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Week 9Term 42020

From the Principal

Welcome to our final newsletter for 2020. Well, we finally made it through what has been a most challenging year. Our students have done an incredible job of adapting amongst what has been a large range of changes. They have not only got to the end of the year, but have done it well. We have been extremely proud of the way they have approached the challenges and have applied themselves willingly. 

The end of year celebrations were a wonderful way to have some fun together with our Early Learning Centre students right through to our Year 6 students working together and creating a series of wonderful experiences. 
I do wish all of our graduating students as well as those who are moving on to other schools, all the best as they continue their learning journey. I also want to thank you, our school community for the way you have done your part in working with us to keep our students safe, healthy and learning.

We have included the list of class teachers so that you know the names of teachers who will be working with your children next year. This year we would like to thank Mrs Hannah Sutherland for her wonderful contributions to our school this year, especially in our Year 5 team. We wish her well in her future endeavours. Mrs Rebecca Thomson takes maternity leave and we wish her well on the impending birth of her first child.   Next year, our teaching team is joined by Mrs Imogen Kooij in our Reception team and Mrs Laura Hatcliffe in our Early Learning Centre. We also wish our Library Manager, Joy Villanueva, well as she goes on maternity leave in 2021.

In this newsletter you will find some important dates regarding uniform shop and OSHC for vacation care. We have also included a number of photographs of events held over the past week showing some of our students enjoying a range of experiences. We hope you are enjoying the “With Grateful Hearts” website where you will find a range of student work, highlights, photographs and events.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a blessed Christmas and a happy New Year. May you know God’s grace and favour as you enjoy some time with your children over the school break. We look forward to seeing you in 2021.

God bless,

Wendy Matear


2021 Bethany Christian School Teaching Staff

PrincipalMrs Wendy Matear
Deputy PrincipalMrs Debbie Clifford
Coaching & CurriculumMrs Melissa Taylor
Sports Co-ordinatorMr Ben Hannaford
ICT ManagerMr Jeremy Graetz
Early Learning Centre
DirectorMrs Emily Bondarenko
Director/TeacherMrs Rachel Chesson
TeacherMs Wendy Lou
TeacherMrs Laura Hatcliffe
Class Teachers
Reception HWMrs Katie Haywood/Mrs Sarah White
Reception DMrs Bethany Doveton
Reception KImogen Kooij
Year 1CMrs Amelia Chandra
Year 1DMrs Jasmine Duckworth
Year 1PMs Donna Prenzler
Year 2HSMrs Mahlah Hannaford/Mrs Juliet Schultz
Year 2ZMrs Paige Zeccola
Year 2RMrs Jeanette Ross-Naylor
Year 3LMrs Rachael Lee
Year 3TMr Joel Tothill
Year 3HRMrs Lexi Hall /Mrs Nicole Row
Year 4GMr Nathan Grierson
Year 4WMrs Cheryl Wyten
Year 4PMr Alex Peterson
Year 5RMr Brett Richardson/Mrs Nicole Row
Year 5TMr Steven Taylor
Year 5KMr Glen Kempster
Year 6TMr Simon Traeger
Year 6SMr Scott Sheeky/Mrs Ashleigh Squire
Year 6WMs Rachael Whitby
Specialist Teachers
Computing Yr 3 – Yr 6Mrs Robyn Curtis
Diverse LearningMrs Kelly Nesbitt
Diverse LearningMrs Rebecca Ward
Diverse LearningMrs Kirsty Harman
LOTE – IndonesianMrs Essie Hester
Media Years 3 – 6 & EventsMr Aaron Mabikafola
P.E. Yr 4 – 6Mr Ben Hannaford
P.E. ELC - Yr 3Mr Nathan Grieger
Arts Rec – 2Miss Elyse Zimmermann

Camp Australia

Closed fromThursday 24th December
OpeningMonday 11th January 2021

End of Year Celebrations

Last week our students celebrated the end of the year with a series of exciting events. Our Reception students made movies for the school to watch, our Year 1's performed in front of the whole school and also organised a paper plane challenge, our Year 2 classes held a scavenger hunt, while our Year 3 students were responsible for a day of water fun, our Year 4 students entertained everyone with a talent show and some arcade games, the Year 5 students held a Christmas concert while our Year 6's provided a Carnival for the whole school.

Please enjoy some of the photos of the week.

2020-11-30 -7.jpg
2020-11-30 -83.jpg
2020-11-30 -121.jpg
2020-12-2 H2FLOW-1-2.jpg
2020-12-2 H2FLOW-2.jpg
2020-12-3 YEAR 4 CARDBOARD ARCADE-31.jpg
2020-12-4 YEAR 6 CARNIVAL-84.jpg
2020-12-4 YEAR 6 CARNIVAL-128.jpg
2020-12-1 YEAR 2 SCAVENGER-23.jpg

Year 6 Graduation

On Tuesday night we farewelled our Year 6 students with a ceremony which was livestreamed to parents. It was a great night that was thoroughtly enjoyed by the students who were able to reflect on their time here at Bethany as they viewed photos from the last few years. They all looked amazing! Congratulations class of 2020!

2020-12-8 YEAR 6 GRADUATION-14.jpg
2020-12-8 YEAR 6 GRADUATION-17.jpg
2020-12-8 YEAR 6 GRADUATION-66.jpg
2020-12-8 YEAR 6 GRADUATION-80.jpg

Uniform Shop

O Week
Wednesday 27th January8:30am – 12:30pm Walk in
Thursday 28th January1:00pm – 4:00pm Walk in
Friday 29th January8:30am – 12:30pm Walk in
Week 1
Monday 1st February8:30am – 12:30pm by appointment
Tuesday 2nd February1:30pm – 4:00pm by appointment
Wednesday 3rd February8:30am – 11:30am by appointment
Thursday 4th February1:30pm – 3:30pm by appointment
Friday 5th February8:30am – 10:30am by appointment

2020 Awards Ceremony

Please enjoy some photos from yesterday's final assembly.

Awards Ceremony 17.jpg
Awards Ceremony 1.jpg
Awards Ceremony 11.jpg
Awards Ceremony 3.jpg
Awards Ceremony 7.jpg
Awards Ceremony 4.jpg
Awards Ceremony 5.jpg
Awards Ceremony 14.jpg

Weekly Information

Important Dates

Date Event
Friday 29th January 2021 Reception Orientation
Monday 1st February 2021 First day of school for Year 1 to 6
Tuesday 2nd February 2021 First day of school for Reception students
2021 Term Dates  
Term 1 Monday 1st February to Friday 9th April
Term 2 Tuesday 27th April to Friday 2nd July
Term 3 Wednesday 21st July to Friday 24th September
Term 4 Monday 11th October to Wednesday 8th December

Bethany Christian School

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37 Countess St
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P. 08 8283 0000
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Newsletter published: Thursday, December 10 2020

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