Bethany Christian School

Representative Sports | Policies

Please view the Representative Sports Policies below:


  • Training is compulsory
  • If student continue to miss training their spot on the representative team will be in jeopardy


  • Training will be cancelled if the temperature on the
  • Training is compulsory
  • 6pm Channel 9 news the night before forecasts the temperature to be 35 degrees or higher.
  • Representative teams training [SACSA & SAPSASA] will continue in mild wet weather. If training is cancelled students will be notified to contact their parents via the Student Reception at the end of lunch [1.40pm onwards].
  • Cancellations of trainings will also be posted on the Website
  • If parents are unsure if training is cancelled they will need to contact the school after 1.40pm [the end of lunch] to confirm. A decision about the cancellation of training will not happen before this time.


  • The Sports Department communicates with the various communities within the school by many methods. Below is the general order for communicating with the school populace.
  • Posted information on the Sports News Tab on the Website
  • Notices placed on the sports notice board at school, in the school newsletter and on Bethany News
  • Letters sent out via classrooms and during trainings


  • Coaches of representative teams are expected to play the strongest possible team, especially in championship games. This could result in some students not having equal playing time.


  • Bethany holds tryouts for selection into their representative teams for SACSA and SAPSASA. Tryouts are generally held over two weeks. Each tryout is a clean slate and students are selected based upon their performance in a number of areas during the tryouts.
  • Apologies are taken into consideration if the student is unable to make tryouts due to a prior appointment.
  • Students are selected based upon:
    • Parental Permission
    • Ability
    • Fitness
    • Participation
    • Attitude and behaviour
    • Willingness to assist with setup and pack up


  • The coach’s priority during trainings is to coach, this means while training is happening any siblings are the responsibility of the parents. Staff members are on after school yard duty until 3.30pm, after that time it is the parent’s responsibility to supervise their child.
  • It should also be noted that outside school hours the playground is out of bounds for siblings.If student continue to miss training their spot on the representative team will be in jeopardy


  • Students are expected to travel with the team or squad to and from the event. Only on permission from the Sports Coordinator will students be able to travel with parents. Parents are asked to contact the Sports Coordinator to discuss why separate transport is necessary.
  • Students are not permitted to travel with other students parents unless discussed with the Sports Coordinator and all parties have agreed.


  • It is an expectation of Representative teams to set the goal of reaching the semi-finals for their competition. Although team performance is not solely based on this achievement marker, as there are many other factors that the coach and team is trying to achieve at the same time, it is taken into consideration as one of the overall performance factors when reviewing the tournament.


  • Players must to wear their School Sports Uniform to trainings.
  • Students must wear the outlined uniform for the tournaments they have been selected to represent Bethany in. This applies to either the regular P.E/Sports uniform or issued uniform for the tournament.
  • If more clothing is required Bethany’s Sports jacket and track pants should be worn over the top of the issued uniform or P.E uniform
  • Students who wear the incorrect uniform on the day of the tournament will need to alter the issue or they will not be able to attend the tournament.
  • Students must return any loaned uniforms to the Sports Department by a week after the tournament. If they fail to do so the cost of the missing uniform will be added to the student’s school fees account.


  • Students can and will be withdrawn from teams if their attitude, behaviour and school work are not aligned with school expectations.
  • Coaches are encouraged to communicate players behaviour with the parent and discuss possible withdrawal from the team before contact is made by the Sports Coordinator.
  • The Sports Coordinator will contact the parents to notify them of this withdrawal