jesus which we celebrated recently at Easter. This paves the way for us to live well with others and to show God’s love through our lives. One of the ways we will celebrate is through enjoying a whole school performance by the ‘Dusty Feet Mob’, a dance group from Port Augusta as a part of this special week.

Our School Photograph Day will be held on Thursday 1st June - Week 5 and all students will need to wear their blue winter uniform. Please check the student diary for details about the correct winter uniform to be worn on that day. You will receive all the information for payment and how to organise any family photos so check your child’s red folder for this information.If your child has not come home with a photos pack please see the front office.

Family photos will be taken first at 8:15am, this is to accomodate siblings from Temple. Family photos will need an additional envelop which is available at the front office. Please go directly to the PAC front doors for family photos on photos day.

Our Reception students will be visiting the Hahndorf Farm Barn on Friday 2nd June. This excursion is always a lot of fun and a wonderful emersive experience for children.

As we have mentioned in previous newsletters, we have a Pupil Free day on Friday 9th June leading into the King’s Birthday long weekend. I would encourage you to enjoy some time together as a family over that weekend and to take the opportunity to find some time to rest as we head into the colder weather.

I hope that you are finding ways to stay healthy and warm in this cold weather.


God bless,

Wendy Matear


This Week's Memory Verse

Therefore, since we have been made right in God's sight by faith, we have peace with God because of what Jesus Christ our Lord has done for us.

Romans 5:1

Deputy's Corner

Week 2 was an exceptionally busy week! Our year 1 and 2 students had their swimming lessons every day, our year 6 students went on camp at the Mylor Adventure Camp site and every student enjoyed buying presents at the Mother’s Day stall. 

Some of our students who attended camp or swimming lessons have provided some reflections on their experiences:

Year 2 Swimming Lessons

On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, the year ones and 2Z, 2WC and 2R did swimming lessons. First, all the year 2s went to line up at the office. Next, we went inside the office to walk to the bus. Then we went inside the bus and sat on a seat and put a seatbelt on. Then the bus drove us to the swimming pool so that we could do our swimming lessons. Last, we got off the bus and went into the swimming pool. When we got into the swimming pool we got changed into our swimming clothes. After everyone had got changed the boss of all the swimming teachers came in and told us how to be safe in the pool. She told us what to do when she blew the whistle. Then we got to go to our swimming teachers and learn some swimming skills. - Abe 2Z

2Z went to swimming all week. First we went on the bus and I sat on a mini bus and I sat next to my friend. It was only a short trip. Then we got changed ready for our lessons. We were told which teacher we had and then we got into the pool and did our lessons. Then we got out of the pool and changed back into our uniforms and then we got into the bus and headed back to school. I sat next to a different friend on the way back. Once we got back to school we had lunch and played on the playground. We did this every day. - Chloe 2Z

I’ve loved swimming because my teachers were so kind. I also loved going under the water and splashing. Playing with the sinkeys in the water was my favourite. I pray everyone loves swimming as much as I did! - Evie 2R

We learnt how to swim but I was scared to go under the water. We learnt how to do go under safely and we learnt how to doggy paddle and how to get up from under the water if we fell. You got to blow bubbles so you didn’t run out of breath and it helped you to be able to swim for longer. - Deng & Lueth 2R

2WC went swimming in week 2. First we went on the bus. We went to swimming all week. I loved the life-saving because we got to take our old clothes and wear them in the water. I got Jen as my teacher, she is so lovely. - Ana 2WC

In Week 2, 2WC went swimming for the whole week. On Monday, we did normal swimming. On Tuesday, I did some swimming with my arms and it was a bit hard. On Wednesday, I did life-saving. It was so much fun. On Thursday, I got to wear a life-jacket. It was so much fun floating. On Friday, I did normal swimming again. At the end of the swimming time a giant penguin came in and we sang ‘Baby Shark’. Everyone was splashing water everywhere! - Amelia 2WC


Camp Recount By Lucca M and Orlando H

On Wednesday 10th of May 2023, the year 6’s from Bethany Christian School went to Mylor Adventure Camp. Wishing we stayed there longer, we stayed at Mylor for 2 nights and 3 days. Here are some of the events that we really enjoyed.

One of the activities we enjoyed was the Giant Swing, which was on Day 2. We both really liked the feeling of adrenaline running through our bodies. Going up to the very top was about 10 meters off the ground which made us feel a little nervous but we definitely did not regret it. The Giant Swing was a really cool experience.

Another activity we enjoyed was Archery Tag, which was on Day 1. It was new for a lot of people in our day group but throughout the activity, most people quickly understood the mechanics of Archery. For Archery Tag, we were able to verse another group. To make the activity safe, the arrows had soft foam on the end instead of the arrowhead. It was really fun shooting your friends and it was very intense as it came down to a 2v2.

But the best thing that happened on our fascinating trip was the CHALLENGE COURSE, which was on Day 2. It was so fun to get muddy while doing obstacle courses. We did Boys vs Girls and it was so close that we had to ask Miss Whitby who won. Although it was competitive, it was fun trying to purposely get your friends muddy. 

In the end, everybody loved the camp. You could ask any of the year 6’s and they would say that this camp was 100% better than last year’s (don't tell the year 5’s).Thank you for reading about our trip to the Mylor Adventure Camp.

Camp Recount by Joshua L

 Before I went to camp I was a bit scared of how it was going to be and what if I don’t do the right thing, but after getting there the camp instructors seemed happy and welcoming. There was a guy called Quentin, who was the first person to greet us into the camp, when he wanted attention from us, he would sing a repeat song made of gibberish words which was very funny. He explained that there were already two schools here, Port Elliot and The Lady of Grace and that we had to wait for one of them to leave. As soon as Port Elliot primary school left we had a tour from Quentin, and he introduced us to Gaga ball, something we could play in free time.

I loved hanging out with my friends in free time, because we had all the stuff we wanted to play with. All the camp instructors were encouraging and happy to have us. After doing one activity I was already hungry and was glad that they provided breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and supper, but in my case I had afternoon tea. After I finished eating, I was allowed to have free time until dinner so I played Gaga ball. The food was so good and after dinner we had a good dessert, then before we left Miss Whitby did a repeat song. As soon as the meal set up group had finished packing up the chairs and utensils the teaches did night games. There were four houses but I slept in the house called, Stringy Bark, I personally loved year six camp because the beautiful sights and the fun times hanging out with my friends and my teachers and I learned more about a few people too, so after going to camp I was relaxed and excited to go to more places and explore.

Camp Recount by Joash S

 “Amazing. Best camp ever,” is exactly what I, and many other year 6’s stated on the way back from year 6 camp. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget. It was full of unique activities such as Archery Tag (my personal favourite), Challenge course, and bridge building, all of which were boisterous and fun.

First of all, the archery tag stood out to me the most when I reflected on what I had done during camp. It was fast paced and exhilarating as you would dodge arrows that glided towards you, and shot your own right back at them. In archery tag, you would shoot foam-tipped arrows at another team of people and try to assist your team to be the last team standing while also avoiding other arrows that sped towards you, trying not to get hit. No doubt it was difficult, but even if you didn’t have the best aim like me, it was still fun trying to duck and dodge and laugh at the clumsy things that happened during archery tag.

Next was the challenge course. This one was a really unique one. At first, I was not looking forward to this one, but in the end, it was one of my favourites. It was dirty and difficult as you crawled through pools of dirty mud, climbed over giant walls, swivelled your way through small poles and threw buckets of mud-contaminated water at your team as you tried to win this challenging race. Overall, this activity was an absolutely sensationally disgusting and amusing challenge course.

Finally, bridge building. This activity was a breakneck race as you tried to use your meagre resources to cross through the Onkaparinga River. To win this race, you had to use teamwork and your intelligence to find a way to use the planks and milk crates to cross the flowing river. One of the difficulties that my team faced was trying to find a way to utilize one of our seemingly useless planks to finish the journey across the river. In the end, we got wet, but at the end of the day it was one of the best activities that we did.

Overall, Year 6 camp was a thrilling and convivial adventure. I know that this experience will leave me with an overflowing number of amazing memories with my friends and peers that I will never forget. I, and I know many other year 6's wish that we could go back and experience it all over again. Thank you Mylor Adventure Camp for blessing me and my year 6 classmates with this amazing journey.

What a fabulous week the students had in week 2! I trust you all had a lovely Mother’s Day weekend. Wishing you all a terrific week ahead.

God bless you,

Deb Clifford

Deputy Principal

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Health Care


Dear Parent/Guardian,

We have been notified of confirmed cases of COVID-19 here at Bethany. As we enter the colder months, we are receiving increased reports of general colds and flus, both bacterial and viral, and many of these infections carry similar symptoms.

We kindly ask you to be vigilant with your child regarding the sudden onset of COVID-19 symptoms. Please see the below poster for more information or visit the SA health website: COVID-19 health information | SA Health

Yours sincerely,

Priya Wilson

School Nurse

COVID-19 Information.pdf

Open COVID-19 Information.pdf (373.81 KB)

Sandwich Bar

As of Tuesday week 4, we are trialling a new way to support students who come to school without lunch.

Students will now be able to get a free sandwich from the Bethany Sandwich Bar instead of coming to the care room.

Please see the flyer below for further details.

Community News


Sports News

Representative Sports   |  SACSA Cross Country Report

Squad List:

Abimbola A, Aivy P, Amelia J, Arizona G, Deng A, Dylan N, Elijah Y, Elise B, Emily D, Ethan L, Grace M, Harrison Mc, Isla F, Jacob N, Jemima M, Jessica S, Jordan D, Kingsley T, Kuch K, Liam A, Liliah M, Matthew G, Nathaniel M, Nhial M-Y, Orlando H, Oscar E, Sharni W, Skye M, Sophie S, Stella R, Zoey G

On Friday 5th May Bethany took 31 students from year three to six to compete in the annual SACSA Cross Country Championships at Carisbrooke Reserve, Salisbury Plains.

This year we were really impressed with the students’ commitment and dedication to cross country training. This meant that students were able to be relaxed on the day and run their best race. This was reflected in many students running their personal best over their designated distance. Even though cross country is in an individual event it was great to see students acting as a team in supporting and encouraging one another. As the day ended, we were met with some rain and it was great to see students pitch in help each other to pack up.

Well done team!

Mr Peterson, Mr Grieger and Mr Tothill

Weekly Sports

Weekly Basketball  |  Rec - Yr 6

Bethany Christian School offers a Weekly Basketball program. This is a user pay program staffed by approved volunteer coaches, with compulsory weekly after school trainings held at BCS

There are two seasons per year

Winter Season - Terms 2 and 3  |  Summer Season - Terms 4 and then 1

Age Groups as follows (must be 5 yrs old)

U08s mixed  |  U10s mixed  |  U12 Boys | U12 Girls

Saturday games are generally at the following recreation centers

Golden Grove  |  Burragah  |  Turramurra  |  Ingle Farm  |  The ARC

Weekly Netball  |  Rec - Yr 6

Bethany Christian School offers a Weekly Netball program. This is a user pay program staffed by approved volunteer coaches, with compulsory weekly after school trainings held at BCS

There are two seasons per year

S1 Season - Terms 1 and Two  |  S2 Season - Terms 2 and 4

Age Groups as follows (must be 5 yrs old)

U08s mixed  |  U10s mixed  |  Under 12s mixed

Saturday games are at the The Gardens Recreation Centre.

Match Results | Weekly Sports

Saturday 06|05

SportTeamOpponentCoach's PickMatch Result
NetballU08 Golden StarsKaleteeyaKeira CNot Scored
NetballU10 Wild StarsMawson Lakes GemsGabrielle VW111
NetballU10 Bright StarsLightning Blitz 2Isabella BW92
BasketballU08 LakersTyndale EaglesOliver PW110
BasketballU10 BullsShooting Stars 10Jordan DW204
BasketballU10 WarriorsBrooks Celtics 10Dion SW2423
BasketballU12 Boomers76ers VikingsJensen BW2213
BasketballU12 HornetsBrooks Nuggets 12Levi CL1056

Saturday 13|05

SportTeamOpponentCoach's PickMatch Result
NetballU08 Golden StarsMawson Lakes PearlsEmma NNot Scored
NetballU10 Wild StarsSalisbury North Hawks GreenAva MW31
NetballU10 Bright StarsGem EmeraldsAlma BW117
BasketballU08 LakersKings LakersDaniel DW106
BasketballU10 BullsBearcats CrushersCohen FW1812
BasketballU10 WarriorsHope Valley Heat 10bRush KW2214
BasketballU12 Boomers76ers HawksLazar TW246
BasketballU12 HornetsHope Valley Heat 12cOscar EL968

Weekly Information

Important Dates

Date Event
Monday 1st May Pupil Free Day 
Thursday 4th May  ELC Hearing Screening 
Friday 5th May  SACSA Cross Country 
Monday 8th May Swimming Lesson Week for Year 1 and 2 Commences
Monday 8th May  ELC Hearing Screening 
Wednesday 10th May  ELC Hearing Screening 
Wednesday 10th May - Friday 12th May Year 6 Camp
Thursday 11th May and Friday 12th May Mother's Day Stall
Monday 29th May  Reconciliation Week 
Tuesday 30th May  SACSA Soccer Carnival Year 3 and 4
Wednesday 31st May 

SACSA Soccer Carnival Year 5 and 6

Wednesday 31st May 

Dusty Feet Mob Performance during Chapel 

Thursday 1st June 

School Photos

Friday 9th June 

Pupil Free Day 

Monday 12th June

King's Birthday Public Holiday  

Tuesday 13th June 

Year 3 Excursion 

Wednesday 21st June - Friday 23rd June

Year 5 Camp

Monday 3rd July 

Swimming Lesson Week for Year 5 and 6 Commences 

Monday 3rd July


Uniform Shop Opening Times

Wednesday8.15 to 10.30 am
Friday8.15 to 10.30 am

PE Timetable

ELCMonday to Friday
RHDWednesday and Thursday
RHTuesday and Thursday
RMTuesday and Thursday
1DTuesday and Wednesday
1PWednesday and Thursday
1TCWednesday and Thursday
2RTuesday and Thursday
2WCTuesday and Wednesday
2ZTuesday and Wednesday
3HRMonday and Thursday
3METuesday and Wednesday
3MOTuesday and Friday
4GTMonday and Friday
4NLTuesday and Friday
4WMonday and Friday
5KMonday and Friday
5RTTuesday and Wednesday
5TTuesday and Thursday
6SCTuesday and Wednesday
6TTuesday and Friday
6WMonday and Thursday

School Terms 2023

Term 1Monday 6th February to Friday 14th April
Term 2Tuesday 2nd May to Friday 7th July
Term 3Tuesday 25th July to Friday 29th September
Term 4Monday 16th October to Wednesday 13th December

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Newsletter published: Thursday, May 18 2023

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