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Week 7Term 32021

Father's Day Stall

From the Principal

Welcome to our Week 7 newsletter for Term 3. We are nearing the end of our third term for the year and teachers are looking forward to sharing the progress your children are making at our Parent Teacher Interviews in Week 9 and Week 10. You will have received an email with a link to book the time slot that you prefer. This is the same booking program that was used in Term 1 of this year. Click here to book now. You will need to keep a record of your time and arrive in time to walk to the Performing Arts Centre. Our Reception, Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 class interviews will enter through the front foyer and the Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 class interviews will enter through the rear of the library to the Function room. Please remember that only one adult can attend and that we are unable to provide child supervision during the interview times. If you are unable to organise care for your children at home, Camp Australia is open until 6pm for OSHC. We ask that you sign in using the QR code, wear a mask, and maintain 1.5m distancing where possible. We will support you in these directions. If you have not received an email prompting you to book an interview, please check your junk mail or call the office for support.

Next week all of our students will be involved in our Cultural Celebrations. Throughout the week each year level will share with the rest of the school something special they are learning to build awareness and respect for other cultures. This will be done through our Chapel time where we will see our choir, our Junior Primary Arts classes and some year levels presenting. We will also have year levels sharing their learning on different days of the week.

• Our ELC will be exploring culture through the 5 senses using sensory tables.
• Our Receptions are sharing ‘treasure boxes’ filled with treasures that tell their story.
• Year 1 students are marching in a lantern parade to show what they have made.
• Year 2 students are singing and creating posters and presentations to share how our cultures make us one people in Australia.
• Year 3 students are presenting some cultural dances.
• Year 4 students will share their learning on how waste management has changed over time and provide opportunities to be Cultural Explorers through dance, stories, performance, art, craft, food, languages & games.
• Year 5 students are hosting games from around the world.
• Year 6 students are leading workshops of cultural experiences to share their knowledge with others.

We will capture snapshots of each of these events and provide a link for families to see an overview of the cultural celebrations. I would like to thank you for the conversations, artifacts, photographs and stories you have shared with your children to help all of us to understand and respect one another through this cultural celebration.

In Week 10, our Year 1 and Year 2 students have their swimming lessons. Please ensure that you have returned all of the paperwork required prior to this week and contact your class teacher if you have further questions.

Our Book Fair was once again a wonderful success and we will let you know how much was raised for the school through this event. Thank you for your support.

As you would know, we have our Father’s Day stall open Thursday and Friday this week because we want to thank the Dad’s in our lives. We hope that you enjoy some special time celebrating and thanking those special people who care, protect and help us to become all we are created to be.

I would also like to share with you how we are planning to celebrate the end of year together for 2021. In order to be able to plan and really celebrate the end of another year, we have decided to hold a Colour Explosion School Fun Run as a whole school. We hope this will be a twilight event after school on Friday 3rd December. The Colour Explosion School Fun Run will be a fundraiser hosted by Parents and Friends and we also hope to have an old-style family picnic with races and games and food for the whole school community. In these uncertain times we need to have a backup plan and so a Colour Explosion School Fun Run could be held on that school day if restrictions increase at that time. We are certainly hoping that we can hold this event after school on the two ovals so that we can all join together for some fun to finish our year. We will continue with our planning and keep you updated along the way.

I do pray that you enjoy a lovely weekend.

God bless,

Wendy Matear


Memory Verse

Don't just pretend to love others. Really love them. Hate what is wrong. Hold tightly to what is good.

Romans 12: 9

Deputy's Corner

Welcome back for another week! Next week is gearing up to be an exciting one with each class planning to celebrate our diverse cultural backgrounds during Cultural Celebration Week.

There are so many countries and cultures in our world to celebrate. The Olympics and Paralympics were two recent events that were truly good, and a great example of how our cultures can come together and celebrate together. However, I am also acutely aware of the countries and cultures going through some really tough challenges. COVID-19 and the recent events in Afghanistan have shown very real difficulties and sometimes what is presented in the media can be quite confronting and disturbing, to adults and children alike.

We recently received the following statement from Open Arms – Veterans & Families Counselling. They write;

The current situation in Afghanistan may be having an impact on your students, particularly those students who are a part of a current or veteran Australian Defence Force (ADF) family. Events in the ADF community impact on the families of current and ex-serving personnel, especially in light of the extensive media coverage. Some of your students may be experiencing strong feelings about this situation.

We are concerned for example, that younger children might fear that the images being shown by the media, mean that their parents are at risk. Some of the students will not understand why their parents were in Afghanistan, and some students might form a negative view about the value and meaning of the operation. We are also concerned about the impact of this additional stress at a time when all students are dealing with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Support available for ADF Serving and Ex-serving Families

Both current ADF families and veteran’s families can access Open Arms – Veterans & Families Counselling. Open Arms is a national mental health service that provides 24-hour free and confidential counselling. It is not part of the Department of Defence. Importantly, the Open Arms website provides a range of self-help resources and wellbeing tools. Visit or phone 1800 011 046.

For all current ADF members and their families, the Defence all-hours Support Line is a confidential phone and online service and is available on 1800 628 036. Families of serving personnel can also contact the Defence Family Helpline on 1800 624 608.

In addition, Safe Zone Support is an anonymous counselling service that has been established to support veterans and their families. Safe Zone Support is staffed by specialist counsellors who have an understanding of military culture and experience and can be accessed at: or 1800 142 072. Calls to Safe Zone Support are not recorded. Both current members of the ADF and veterans can access this service any time, day or night.

At Bethany Christian School we have a Wellbeing Team that can support you and your family. We offer a free student counselling service and we have staff who can connect you with an outside agency that would be most beneficial for your circumstance. Keep in mind that Beyond Blue (1300 33 4636), Kids Help Line (1800 55 1800) and Life Line (13 11 14) are also freely available for access.

Car Park Reminder

A big ‘thank you’ goes to everyone who is using our Turning Circle and the Kiss ‘n’ Drop responsibly. When everyone keeps moving and does not stop to wait for their child in the Turning Circle, it moves along quite fluidly. The same can be said of the Kiss ‘n’ Drop, when parents only pull in if their child is waiting for them along the road, the line moves along nicely.

If your children are not waiting for you at either of those locations, please consider parking your car and you could either wait for them or walk onto the school site to collect your children.

Your courteous behaviour in our car parks ensures our children are kept safe. Your support in this matter is greatly appreciated.

I am so very grateful for the few days of warmer weather, as it is a great reminder that we will see more sunlight as we move further into spring. I wish you and your families a wonderful fortnight and I look forward to seeing you at the Parent Teacher Interview evenings.


God bless you,


Deb Clifford



Health Care

Welcome to spring! As the flowers bloom and the pollen count increases some of the medical conditions that are common in spring are hay fever and exacerbation of asthma. Below are some of the information from SA Heath website.

Hay fever
Many people with asthma also have hay fever. Hay fever is the common name for allergic (or seasonal) rhinitis. Symptoms of hay fever are watery, itchy eyes, sneezing and blocked nose. Hay fever symptoms occur when the person is exposed to environmental allergens, such as pollens, house dust mites, mould and animal dander. For some people these symptoms occur all year round because they may be caused by allergens that are present in the home or at work (house dust mites, animal dander or occupationally-related allergens). Some people have only seasonal hay fever, in spring and summer, often when pollen concentrations (from grasses, trees and weeds) are very high. For many people with asthma, having hay fever can worsen their asthma. Remember, higher pollen counts can also make asthma worse. It is important to treat hay fever effectively to ensure overall good asthma control.

Asthma Australia recommends children’s asthma should be reviewed by a health profession at least twice a year. Asthma Review is a chance for you to talk to your doctor about their asthma. A chance to talk about any symptoms they may be experiencing, any concerns you may have, to review asthma medication, and perhaps discuss ways to better manage their asthma. Everyone with asthma should have a written Asthma Action Plan. The school only follows the written authorization plan from a medical professional. If your child needs preventative Ventolin to be administered before PE /Sport, please review your child’s asthma plan and provide a new plan to the School. Please follow this link for the Australian Asthma Handbook, where you will be able to get further details about Asthma 

God Bless You,

Priya Wilson
School Nurse
Bethany Christian School

Cultural Celebration

Year 2 Excursion

Last Wednesday the Year 2’s went on an excursion to the city! We spent the morning exploring the Central Markets, the different foods and cultures that the stalls represent. The children very much enjoyed buying a fruit snack and a special sweet treat with their own money.

We spent a nice lunch at the Glover Playground, and left just before the rain set in.

During the afternoon we went to the Museum of South Australia. We learnt about Aboriginal Indigenous culture, and saw lots of different cultural artefacts.

We had a wonderful day!

A BIG thanks must go to our wonderful parent volunteers who helped out and made our day even better. THANK YOU!

Mahlah Hannaford

Museum 1.jpg
Museum 2.jpg
Museum 4.jpg
Museum 5.jpg
Museum 3.2.jpg

Receptions Excursion

Last week, the Reception students travelled to the Road Safety Centre to practice riding safely when near the road. We had such a great time and loved riding around on the pretend road. We had to practice stopping at the red lights and going when the light was green. After our bike riding adventure, we then were able to head over to the adventure playground and have fun, digging for dinosaur bones, spinning in the mouse wheel and racing our friends on the flying fox. We hope you enjoy looking at our photos.

The Reception Classes

Road Safety 1.jpg
Road Safety 2.jpg
Road Safety 3.jpg
Road Safety 4.jpg
Road Safety 5.jpg
Road Safety 6.jpg

Entertainment Books

Pupil Free Day

Book Week 2021

What a fabulous Book Fair we had this year! The students were very excited to make their purchases. Thank you to everyone for supporting the Fair by sending your children to school with money for books and gifts.

The BCS Library Staff


Premier's Reading Challenge

Well done to the following students for completing the Premier's Reading Challenge:

Luca BRithvik PCharlotte MMohitha SJessica S
Blake BArwin YRiley WEmma MEmily N
Benjamin BAlana TGeorgia BAlejandro DShayla N
Amelia CXyrille LElise BLiliah M
Kellyanne CNakisha CHannah P4P
Selena CAmanda SImigen W5R
Samuel CLeo H3HRJaxon SJayda M
Harper FAva MDani HWade LAngelo H
Isaac FWilliam NZira KMerry NDemiah S
Travis GSamuel KChelsea BAlyssa AJane J
Nicole HLeo NEmmanuel KElla CChloe J
Zain JZoey GCharlotte BHarry N
Jordan JEsther N3TStella RTawan L
Jaxon KGuransh DWilliam WJayelah AOrian P
Tina KAluong NCalvin PAsin PKiara H
Nina MSofia SWilliam HJoshua LSurabh B
Vung MTuyet MSamuel MOrlando HMunyk O
Jack HJaxon CSavannah DParina S
Gabriella MElizabeth IDylan KRiley B6T
Emma NOlivia EMinka HLylah RSimon K
Hunter REloise NConnor TDiego T
Ella SAmity CBrodie BAlphie P6W
Elric SNathaniel MNhial MElias DChanel H
Oliver SAshton SEmily HTyson SAdesola A
Jessica TGabriel SElise KLucca MTavish P
Savanna WChelinda SHoang P
Isaac ZRhythm S5KJaimee L
Sophie SAnnika K
Millie RMatthew A
Rhian M

Community News

Job Opportunity at Temple Christian College


Open Accountant.pdf


Salisbury Little Athletics Centre

Tango Netball Club

Sports News

Weekly Basketball

Calling all students interested in playing Weekly Basketball for Bethany!

We are looking for a few players to participate in the weekly program played on Saturday Mornings.

The current age brackets are U8 Mixed, U10 Mixed, U12 Separated.

We currently have a few on the waiting list, and would love to create new teams!

We would also love to have some volunteer helpers as coaches for our weekly teams!

If you are available to help please email 

If your child is interested in playing please nominate them on the following link:

Basketball Nomination Form

2021 SACSA Year 3|4 Basketball Carnival

On Wednesday 11th August, we took a team each of Year 3|4 girls and boys to the Lights Community Sports Centre. SACSA promotes participation and sportsmanship as the key to this age group with all players receiving a participation certificate.

3|4 Girls Team
L-R (Back Row) Demi M, Wynter D, Sienna F, Stella
L-R (Front Row) Sienna M, Helen O, Arizona G, Sophie S
Captain: Demi M
Coach: Mr J Hughes
Manager: Mrs C Boxall
Scorer: Sheree Stock

The girls were very impressive. They started the day slow but became better and better each game. Our girls were excited to win 4 out of 5 games.


Mr Hughes


3|4 Boys Team
L-R (Back Row) Zachariah T, Lucca M, Joash S, Nhial M
L-R (Front Row) Elijah Y, Tristan C, Levi C, Elijah W, Khonreich C
Captain: Zachariah T
Coach: Mr J Tothill
Manager: Mrs C Boxall
Scorer: Tristan Tilley

The boys had an excellent day coming away with 4 wins and 1 loss, which ended up being a close game. Every player played their role perfectly, and they should be very proud of their efforts.

Mr Tothill


2021 SACSA Year 5|6 Basketball Carnivals

On Thursday 12th and Friday 13th August a team of Year 5|6 boys and girls made their way to the Lights Community Sports Centre to participate in the SACSA Basketball Carnivals. There was a quite a few teams over the 2 pools in Division One for both the boys and girls carnivals. We would like to congratulate our Year 5/6 Boys Team on winning the championship.

5|6 Boys Team | Champions
L-R (Back Row) Aydn M, Mackenzie C, Cohen M, Cameron H, Jacob K
L-R (Front Row) Connor T, Rick L, Lucas H, Levi B, Marcus A
Coach: Mr B Richardson
Manager: Mrs C Boxall
Scorer: Mr H Mortimer

The boys had a fantastic tournament going through undefeated and winning the grand final. It was great to see the boys support each other and play in the right spirit all day! Well Done!

Mr Richardson

5|6 Girls Team | =7th Place
L-R (Back Row) Jayda M, Ezaawa J, Sarah L, Kaylee W, Netra R
L-R (Front Row) Sophia C, Charlotte S, Amelia L, Aaliya V, Kiara H
Co-Captains: Amelia L and Ezaawa J
Coach: Mr S Taylor
Manager: Mrs C Boxall
Scorer: Mrs T Van Dyk

A tough day for the Year 5|6 girls’ team, but they did not give up. They worked well as a team and got better in every match they played. Well done girls!

Mr Taylor


Adesola A, Alyssa A, Amelia D, Amelia L, Angelo H, Ann Lena B, Aria-Elena M, Austyn M, Aydn M, Cohen M, Deng M, Elijah Y, Ezaawa J, Harry H, Harveer B, Hayley G, Helen O, Holly S, Jacob K, Jacob N, Jacob R, Jaiden K, Jayda M, Jessica S, Jethro C, Kaylee W, Keeley L, King B, Kuot A, Lily I, Lucca M, Magot M, Makenzie M, Marcus A, Mitchell M, Nareta S, Neveah W, Orian P, Piol D, Rick L, Riley B, Sarah L, Sovathia T, Tir A, Viet D, Vivia P, William M, Wynter D, Yeukaishe M, Ysabella R

Mrs C Wyten, Mr N Grieger, Mr B Richardson, Mr S Taylor, Mrs R Curtis, Mrs C Boxall & Ms Thompson

On Friday 20th August we took a team of 50 athletes to compete at SAPSASA Athletics held at the new Bridgestone Athletics Centre. We were blessed with good weather despite a rainy forecast. Our team performed their best in all events and displayed great sportsmanship amongst themselves and towards other schools. We celebrated with a win in the large school’s division. Well done to all involved.

Weekly Sports Results

Matches Week Ending 21/08/21

SportTeamOpponentCoach's PickMatch Result
Netball | U8Wild StarsWildfireZara MNot Scored
Netball | U10Bright StarsFlameEmily PL24
Basketball |U8 | Div 2BoomersKings TigersBlake HW162
Basketball | U10 | Div 2Blazers76ers RocketsConnor TL2728
Basketball | U12B | Div 3 BlueLakersWalkerville Cats 1-W3823
Basketball | U12B | Div 4 RedRaptorsBrooks U12-BBrodie BW3111

Matches Week Ending 28/08/21

SportTeamOpponentCoach's PickMatch Result
Netball | U8Wild StarsMawson Lakes OpalsLottie MNot Scored
Netball | U10Bright StarsRenegades WhiteIra PL06
Basketball |U8 | Div 2BoomersBrooks 8's NewGabriel SW204
Basketball | U10 | Div 2BlazersKeithcot KnightsSamuel MW2722
Basketball | U12B | Div 3 BlueLakersHighbury Jets-W3116
Basketball | U12B | Div 4 RedRaptors76ers HawksSteven LD1414

Weekly Information

Important Dates

Date Event
Friday 3rd September Father's Day Stall
Thursday 9th September Vision Screening for Receptions
Friday 10th September Pupil Free Day 
Friday 10th September SACSA AFL Carnival Year 3/4
Monday 13th September ELC Photo Day
Monday 13th September SACSA AFL Carnival Year 5/6
Tuesday 14th September ELC Open Evening for 2022
Thursday 16th September Vision Screening for Receptions
Thursday 16th September Parent Teacher Interviews
Friday 17th September ELC Photo Day
Monday 20th to Friday 24th September Swimming Lessons for Year 1 and 2s
Tuesday 21st September Parent Teacher Interviews
Thursday 23rd September Vision Screening for Receptions
2021 Term Dates  
Term 3 Tuesday 20th July to Friday 24th September
Term 4 Monday 11th October to Wednesday 8th December

PE Timetable

ELCMonday to Friday
RDMonday and Thursday
RKMonday and Thursday
RHWMonday and Wednesday
1CMonday and Thursday
1DTuesday and Thursday
1PMonday and Thursday
2HSTuesday and Friday
2RWednesday and Friday
2ZTuesday and Friday
3LTuesday and Friday
3HRTuesday and Friday
3TWednesday and Friday
4GMonday and Friday
4PMonday and Wednesday
4WMonday and Friday
5KWednesday and Friday
5RTuesday and Friday
5TTuesday and Friday
6STuesday and Wednesday
6TMonday and Wednesday
6WTuesday and Wednesday

Bethany Christian School

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Newsletter published: Thursday, September 2 2021

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