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Week 1Term 42021

Our Year 1 and 2 students enjoying swimming lessons.

From the Principal

Welcome to the first week of our final term of the year. We have continued to enjoy a year of learning together and the general attitude of excitement has been felt throughout the school. As I walk through our learning spaces there are many different expressions of learning on display and I am grateful for the dedicated staff that we have here at Bethany. I trust that you enjoyed some time together as a family over the term break and hope that you and your children are feeling refreshed and ready for this final term.

I would like to remind you that if you are leaving us at the end of the year, we require one term’s written notice. Please email if you need to give this notice or if you need to add a new sibling or update other enrolment information.

We are very excited to begin planning our community event to celebrate the end of 2021 with the Colour Explosion Fun Run. This event is coming together and will include a Fun Run for each Year level as well as a side show alley designed by students, a climbing wall, balloon animals, picnic games and activities, a sausage sizzle, popcorn, fairy floss and much more. The event will be a joint effort of our P&F, staff and students. This community event will be held on the two ovals and so we anticipate that we will be able to go ahead on Friday 3rd December starting from 5pm until 7pm. To help celebrate, the P&F are providing a t-shirt for each student that participates and these t-shirts will display the winning entry from our t-shirt design competition. We are very excited to host this event, and we look forward to celebrating the end of another year.

Our Year 6 graduation will be held on Tuesday 7th December. We have met and discussed the best ways to celebrate the graduation with our students bringing together our experiences from the past as well as continuing to make improvements that help our students to really celebrate together. One of those changes is to keep the photo booth experiences that allows parents to come along and take photographs on their own device of their child. The other change is to lengthen the dance party as this was the overwhelming feedback from students. We hope to have parents at the ceremony this year and will send home a memo to our Year 6 families with all of the details in the coming weeks.

Our ELC students will hold their graduation on Thursday 9th December during the morning and will be another exciting time of celebration.

We are getting closer to finalising our outdoor classroom fit-out in the backyard of our 3 to 6 learning block. We are hoping this will be completed over the Christmas holidays ready for 2022.

With these things ahead, as well as classroom learning, excursions, sporting events, choir, assessments and transition visits, we will find ourselves in the Christmas season looking back on another amazing year of God’s provision and blessing on us and our school. I am so very grateful for the learning community that we have here and the many ways we are growing and learning together.

God bless,

Wendy Matear


Memory Verse

My sheep recognise my voice. I know them, and they follow me.

John 10: 27

Deputy's Corner

Welcome back to school for our final term of the year. I trust everyone had a refreshing school break no matter where and what you were doing. It was great walking around the school grounds before school seeing our students excited and happily greeting their friends on the first day back.


Term 4 is our summer uniform term. For all of the requirements for the summer uniform, please see your child’s student diary on pages 13-15. A gentle reminder that nail polish and wearing of jewellery is not permitted under our uniform policy. Please remind your children that they can wear such items at home on the weekend or after school, but to leave jewellery at home and to refrain from wearing nail polish until the weekend or the next school break.

While we are in the middle of spring, the weather is still really changeable. Remember that our uniform policy states that in term 4, if the weather forecast for the day is below 19°C, then students are permitted to wear their winter uniform for additional warmth.

Carpark Courtesy

Thank you to everyone who is keeping our children safe by being courteous while using our carparks. Please remember that the Kiss ‘n’ Drop (at the rear of our school site) and the Turning Circle are specifically designed for a quick drop off/pick up before and after school. When a parent waits in the Turning Circle or Kiss n Drop, it stops the flow of traffic. In the case of the Kiss ‘n’ Drop, this means the line can often spill over onto Byron Bay Drive. In the case of the Turning Circle, by waiting just before the Turning Circle begins causes such a back-up of vehicles, it impacts Temple Christian School and the high school parents cannot pick up their children. If you arrive early, please find a park rather than waiting behind the parked cars causing a back-up of vehicles.

The school bell for the end of the day sounds at 3.10pm. Remember your child still needs to walk from their classroom to their pick-up destination, which will add additional time. Very rarely will a child be ready at the Turning Circle or Kiss ‘n’ Drop at 3.10pm. When the warmer weather finally arrives, maybe consider parking and walking into the school to pick up your child?

Plover Update

Last term we were very fortunate to see two of the three plover eggs hatch. The interested students were thoroughly enthralled by watching the two tiny fluffy chicks. In what seemed like no time, they were on their feet and giving their parents a difficult time to keep them contained. What a fabulous experience for our children to see nature at its finest on school grounds! Thanks to Mr Josiah Wyten who took the photos of the newly hatched chicks.

I wish you a fabulous new term. God bless you,


Deb Clifford



Health Care

Welcome to Week 1 of Term 4.

It is very good to see the students back at school and everyone is excited and happy to share all the things we have done during the school holidays.

As we have stepped in to the spring season everything is blooming and growing. This can mean an increase in hay fever and allergy symptoms. For the wellbeing of our students and staff there are some things we need to observe and do to prevent symptoms.

Hay Fever
We have quite a few students reporting to the care room with hay fever symptoms such as itchy and red eyes. We would like to ask you to:

  • Notify the school if your child suffers from Hay fever
  • Encourage your children to wash their eyes as soon as they start feeling itchy
  • Encourage them not to rub as rubbing makes the inflammation worse and ask them to notify the teacher for early treatment
  • If your child needs antihistamine to control their hay fever symptoms, provide the school with required medication along with the doctor’s letter and the school will be able to administer the medication when needed

Head Lice Check
The school would like to ask all the parents to do a headlice check on your children. Please follow the following steps:

  • Check your child’s head for headlice and eggs
  • Notify the school if you find any headlice or eggs and do the necessary treatment
  • Routinely check for the early detection of headlice

Notification of First Aid Incidents
We have noticed that parents/caregiver are not always receiving the care room notes that are printed when children visit for first aid treatment. For the effective delivery of the notes and to maintain confidentiality of these reports, the notes will be emailed to parent/caregiver at 03:10pm every day. These reports are the notes regarding a student’s visit to the care room or student desk. In addition to the notes, parents will receive a phone call from a staff member who provided the first aid when follow up is required, such as monitoring the student at home, GP review or hospital admittance.

Notifications to the Students
Parents/caregiver who need to leave notes for their children regarding pick up, OSHC etc., please let the school know by 2pm to allow the distribution to classrooms. We acknowledge emergency situations are exceptions and we are happy to help you. I would like to thank you for all the support and the cooperation in these matters.


God Bless You,

Priya Wilson
School Nurse

Staff News

We are excited to announce the safe arrival of Reuben Lee born to Mrs Rachael Lee and her husband on 1st August. We also want to congratulate Mrs Bethany Doveton and her husband on the birth of their son Reuben Doveton born on 21st August.

Reuben Lee

Reuben Doveton

2023 Enrolments at Temple Christian College

Interviews for students starting Year 7 in 2023 will recommence in February next year. If you have not put in an Application Form for your child, you may miss out on a position. Forms must be received by the end of this year. Please contact our Enrolment Registrar on 8256 9600 today.

Premier's Reading Challenge

Well done to the following students for completing the Premier's Reading Challenge:

Michael IArya PMaddison B
Noah J

Circle of Security Parenting Course

Winston The Dog

"Winston - The Best Dog in the World, Most of the Time" is a new book that has been written by Rick Mapperson. To purchase a copy of this exciting new book and read about Winston's adventures, please click on this link

Prices for the books start at $13.95 and all the proceeds from the sales will be donated to Hope Village.

Premier's Be Active Challenge

The following students have completed the Premier's Be Active Challenge. We would like to congratulate them!

Amelia ADaniella YAshton SMy L
Arjun SNoah J
Liam A3T4P6W
Oscar EOrlando HDikesh Y

Colour Explosion Fun Run

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Thank you so much for supporting our school!

The end of year event Colour Explosion Fun Run is shaping up to be a great event.

This event is a fundraiser hosted by Parents and Friends, as well as being a fun event for the whole family. Parents and Friends are running a T-shirt logo competition for students to enter because we want to provide a student designed T-shirt for every student to wear during the event. If your child would like to be involved, entry forms and designs must be summitted by the 5th of November. Competition entry forms are available at the Student Desk.

Our class fundraising leader board currently looks like this;

1st – ELC $1270
2nd – RDW $660
3rd – RHW $245

Please feel free to have a look at how your child can be involved and how they can start their fundraising by clicking the link below.

Happy Fundraising!

Bronnie Lyrtzis
Bethany Christian School Parents & Friends

Community News


Northern Districts Para Athletics

Golden Grove Central Districts Baseball Club

Sports News

Weekly Netball

Netball Nomination Form

Calling all students interested in playing Weekly Netball for Bethany! We are looking for a few players to participate in the weekly program played on Saturday Mornings at Parafield Gardens Recreation Centre. The current age brackets are U8 Mixed, U10 Mixed, U12 Separated.

We currently have a few on the waiting list, and would love to create new teams! We would also love to have some volunteer helpers as coaches for our weekly teams! If you are available to help please email

SACSA AFL Football Carnival

On Friday 10th and Monday 13th September our Year 3|4 and 5|6 AFL Football teams headed up to Kings Baptist to compete at the annual AFL Carnival. The four teams enjoyed their experience and to top it off we are very pleased to announce that our Year 5/6 Boys Team won Division 1. Well done to all!

3|4 Boys | No Ladder Kept

Back Row [L to R]: Colby M, Tyler M, Mitchell B, Lucca M, Piol D
Front Row [L to R]: Charley H, Jacob N, Elijah W, Levi C, Kingsley T, Matthew G

Coach: Mr Grieger
Manager: Mrs Boxall
Goal Umpire: Miss Evitts

So proud of the boys today. Their attitude, team work and effort were outstanding all day. Although no official ladder was kept, the boys won all games they played. Well done.

3|4 Girls | No Ladder Kept

Back Row [L to R]: Zira K, Wynter D, Alyssa A, Demi M, Stella
Front Row [L to R]: Sienna M, Sophie S, Helen O, Aleesha B, Arizona G

Captain: Stella
Vice-Captain: Demi M | Wynter D
Coach: Mrs. Ross-Naylor
Manager: Mrs Boxall
Goal Umpire: Sam May

What a great day we have been privileged to be a part of. Thanks for those who worked behind the scenes to organize it. With such beautiful weather, the girls have had a lot of fun and have clearly shown how much they have learned about team work and what they can achieve as a group. There were some amazing skills on show today. Well done to all the girls and for the fabulous sportsmanship they all showed.

5/6 Boys Gold | Champions

Back Row [L to R]: Rossi C, Jacob K, Mackenzie C, Cohen M, Connor T, Marcus A
Front Row [L to R]: Orian P, Levi B, Levi M, Rick L, Braith H, Cameron N

Coach: Mr Taylor
Manager: Mrs Boxall
Goal Umpire: Heath Mortimer

An amazing team effort by the boys. They played disciplined and committed football all day which resulted in us winning the grand final by 18 points. Well done boys, you deserved the title.

5|6 Girls | 6th Place

Back Row [L to R]: Aaliya V, Kaylee W, Ezaawa J, Jayda M, Aria-Elena M, Lauren C
Front Row [L to R]: Vivia P, Mackenzie W, Sarah L, Ann Lena B, Charlotte S, Makenzie M

Captain: Ezaawa J
Coach: Mr Hannaford
Manager: Mrs Boxall
Goal Umpire: Sam May

The girls worked hard all day, improving their skills and team work with every game. Ezaawa, lead the team well working hard to bring other girls into the game. Well done on competing to the best of your abilities all day.

Weekly Sports Results

Matches Week Ending 18/09/21

SportTeamOpponentCoach's PickMatch Result
Netball | U8Wild StarsMini AngelsAmelia JW41
Netball | U10Bright StarsSalisbury North HawksEmily DL08
Basketball | U08 | Div 2BoomersBrooks U8 - BBlake HW138
Basketball | U10 | Div 2BlazersKings Eagles-W2624
Basketball | U12B | Div 3LakersHecciesElijah YL2426
Basketball | U12B | Div 4 RedRaptors--

Matches Week Ending  25/09/21

SportTeamOpponentCoach's PickMatch Result
Netball | U8Wild StarsTiny TigersAmity CW74
Netball | U10Bright StarsMawson Lakes OpalsZira KD33

Weekly Information

Important Dates

Date Event
Friday 22nd October SACSA Netball Carnival Yr 3 - 6
Friday 29th October Mini Olympics
Monday 1st November ELC Parent - Teacher Conversations
Wednesday 3rd November ELC Parent - Teacher Conversations
Thursday 4th November ELC Parent - Teacher Conversations
Friday 5th November SACSA Touch 
Monday 8th November Online School Tour
2021 Term Dates  
Term 4 Monday 11th October to Wednesday 8th December
2022 Term Dates
Term 1 Monday 7th February to Thursday 14th April

PE Timetable

ELCMonday to Friday
RDWMonday and Thursday
RKMonday and Thursday
RHWMonday and Wednesday
1TSMonday and Wednesday
1DTuesday and Thursday
1PMonday and Thursday
2HSTuesday and Friday
2RWednesday and Friday
2ZTuesday and Friday
3MSTuesday and Friday
3HRTuesday and Friday
3TWednesday and Friday
4GMonday and Friday
4PMonday and Wednesday
4WMonday and Friday
5KWednesday and Friday
5RTuesday and Friday
5TTuesday and Friday
6STuesday and Wednesday
6TMonday and Wednesday
6WTuesday and Friday

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Newsletter published: Friday, October 15 2021

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