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Week 7Term 42020

Some photos of our NAIDOC assembly

From the Principal

Welcome to our final full newsletter for 2020. We continue to be surprised as 2020 brings experiences and challenges that no one could have foreseen. Our surprise lock down last week was another example of how quickly South Australians can respond when they are acting responsibly to support the health of our community. Thank you for playing your important part in ensuring that we keep our community healthy. I am hopeful that our rapid response will be rewarded by restrictions continuing to lift over the coming weeks. 

Our end of year planning had taken into account this possibility and so there are minimal changes we are required to make. The one event which remains uncertain is our Year 6 graduation ceremony. We have organised a COVID-19 safe event for the students, so this does not need to change, however, we are waiting to hear if the density requirements are lifted before we can know if any guests will be able to attend the ceremony. With current density requirements of 4m2, we are unable to seat guests within the PAC. If they are changed back the 2m2 we will be able to manage this.  If not, we will live stream the event for you.  I am hopeful that this may occur in time. We will keep you updated and thank you for your understanding as we continue to move forward with uncertainty.

Our Week 8 student celebrations will be going ahead and we are very excited to share with you the wonderful events that have been planned. Our Year 4 students are holding a talent show for the whole school as well as sharing their Box Arcade games during some lunch times. Our Year 1’s are performing and have a whole school paper plane challenge. Our ELC students will perform a Christmas musical and receive their certificates for completing the year with all of our R - 6 students cheering them on. Our Year 2’s have organised a Scavenger Hunt around the school with prizes. Our Year 3’s have planned a water day on Wednesday with a range of games and activities that include water play. Our Reception’s have made some animated stories that we will watch together. Our Year 5’s are holding a Christmas Special with songs, stories, activities and games. Our Year 6’s have organised a Carnival.  Your children will have something each day to look forward to and we will have lots of fun together as we celebrate the end of 2020. We have decided that PE uniform can be worn all of Week 8. The Year 3’s have planned a water day where students may get wet so we ask that you send your child to school in casual clothes that can get wet (eg. shorts and t-shirt) and pack a towel and their PE uniform as a change of clothes to get dry and comfortable.

Our final assembly will be held on Wednesday 9th December at 2-2:45pm. It will be live streamed so that any parents who would like to watch will be able to do so. A link will be emailed to our families so that you can tune in if you are able. Teachers are currently finishing off writing school reports and these will be emailed to you on the last day of school.  These reports will return to their original format including teacher comments.

The ‘With Grateful Hearts’ website will open on Monday 7th December at 6:30pm and will remain open until Wednesday 16th December at 3pm. This site will be a huge snapshot of learning and celebration of 2020. There will be numbers of items that you will be able to download as a keepsake for personal family use only. In order to ensure that we are following privacy agreements, we will ask that you agree to enter the website to enjoy the content as a family and that any downloads are not uploaded to social media sites. We are excited to be moving forward with technology that will enable us to film our school events and we will include many of these on the site. This will include the events held in the Performing Arts Centre as well as a snap shot of other events that occur around the school. The students have prepared many other things to show you and I know you will enjoy seeing so much of what your children have experienced this year. We have organised to send home a small gift for you to enjoy your own family "screening" of the website together.

Our uniform shop will continue to process online orders and these can be collected at the office or you can have items delivered to your home. If changes occur in restrictions, we will be able to move back to having appointments in the shop. We will keep you up to date as changes occur.

School returns for the first day on Monday 1st February 2021 at 8:40am. We have just under two weeks to go with our last day of school on Wednesday 9th December at 3:10pm. It will be here in no time and we continue to pray for health and safety of our community as we celebrate and enjoy the fun of the end of school this year. Please do your best to maintain good bedtimes and to support your children’s healthy routines as we finish this year together.

Wendy Matear

Memory Verse

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perist but have eternal life.

John 3:16

Deputy's Corner

Earlier this year our Student Representative Council (SRC) planned a pyjama/casual day in order to raise sufficient funds to buy a giant chess set. COVID19 made their plans a little trickier, as they had to wait until Term 3 to hold the fundraiser. 

This week, the giant chess set was fully operational and has been a tremendous success during the recess and lunch time play. Our maintenance team created a giant chess board by painting our existing pavers, and they sourced two big storage containers to hold our giant chess pieces.

Thanks to everyone who participated in our pyjama/casual day and to the SRC who coordinated the day. The giant chess set is a legacy left by our Year 6 student SRC of 2020. It is just one of the shining moments in an otherwise trying year.

As the year rapidly draws to a close, I do pray that you all remain safe and healthy, and that not only will the school year end well, but that you will all have a blessed Christmas and New Year with your family.


God bless you,

Deb Clifford


Uniform Shop Times

Here are the times for the uniform shop at the end of this year and beginning of next year


Term 4 Week 9

Wednesday 9th Dec

8:30am – 10:30am by appointment

Friday 11th Dec

8:30am – 11:00am walk ins (social distancing will be strictly adhered to)


The shop is then closed until the 27th of January 2021.


2021 O week

Wednesday 27th January

8:30am – 12:30pm Walk in

Thursday 28th January

1:00pm – 4:00pm  Walk in

Friday 29th January

8:30am – 12:30pm Walk in


Term 1 Week 1

Monday 1st February

8:30am – 12:30pm by appointment

Tuesday 2nd February

1:30pm – 4:00pm by appointment

Wednesday 3rd February

8:30am – 11:30am by appointment

Thursday 4th February

1:30pm – 3:30pm by appointment

Friday 5th February

8:30am – 10:30am by appointment


Week 2 – onwards normal store times will apply and appointments will need to be made.

Online School Fee System

We are excited to announce that in 2021 Bethany Christian School will partner with FACTS Management Australia, for our new online school fee payment system. We are now able to offer the convenience of an online payment gateway that will allow for all school payments:

  • School fees (once off payments with discounts, weekly/fortnightly/monthly payment plans)
  • Camps
  • Extra-curricular sports events
  • Other extra-curricular activities i.e. Choir, after school clubs etc.

We are excited by this new venture and ask that you please keep a look out for an email in the coming weeks with information and instructions on how to log in to your new family payment portal. School fees for 2021 will be uploaded in late January ready for the up and coming school year. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the finance department at or via phone on 08 8283 0000.

Finance Department

Bethany Christian School

Camp Australia

Newsletter - Summer Holiday Club.pdf

Open Newsletter - Summer Holiday Club.pdf (452.15 KB)

Premier's Reading Challenge 

The following students have completed the Premier's Reading Challenge. Congratulations to:

Charlee-Marie B
Jye T

Sports News

Weekly Netball


Open _Weekly_Flyer_Netball.pdf (1.51 MB)

Mini Olympics 2020

On Friday November 6 we held our annual Mini Olympics for all children in Reception and Year One. The weather was perfect and the students had so much fun having a go at their events. The students competed in the 70m sprint, Water Relay Steeple Chase, Challenge Throw, Long Jump, Inflatable Fun and Tug-O-War.

We would like to congratulate Ashton S from Reception RHW who was involved in the following two school records:

6 Year Old Boys70 metres12.77 secondsPrevious Record 13.20 seconds
6 Year Old BoysLong Jump2.35 metresEqualled Record 2.35 metres


Final House results were as follows:



Thank you so much to everybody involved in making this day a true success. We would particularly like to thank the following people:

* All staff that helped on the day – we could not have done this without you!

* Mr Joshua Pichugin for setting up the sound system for the day.

* Year 6 students who helped officiate the events and take the photographs.

* Mr Aaron Mabikafola for organising the media for this event.

* Mr Peter Wyten & Mr Ardy Nottle for helping with the oval set up.

* Josiah Wyten for starting the 70 metre sprints on the day.                                                     


Weekly Information

Important Dates

Date Event
Monday 7th December "With Grateful Hearts" website opens
Tuesday 8th December Year 6 Graduation
Wednesday 9th December Final assembly live streamed at 2pm then normal dismissal time 3.10pm

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Newsletter published: Friday, November 27 2020

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