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Week 9Term 32023

Over the past two weeks our students have enjoyed the 2023 Book Fair which has been happening in the library.

From the Principal

Welcome to our final newsletter for Term 3. We are looking forward to seeing you at Parent Teacher interviews this Thursday and next Tuesday evening.

One of the things we have been exploring, is how to join together to share learning and celebrate with our whole community in a way that allows our students to shine. This means that we have undertaken a process of co-creation with our staff and also with our students, to create our End of Year event. Students are currently giving their feedback and input to help shape this community event. We have a tentative date and will confirm this with you next term. We hope to celebrate on Wednesday 6th December in the evening. We will confirm the type of event, the date and the time early next term. We are very excited about holding a whole community event after the many changes we have had to make over the past few years.

We will be holding several other celebration events next term including Jump Rope for Heart, a choir concert, graduations for our ELC and our Year 6 students, class and year level celebrations along with other events. Term 4 in primary schools continues with learning right through until the end of the year. I would encourage you to consider how you help your children to be rested and refreshed as we head towards this season. You might like to think about how to best maintain some time at home to play and rest and be ready for what can be a busy season.

Term 4 starts on Monday 16th October and ends on Wednesday 13th December. I hope that you can enjoy some time in this glorious weather over the school term break. School finishes this term on Friday 29th September at 3:10pm.

God bless,


Wendy Matear


This Week's Memory Verse

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.

Matthew 5:6

Deputy's Corner

Welcome to week 9! This week the SRC are holding a casual clothes day on Friday of week 9 (22nd September) to raise money for the Hope Village Library. Students can come to school wearing school appropriate casual clothing for the cost of a gold coin donation. The SRC are hoping that this money will bless the students at Hope Village by expanding their very small library. 

The ABC News this week published an article about the recent CSIRO report, finding that Australians ranked really poorly in a “Healthy Diet Score”. The CSIRO found that only 2 in 5 Australians aged 8 years and older are having sufficient vegetables in their daily intake. According to the report, the fix is not that hard. It is about making healthier choices, such as adding more vegetables to our diet, planning our meals ahead of time, swapping to healthier choices of food, eating less junk and eating out less often.

The Wellbeing Team have created a Lunchbox Checklist to help support school lunchbox choices, using a colour chart to help with food selections. This checklist will be sent out with our students to help them pack a healthy lunchbox. The challenge is to add a food group from each colour in your child’s lunch box each day. The choices are unlimited! You might like to consider getting your child to help plan the weekly lunch box menu giving them agency in what they eat for lunch. If you are interested in reading the article, it can be found online; . For further information about healthy lunchboxes, you can look at this link; .

I wish you all a wonderful last week of Term 3. The weather is certainly bringing about warmer weather and longer days, and I hope that the school break is a fabulous opportunity for rest for you all.

God bless you,


Deb Clifford
Deputy Principal


Lunchbox Checklist.pdf

Open Lunchbox Checklist.pdf (200.28 KB)


Health Care

Communicable Disease Prevention Policy

Vomiting/Diarrhea - When students present to the care room with the symptoms of vomiting and/or diarrhoea and fever, we will ask you to collect your child and keep them home from school. Please inform the school if your child is unwell and keep your child at home until at least 24 to 48 hrs after vomiting and/or the diarrhea has completely stopped (Visit our website for factsheet).


Week 10 is swimming week for our Receptions.

I would like to remind you of the following:

•    Eczema and Swimming - if your child suffers from eczema, which is exacerbated by swimming, please talk to the teacher or to the school nurse who would be able to help you to devise a care plan to help your child to enjoy swimming.
•    As usual the school will pack the medication that has already been provided to the school.
•    Please make sure to check your child’s hair for headlice before the swimming event.
•    If your child is not feeling well, please keep the child at home and notify the school.
•    As per the swimming centre policy, you must not swim for 2 weeks after gastro symptoms have ceased.
•    For more information about swimming centre policies please visit the link below

BCS Medical Update Form
A few weeks ago, we sent out a yearly medical update form to be filled out and returned to school.
•    Please update the form if needed and sign the consent section 
•    Return the form to school via your child’s red folder ASAP
•    Please return the form even if your child doesn’t have any medical condition
•    If you have lost the form or have not received the form via your child’s red folder, please contact the school to send out a new form home. 

If any concern or questions, please contact the school office on 8283 0000 or email"> 

Kind regards,

Priya Wilson
Well-Being Team


Sibling Priority for 2026
If your child is due to start Reception with us here at Bethany Christian School in 2026 and you have not heard from our Enrolment Officer, please ensure you call the school to secure your child’s position.

Interviews to fill our 2026 Reception classes will commence in May 2024 and a secured position may not be available after this time.

Withdrawal Policy
Should you decide to transfer your children to another school at the end of this school year, then the school requires written notification one term in advance of the withdrawal of the children.
This enables the school to plan ahead with possible enrolments to replace the children. If written notification is not given, then one term’s fees will be charged.

Kind regards,

Bronnie Lyrtzis

First Nations Family Event

On Wednesday afternoon of week 7, we gathered for afternoon tea with our First Nations families. Students shared some of their highlights from the Reconciliation Week and NAIDOC Week whole school activities. There was an exciting buzz in the room as students talked about art, language, and animals, about learning experiences with buddy classes and the Dusty Feet Mob performance. Parents enjoyed the opportunity to celebrate their child’s learning and to get-to-know one another more. 

During a walk through the Upper Primary building, we further shared artwork, projects and class learning experiences displayed on windows and the staircase. Isa spoke with our families about how the Year 5 students had learnt about who elders are, what they can learn from the elders in their lives and also how they can be leaders and inspire others. 

Going forward, students shared that they would like the opportunity to learn more about their language, dances and culture.

We are excited to continue pressing into this space and being a part of the learning experiences that will evolve!
Some quotes from a parents:
It’s really great to remind our kids where they’re from and know who they are. It helps First Nations kids in this school to connect with their people.
It’s exciting to have a school wide approach and time to celebrate and learn together about Aboriginal peoples and cultures. 

Uniform Shop Opening Times

Please remember that in Term 4 students are required to wear their summer uniform.

During the upcoming school holidays, the Uniform Shop will be open on Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th October. It will be open from 8am to 12pm.

Parking Reminders

Click here for more information

Please remember there is a 25kph speed limit around the school property while students are present.

Premier's Be Active Challenge

Amelia ATiffany CLiam A
Emily D

Premier's Reading Challenge

Tyler RTuyet MXyrille LLiam AOlivia RElijah YAna KAshmeen D
Win V-SRyshia ACharlie LThian H-NLiliah MJanak B
Riley WKim CIsabella D-LSoriya HEmma M
Brody CAntonio CWynter DMohitha S-L
Aluong NCallum OTyson SSamantha C
Ashton SAdam JNina NJacob N
Gabriel SAmali T
Victoria Q
Emily S
Dylan P
Madelyn N
Grace M
Noah J
Noah P
Annabel J
Chloe H

Community News


Play In The Park

Semaphore Lifesaving Club

Pontian Eagles Soccer Club

Sports News

Mini Olympics | Rec - Year 2

Photo 2.jpg
Photo 3.jpg
Photo 4.jpg
Photo 5.jpg
Photo 6.jpg
Photo 7.jpg
Photo 8.jpg
Photo 9.jpg

On Friday the 1st of September our Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 students participated in our annual Mini Olympics event. In contrast to last year, the event was held in perfect weather on our first Spring Day of the year and our students made the most of it. They competed in the 70m sprint, Water Relay Steeple Chase, Challenge Throw, Long Jump, Inflatable Fun, Totem Tennis, Mini golf, Relays and Tug-O-War. Although there is a competitive element to the day it was great to see students displaying the values of being friendly, doing their best and embracing challenge. It was a great day of community and fun for our students, staff and parents who attended. Thank you to everyone involved!

We would particularly like to thank the following people for their contribution to the day:

Mr Curtis, Mr Haywood, Mr Graetz, Mr Crowley, Mr Penna, Mr Nottle, Mr Wyten, Miss P Cole, Mrs R Cole, Mrs Carr, Miss Sabo, Miss Marshall, Miss Cooper, Mrs Lyrtzis, Miss Whitby, Mr Traeger, Mr Sheeky and Mrs Curtis.

Broken School Records

We would like to congratulate the following individuals who broke school records:

Age | GenderStudentEventDistance | Time
5 GirlsAva BLong Jump1.86m
7 GirlsHarper FLong Jump2.45m

Final House Points

Final House Results were as follows:


Representative Sports | AFL Report

3|4 Boys  |  No Ladder

CoachMr Grieger
Goal UmpireS Stock
Front Row (L – R)Back Row (L – R)
Adam JAshton S
Ethan LKuch K
Noah P (VC)Cooper J (C)
Harley MCallum O
Beau D-SJacob M
Nate ARiley W

It was a perfect sunny day for football! The boys worked so hard all day, starting the day with 2 difficult games but their positive attitude, teamwork, and willingness to help each other out and improve led them to some great wins in their final games. It was great to see so many smiles and the boys enjoying playing football with their mates. Well done boys!

Mr Grieger

3|4 Girls  |  No Ladder

CoachMrs Thomson
Team ScorerR Jurina
Front Row (L – R)Back Row (L – R)
Isabella BZoey G
Elise BClaire K
Chloe HAlma B-I
Kayla McAnnabel J
Zofia TGrace M
Ava MAmelia J

The 3/4 girls played as a team all day and they won 5 out of 6 of their matches. They showed great teamwork and encouraged each other to do their best throughout the day. Well done!

Mrs Thomson

5|6 Boys  |  6th

CoachMr Peterson
Goal UmpireK Kite
Front Row (L – R)Back Row (L – R)
Levi CCharles Q
Colby MDylan K
Elijah YMitchell B
Tyler MJake B
Harrison McNhial M-Y
Matthew GTyler M

Today we were met with stellar conditions for football. There was sunshine with just a breath of wind. We wanted to be a team that embraced challenge and we were certainly challenged. Although they didn't win a game, the boys didn't give up and showed great improvement over the day. It was great to see the boys learning new things and staying positive. A highlight was Dylan's Mum finding Matthew's mouth guard! Thank you to all the boys and parents who helped to make the day enjoyable.

Mr Peterson

5|6 Girls GOLD   |  3rd

CoachMr Grieger
Goal UmpireS May
Front Row (L – R)Back Row (L – R)
Isla FRiley R
Laila J-HOlivia E
Sienna FJayelah A
Jessica SAlyssa A
Helen OWynter D
Sienna MStella R

It was a perfect sunny day for football. All the girls played at a high level all day long, working as a team with such a positive and a never give in attitude. There were so many smiles with the girls representing Bethany with such a high standard. They finished in third place overall. Awesome work girls!

Mr Grieger

5|6 Girls SILVER   | TBC

CoachMr Mertin
Goal UmpireJ Graham
Front Row (L – R)Back Row (L – R)
Aleesha BArizona G
Jemima MLylah R
Sophie SLiliah M
Madison D-SMackenzie C
Savannah DApajok A

The girls came out and played with really great effort. While it might have been a disappointing day on the scoreboard, the girls continued to have a wonderful, never give up attitude throughout the entire day. The girls continued to go out each game and never looked defeated when playing. They had a lot of fun and enjoyed growing together as a team and showed excellent sportsmanship.

Mr Mertin

Weekly Sports

Weekly Basketball  |  Rec - Yr 6

Bethany Christian School offers a Weekly Basketball program. This is a user pay program staffed by approved volunteer coaches, with compulsory weekly after school trainings held at BCS

There are two seasons per year

Winter Season - Terms 2 and 3  |  Summer Season - Terms 4 and then 1

Age Groups as follows (must be 5 yrs old)

U08s mixed  |  U10s mixed  |  U12 Boys | U12 Girls

Saturday games are generally at the following recreation centers

Golden Grove  |  Burragah  |  Turramurra  |  Ingle Farm  |  The ARC

Weekly Netball  |  Rec - Yr 6

Bethany Christian School offers a Weekly Netball program. This is a user pay program staffed by approved volunteer coaches, with compulsory weekly after school trainings held at BCS

There are two seasons per year

S1 Season - Terms 1 and Two  |  S2 Season - Terms 2 and 4

Age Groups as follows (must be 5 yrs old)

U08s mixed  |  U10s mixed  |  Under 12s mixed

Saturday games are at the The Gardens Recreation Centre.

Match Results | Weekly Sports

Saturday 09|09

SportTeamOpponentCoach's PickMatch Result
NetballU08 Golden StarsLightning Blitz 1Evie CW137
NetballU10 Wild StarsSalisbury North GreenZoey GL19
NetballU10 Bright StarsSalibury North PinkAnnabel JW103
BasketballU08 BallersWings BullsSpencer GW104
BasketballU08 CelticsBrooks Bulldogs 8Hannah ML280
BasketballU08 LakersBye
BasketballU10 BullsValley DragonsBentley LW2418
BasketballU10 WarriorsGGLPS Rising StarsAdam JW4016
BasketballU12 Boomers76ers RocketsJon NL2039
BasketballU12 Hornets76ers VikingsTyler MW236

Saturday 16|09

SportTeamOpponentCoach's PickMatch Result
NetballU08 Golden StarsMawson Lakes PearlsMarina BNot Scored
NetballU10 Wild StarsKaleteeyaElise BL310
NetballU10 Bright StarsBye-
BasketballU08 BallersBrooks Bulldogs 8Brian CL1022
BasketballU08 CelticsWings HornetsIsabelle DL212
BasketballU08 LakersBrooks Thrillers 8Travis GL1732
BasketballU10 BullsHeccies 10bEthaniel YW3816
BasketballU10 WarriorsLab 46 Titans 10aDion SW3016
BasketballU12 Boomers--
BasketballU12 HornetsKings RaptorsOscar EL1316

Weekly Information

Important Dates

Thursday 21st SeptemberParent Teacher Interviews
Friday 22nd SeptemberCasual Day
Tuesday 26th SeptemberParent Teacher Interviews
Monday 25th to Friday 29th SeptemberSwimming Lessons for Receptions
Thursday 28th SeptemberYear 4 Excursion and Sleep Over
Friday 29th SeptemberLast day of Term 3
Monday 16th OctoberFirst day of Term 4
Friday 27th OctoberJump Rope for Heart Day

Uniform Shop Opening Times

Wednesday8.15 to 10.30 am
Friday8.15 to 10.30 am

PE Timetable

ELCMonday to Friday
RHDWednesday and Thursday
RHTuesday and Thursday
RMTuesday and Thursday
1DTuesday and Wednesday
1PWednesday and Thursday
1TCWednesday and Thursday
2RTuesday and Thursday
2WCTuesday and Wednesday
2ZTuesday and Wednesday
3HRMonday and Thursday
3METuesday and Wednesday
3MOTuesday and Friday
4GTMonday and Friday
4NLTuesday and Friday
4WMonday and Friday
5KMonday and Friday
5RTTuesday and Wednesday
5TTuesday and Thursday
6SCTuesday and Wednesday
6TTuesday and Friday
6WMonday and Thursday

School Terms 2023

Term 1Monday 6th February to Friday 14th April
Term 2Tuesday 2nd May to Friday 7th July
Term 3Tuesday 25th July to Friday 29th September
Term 4Monday 16th October to Wednesday 13th December

Bethany Christian School

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Newsletter published: Wednesday, September 20 2023

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