Bethany Christian School

Program Overview

At Bethany offers a range of programs. The Physical Education, Representative Sport and Weekly Programs are outlined below. Please view each section to see an overview of each program.

Physical Education

Physical Education is taught by specialist teachers at Bethany Christian School, while fitness is taken by the student’s class teacher. During their time at Bethany, students will be exposed to a number of different sports through their Physical Education lessons, and will have other internal opportunities to demonstrate their growing abilities at various internal school sporting events.

Physical Education Program

The Physical Education program is separated into two areas; Reception - Year 1 and Year 2 - 6.

Each week students receive Physical Education Lessons by a specialist teacher. All classes have two lessons per week. It is important that parents are aware of the following requirements for their child for Physical Education lessons:

  • Students are expected to participate in all P.E. Lessons. Parents are required to write a note in their child’s diary if they are unable to participate. For prolonged absences a doctor’s note is required.
  • Students require runners. Volleys or slip on shoes are not the suitable shoe types for the physical demands of P.E. lessons.
  • Please make sure your child [Yrs 3 - 6] wears their sport short under their sport track pants to change into if needed.

The program is outlined below:

Reception | Year One Year Two | Year Six

 Throwing | Catching

Athletics | Cross Country


AFL Football | Soccer | Touch Football

Locomotion | Skipping

Basketball | Netball

Yearly Swimming Lessons

Cricket | Tee Ball | Soft Ball | Table Tennis


Yearly Swimming Lessons

Class Fitness

Class Teachers are responsible for fitness sessions each week. During this time students will participate in a number of different activities throughout the year that are designed to raise their heart rate and improve their cardiovascular system.

These activities include: a running program, skipping, evasion and invasion games, small and big ball games.

Intra-school Competitions

Intra-school competitions are held throughout the year during the school day, which generally include lunchtimes and/or the entire day in a carnival format. The goal of these events is for maximum involvement by students irrespective of their sporting ability. These events are free for students to be involved within these competitions.

These intra-school competitions include:


Cross Country Meet

Years 2 - 6; Age groups from U8's and up

Jump Rope for Heart ‘ Jump Off ’

Whole School


Reception and Year 1 classes

Junior Athletics Meet

Age-gender groups; 7, 8 & 9 year olds

Senior Athletics Meet

Age-gender groups; 10, 11 & 12+ year olds


Bethany competes in a number of yearly tournaments across two associations. Bethany is a member of SACSA [South Australian Christian School Association] where we compete solely against other Christian schools. Bethany also competes against other local schools in the Salisbury West District of SAPSASA [South Australia Primary Schools Amateur Sports Association].

These tournaments are held during school time, with trainings being held before,during and after school.

Representative squads are selected with the final team and reserves being named a few weeks before the tournament. If your child is selected into the representative squad and accepts, they are expected to participate in all training sessions leading up to the tournament.

SACSA Involvement SAPSASA Involvement

Years 2|6  |   8 - 12 year olds meet

Year 4|6  |  10 - 12 year olds

Year 3|4 and 5|6 Carnivals

Cross Country
Year 4|6  |  10 - 12 year olds

Cross Country
Years 2 - 7; 8 - 13 year olds meet


Boys Football
Year 3|4 and 5|6 Carnivals


Boys & Girls Netball
Year 3|4 and 5|6 Carnivals


Boys & Girls Soccer
Year 3|4 and 5|6 Carnivals


Boys & Girls Table Tennis
Year 5|6 Carnivals


Boys & Girls Touch Football
Year 5|6 Carnivals


SAPSASA Sports Website Link

Weekly Sports

Weekly sports occur at local sport centres outside school hours. This gives children the opportunity to play sport for their school in a social setting. Any student can participate as students are not judged on their ability, but their willingness to be involved in the school sport. Students need to be registered via the Sports Department to be eligible to play. There is a registration and weekly fee payable to be involved with the Weekly Sports Programs. At the end of each season an End of Season presentation is held at the school. At these presentations players receive a participation trophy.

Parents of students who are enrolled at Bethany coach these teams. Players and parents are expected to demonstrate positive attitude and behaviour at all times. An inability to do this will lead to reduced playing time or even withdrawal from the team.

All weekly sports are open to boys and girls. Please go the to information page to see more information about the Weekly Sports Program

For any further information regarding the Weekly Sports program at Bethany please contact the Sports Department: