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Week 9Term 32020

From the Principal

Welcome to our final newsletter for Term 3. Our Pupil Free day last Friday gave staff the opportunity to continue our discussions about creativity and how we can celebrate the year though end of year events. With the changes to social gatherings that are still imposed, we want to create opportunities for you to see and enjoy the year. After quite a lot of time and many ideas and discussions we have landed on some ways to celebrate 2020. The two big ideas are that we want to ensure that firstly we provide the opportunity for our parents and the school community to celebrate and secondly we want the students to celebrate their year.

To ensure that families are included and that we follow the social distancing requirements, we are planning on replacing our Exhibition, Junior Primary Concert and ELC Concert with a website called ‘Grateful’. This will be presented in a similar way to our Flexible Online Learning platform that was set up in April. It will include a place for each year level from ELC to Year 6 to include videos, photographs, reflections, art work, other images and can be presented with the creativity of teachers and students working together. We have discussed including things like songs, dance, performances, student video reflections, photographs and many other ways of sharing with you the highlights of 2020 with a focus on gratefulness. This website will be available via a login and you and your children will be able to enjoy interacting with the content together. It will have a launch date and will be open for a number of days to allow you to enjoy and celebrate with your family, the year that was. It will also give you the opportunity to look at other year levels and enjoy the work of the whole school.

The other event will be created by students, for students. It will be a celebration experience created by each year level for the rest of the school. These experiences will be held over Week 8 of Term 4 and our classes have begun brainstorming and ideating together to see what they would like to create. Although they are in the planning stages there could be experiences like performances, treasure hunts, art and craft workshops or a carnival style experience. Both of these events will ensure that 2020 is fun and significant and that regardless of any future restrictions, we are able to share this year with you and that your children will also enjoy their celebrations together. This opportunity is another space where students can develop agency as they co-create with their teachers.

The other event that has required a great deal of thought and planning is our Year 6 graduation. There have been a number of iterations of this event and we were thinking that we may need to live stream for parents to be involved, however, with a reasonable degree of confidence, we are now moving forward with a ceremony that will allow for 2 guests to attend for each Year 6 student. There will be a range of strategies that will be put in place to enable us to do this safely and we will give more specific information to our Year 6 families in the coming days regarding this. We are hopeful that this celebration will be able to be held in this way and will give the opportunity for our Year 6 students and families to participate in this important event. This information is in the beginning stages and we will continue to give you more detail next term. 

Our Year 5 students have been running businesses throughout this week and there has been an excited buzz each lunch time. I have really enjoyed speaking with our Year 5 students as they have reflected on how they improve their products each day. It is an excellent opportunity to experience what it means to fail safely and to keep trying and improving. This growth mindset is so important in learning and will be a wonderful tool for their future. 

Friday we have our Jump Rope for Heart day and our students have done really well in terms of building their skills as well as raising money for the Heart Foundation. Friday will be a lot of fun and I look forward to seeing the special tricks some students will share with us. A big thank you goes to all of those who have organised this event, especially Mrs Boxall and the team who have worked with her. 

Our final day of Term 3 is Friday 25th September at 3:10pm. We then have a two week school break. OSHC will be open with Vacation Care during these two weeks if your child requires care in this time. Please follow the link on our website if you would like to book in for any of this time.

I pray that you enjoy a restful weekend.

Wendy Matear

Memory Verse

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.

Matthew 5: 6

Deputy's Corner

It has been an extraordinary year in probably every area of our lives in 2020. It was in Term 2 of 2019 that I wrote about student attendance, imploring families to keep students home if they were unwell due to a declared ‘bad flu’ season. Here and now in 2020, we have encountered the COVID19 pandemic. As a school, we have noticed the enormous effort to keep children who are unwell home to stem the rate of infection from the common cold and flu. The results have been fantastic, and at school we are just not seeing the level of illness we have in the past.

The flip-side to this is that our students may have a higher rate of absenteeism, both explained and unexplained. As part of our ongoing duty of care, the school needs to keep a record of your child’s attendance. We will then flag any areas of concerns in regards to high absenteeism with you, not as a punitive measure but as a means of offering support in order to improve your child’s attendance.

Taking into account the COVID19 social distancing measures put into effect and the online learning experience earlier this year, there have been 101 contact learning school days by the completion of Term 3, 2020. We aim for a 95% attendance rate for each child, factoring in a 5% absence for illness. This means, by the end of Term 3, we would anticipate a healthy attendance being at 96 days or more present at school.

If your child has been absent for more than 15 days this year, this is equivalent of an 85% attendance and your child can be at great risk of missing so much school that it would be difficult for them to keep up with their work.  

Students who have 80% or less attendance of school will have missed so much time from school it will be almost impossible for them to keep up with their school work or keep in touch with friends. This much missed time from school is equivalent to a child missing a total of 3 years of school from Reception to Year 10. At this point, immediate action by the parent or caregiver is required. To be in this bracket, by the end of this term, they would have missed 20 or more days of school.

Students who are regularly late to school and need to sign in before going to class, or signed out consistently early are also at risk. While it may only seem like a small amount of time late or early departure, it all adds up and can be shocking for parents/caregivers to realise that their time has amounted to a 10% absenteeism rate and now puts their child at risk. Even as little as getting to school by 9am each day is equivalent to 5 days of lost learning each year. 

The school will obviously take individual circumstances into account when looking at attendance data. If your family are planning a holiday, or your child requires on-going specialist appointments that can only be attended during school hours, please ensure you fill out the relevant ‘Exemption from School’ forms which can be accessed at the front desk. If you are concerned about how many days your child has been absent from school, or you are having difficulty in getting your child to school, please speak to your child’s classroom teacher or make an appointment to speak to me so that you can access some support.

I do wish you and your family a successful finish to Term 3 and a wonderful school break.

God bless you,

Deb Clifford


Second Hand Uniforms

As previously stated we are unable to maintain the second hand uniform sales any more. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to buy and sell second hand uniforms; families hand down clothing to each other, friends swap and sell with each other and there are numerous websites that can help facilitate second hand uniform trading. 

We would encourage families to continue to find ways to help each other out with second hand uniforms. We have reviewed a number of school uniform trading websites and found that the Uniform Exchange was easy to use and doesn’t incur any fees to the buyer or seller. 

If you would like to buy or sell second hand uniforms using the Uniform Exchange, feel free to post or browse the page via this Bethany Christian School link: The Uniform Exchange

(Please be aware that it may take time for items to become available as it only works if people start posting items for sale).

Things we liked about the Uniform Exchange: 

  • All posts are free and there are no costs associated with the Uniform Exchange second hand online store.
  • All transactions are organised between the buyer and seller and money does not go through the website.
  • All Items that are put up for sale are approved by a moderator to make sure that the site is used appropriately. (Approval is done on weekdays pending moderator availability)
  • It is a safe and creditable site that does not contain offensive content, unhelpful comments and targeted advertising.

Feel free to sign up and start posting items you would like to sell at The Uniform Exchange

We hope the Uniform Exchange can help you move on your old uniforms to a new home and save families some money and get a good deal.

Book Week 2020

Book Week is in week 2 of Term 4. It is a week where we celebrate books! Children can dress up as a book character on Friday 23rd October. You may already have a costume at home to wear. Please note, hair should be tied up as per uniform policy and appropriate shoes should be worn (no thongs). Bring along the book that you are from. We are looking forward to meeting many book characters!

Walk a Mile

Thank you to everyone who donated cans of food for the Hutt Street centre. 

Year 5 Businesses

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Circle of Security

Entertainment Books

2020 Entertainment Letter - Bethany Christian School.pdf

Open 2020 Entertainment Letter - Bethany Christian School.pdf (130.06 KB)

Camp Australia

Newsletter - Holiday Club Online.pdf

Open Newsletter - Holiday Club Online.pdf (448.90 KB)

Newsletter - Giant Games.pdf

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Premier's Reading Challenge

Rasmey MHaylee LMicaela GChloe P
Koby PImigen WMackenzie W
Levi S
Tyler M
Abimbola A
Alejandro D
Ashmeen D
Diego T
Helen O
Jake B
Jaxon S
Judah MMinh NAiden SCaitlyn S
Imogen LNicholas AHarry H
Annalise NPeta STavish P
Magot MSamarth RDanae M
Alessia RRick LLily G
Marcus AAria-Elena M
Teliah K
Charli W
Thaw K
Levi B
Simon K
Dut A
Kolika KJensen PEthan P
Julia CAnnabel PMackenzie C
Rodante PLiverdy SJadon W
Ethan GChelsea P
Liam CBailee B
Alana TNayla S
Malinda L
Tyson T
Cameron L
Hayley G
Austyn M
William M
Chadson C

Community News

Sports News

Weekly Sports Results


 Sport Team Opposition Coaches Pick Score
BasketballU10 BlazersSFX MagicWayne, Khonreich31 . 7
U10 RaptorsShooting Stars 10Steven, Jude16 . 12
U12 BucksAFCBC WarriorsLucas, Saurabh 19 . 7
U14 Rockets
NetballU 8 Bright StarsBlazeAlma, IsabellaNot Scored


 Sport Team Opposition Coaches Pick Score
BasketballU10 BlazersKeithcot KnightsSamuel, Dylan21 . 8
U10 RaptorsAFCBC DynamiteDevon, Jude17 . 17
U12 BucksAFCBC 76ersJacob, Saurabh 27 . 33
U14 RocketsGalaxyJaiden, Nicolas26 . 11
NetballU 8 Bright StarsKaleteeyaAnnabel, Emily DNot Scored

2020 SACSA AFL Football Carnival

On Monday 17th August our 5/6 Boys and Girls AFL Football teams headed up to Kings Baptist to compete as one of 13 and 10 teams in their respective draws. Our 3/4 Boys team did the same on Tuesday 18th August to compete as one of 7 teams in their draw. All four teams enjoyed their experience and to top it off we are very pleased to announce that our Year 5/6 Boys Gold Team won our division. Well done to all!

3/4 Boys – No Ladder Kept

Back Row [L to R]: Tyler M, Colby M, Rossi C, Jacob K, Mitchell M, Levi M
Front Row [L to R]: Joshua L, David G, Lucas H, Jude C, Orian P
Captain: Rotating Captains
Coach: Mr Nathan Grieger
Manager: Mrs Cherie Boxall
Scorer and Goal Umpire: Nathan Horn

A great first effort by the boys in their first AFL representative sport. They battled hard all day with some great skills and team work on show. Well done.

Mr Grieger

5/6 Girls – 7th Place

Back Row [L to R]: Ezaawa J, Madeline P, Amelia D, Tir A, Mackenzie C, Bailee B
Front Row [L to R]: Nareta S, Holly S, Sarah L, Kaylee W, Aaliya V, Charlotte S
Captain: Amelia D
Coach: Mr Brett Richardson 
Manager: Mrs Cherie Boxall
Goal Umpire: Sam Penaluna
Rotating Scorers: Julie May, Gloria Drokhshan and Kelly Stacey

This team displayed their competitive spirit throughout the carnival. The girls improved with every game and weren’t far off challenging for a semi-final berth. The highlight of the day was a six goal win over Torrens Valley.

Mr Richardson

5/6 Boys Gold – Champions

Back Row [L to R]: Connor T, Jaiden K, Cohen M, Ethan G, William Mc, Ilyas D
Front Row [L to R]: Cody M, Alessio C, Austyn M, Josiah H, Reilly S, Braith H
Captain: Austyn M 
Vice-Captains: Ilyas D & Reilly S
Coach: Mr Steve Taylor 
Manager: Mrs Cherie Boxall
Goal Umpire: James Drokhshan
Rotating Scorers: Julie May, Gloria Drokhshan and Kelly Stacey

A fantastic effort by the Year 5/6 Boys taking out the championship. Their support, encouragement and team effort was unbelievable. Congrats boys! You deserved it!

Mr Taylor

5/6 Boys Silver – 13th Place

Back Row [L to R]: Jacob C, Mackenzie C-H, Harry M-B, Cameron H, Nicolas A, Jaxon N
Front Row [L to R]: Levi B, Ethan P, Marcus A, Rick L, Aydn M, Cameron N
Captain: Ethan P
Vice-Captain: Cameron H
Coach: Mr Jesse Hughes
Manager: Mrs Cherie Boxall
Goal Umpire: Mr Nathan Grieger
Rotating Scorers: Julie May, Gloria Drokhshan and Kelly Stacey

The boys started the day off with a win. Under tough, wet conditions the boys battled a lot of experienced teams. This experience developed their skills and teamwork every game and I was very impressed with their attitude and character.

Mr Hughes

Weekly Information

Important Dates

Date Event
Friday 18th September Jump Rope for Heart
Tuesday 22nd September Track & Field Metro Districts Championships
Friday 25th September Last day of Term 3 (normal dismissal time)
Monday 12th October First day of Term 4
Wednesday 9th December Last day of school (normal dismissal time)
2020 Term Dates
Term 3Term 4
Tuesday 21st July to 25th SeptemberMonday 12th October to Wednesday 9th December

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Newsletter published: Monday, October 12 2020

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