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Week 7Term 32019

Photos from the recent Indonesian Independence Day celebrations

From the Principal

Welcome to our Week 7 Newsletter!  I trust this newsletter finds you and your families well, and that if you had an opportunity to attend the Adelaide Show that it was a wonderful experience. At school on the Pupil Free Day, the staff worked on the Be You Community which is a national initiative for educators, aimed at promoting and protecting positive mental health in children and young people. Be You provides a library of tools and training to help school staff personally and professionally develop and support mental wellbeing for themselves and our school community. 

In line with positive mental health of our young people at Bethany Christian School, we also take cyber issues seriously. The app previously known as has been rebadged as Tik.Tok . As with most of the social media apps, they are aimed for people 13 years and older. This is because the content of the apps is better suited to people who have more maturity and an ability to use the social media sites safely. It is our desire to see your child fully develop into a healthy, successful, contributing member of society. Their young minds are still growing, with neurologists stating that for our children, “significant changes occur in the limbic system, which may impact self-control, decision making, emotions, and risk-taking behaviors. The brain also experiences a surge of myelin synthesis in the frontal lobe, which is implicated in cognitive processes during adolescence” (Basil, 2019).

This means that our children are still growing and are vulnerable to what they see, hear and experience. It’s our responsibility to provide them with a safe environment which includes protecting them from exposure to things, such as social media content, that could harm children in order to give them the best possible opportunity to grow as individuals. As a parent, it is important to say, “No”, if your child asks to have access to an app that is not appropriate for them. There is an old adage which says, “Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.”  For us parents, it’s good food for thought.

This also ties in with our value for the week, which is Excellence. Our memory scripture for the week is, “Don’t just pretend to love others. Really love them.  Hate what is wrong. Hold tightly to what is good” (Romans 12:9). Let us all practice excellence in everything we do, which includes wearing our correct school uniform with pride, wearing hats at school when we’re outside, using kind language and showing respect to everyone. 

Next week is our Cultural Celebration, being held on Wednesday 11th September, from 5.30pm to 7:30pm. Everyone is working diligently to showcase the learning in each classroom and to make it a wonderful celebration of the cultures represented within the school. The evening will be packed with demonstrations, food, dances, art, costumes, music and so much more. I look forward to seeing you all at the Cultural Celebration next week.

Jump Rope for Heart will be held the very next day, on Thursday 12th of September. It is certainly shaping up to be a busy but fun week in week 8!

Wishing you a fabulous week and a terrific start to Spring!

God bless you all,


Deb Clifford

Deputy Principal

Memory Verse

Don't just pretend to love others. Really love them. Hate what is wrong. Hold tightly to what is good.

Romans 12: 9

Deputy's Corner

While students enjoyed a day off school for Show Day, last week, our staff gathered to reflect and learn together. One important focus for the day was exploring how we can support and enhance the mental health and wellbeing of our school community, including that of students, families and staff.

We discussed that throughout life, our mental health and wellbeing changes, moving up and down along a ‘mental health continuum.’ There may be times when we feel like we are truly flourishing, whilst at other times we may just feel okay, be unsettled, or suffer from a mental health condition.

In John 10 in the bible, we read a story Jesus told about a shepherd caring for his sheep and leading them to good pastures. He explains that he is ‘the gate’ – the way in to good pastures, and that his purpose is to give us a rich and satisfying, flourishing life. Jesus also warns us that ‘the enemy comes to steal and kill and destroy’. We know that being troubled in our heart, mind and emotions can really steal our joy and stop us from experiencing the abundant life Jesus has planned for us. In John 14, Jesus offers us a gift of peace of mind and heart. ‘Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, and trust also in me.’

We spent time reflecting on Psalm 23, which again reminds us that Jesus is our Shepherd, providing everything we need, leading us to rest, protecting and comforting us so that even through difficult times we do not need to fear as God is with us in every circumstance.

Our staff are committed to sharing the love, truth and peace of God with students and families at Bethany Christian School by creating a safe, nurturing learning environment where students are educated for eternity; discovering their identity in Christ, developing their potential and contributing to community by serving and supporting one another. Promoting positive mental health and wellbeing is an essential part of this learning process.

Within the classroom, and in social learning small groups, students are supported to develop positive ways of understanding and regulating their emotions, and how to build healthy relationships with one another. Together in community we learn how to love, forgive, be kind, patient, compassionate, generous and resilient, especially as we spend time with people who think or behave differently from us. We celebrate and praise God for the diversity of cultures, interests and abilities represented within our school community.

We believe that all students should be given opportunities to make choices about their learning, contribute ideas, participate in leadership, take calculated risks and learn from mistakes. This empowering process is known as ‘student agency’ and it promotes social-emotional learning, resilience and overall wellbeing.

Our Early Learning Centre and Primary School are members of the nationwide Be You community which gives us access to many online resources and strategies for helping children, young people and families achieve their best possible mental health and wellbeing. These resources are freely available on the Be You website at and include fact sheets on the following topics:

  • factors that contribute to mental health and wellbeing
  • child and adolescent development
  • how relationships impact mental health and wellbeing
  • mental health issues and conditions
  • maintaining your own wellbeing

Our Wellbeing Team, including our first aid officers, nurse, counsellor, social worker, coordinator and visiting allied health professionals, are here to support students and families facing physical, emotional and social challenges such as illness, relationship difficulties, grief, anxiety, parenting issues and more. We offer a free six week parenting course each term. Please contact the school on 8283 0000 if you would like to know more about accessing these services.

Suzi Pedler

Diverse Learning Coordinator


Premier's Be Active Challenge

Well done to the following student who has completed the Premier's Be Active Challenge!


Makenzie M

Premier's Reading Challenge

Congratulations to the following students who have completed the Premier's Reading Challenge!

Rute BAmira SAleesha BApajok ANicole SWillow SSamuel E
Jasmine BBriarna BAndelazia LBrodie BTawan LLexie BKeith O
Loria CChelsea BAntonio FLiam BJudah MKur A
Nevaeh CConnor TBrandy LMia CTafadzwa B5R
Ariana DDaniela MChelinda SOscar EEbony RJensen P6SH
Harpa FEbony LDaniel MIsla FShiana DJacob CLinh D
Chloe HElias NDevon SArizona GBrooklyn SErin TNina K
Christina JElise KElijah WWilliam GAiden BNareta SElla H
Annabel JEmmanuel KEmily HIsaiah HJeremy SEllia P
Claire KGurman SIra PEbony-Rose HMaya M6T
Kayla MHannah VJames LCharley H3TKallum CMoses N
Madelyn NHarrison MJemima MDani HSophie AKing BElla S
Tinotenda SIsaleli TKhonreich CLaila JMaddison BWilliam MRobert R
Nhu TJamelia ALevi CDylan KDavid GTir AZachary F
Amali TJett CLily NKelly LMax Z
Jensen BMatthew GMadison DLogan L4G
Beau DMila SMason LAker MNicholas A5T
Samuel DMinka HMillie RMicah PCohen MLucian E
Michael LMyka HMillie-Rose KRhythm SJye TMax F
Jacob MNate NMitchell BEknoor SRachael N
Jon NSkye LNoah MSophie S4WHEthan P
Callum OTiana MSamuel MLana TRobin LLiverdy S
Dylan PWayne TSavannah DWilliam WNui B
Dionysius SWilliam HSharni WCalvin P4WYRoger T
Lazar TZarliah ATobiasz TEzekiel K
Tyler WZira K

ELC Father's Day Bonfire

bonfire photo 1.jpeg
bonfire photo 2.jpeg
bonfire photo 3.jpeg
bonfire photo 4.jpeg
bonfire photo 5.jpeg
bonfire photo 6.jpeg

For Father's Day the ELC kids invited their Dads, grandfather's and special friends to join them for a bonfire. Thanks to everyone who came out to support the event and make it a success.

P & F Father's Day Stall

The P & F Father's Day was held over two days last week. It was very well supported by Bethany students who enjoyed picking out great gifts for their dads. Thanks to all the volunteer parents and helpers for giving up their time to make the event such a success. The P & F were able to raise over $2000 from the stall.

Parent Teacher Interviews

Last week emails were sent out with the link and code for you to nominate your preferred time for Parent Teacher Interviews. Please make your selections by Tuesday 10th September so that you meet with your child's teacher. If you have any difficulties please contact the front office.

Community News

Newton Jaguar Netball Club


NJNC 2nd Summer GO Team (2010)

We have opened up registrations for a 2nd 9&U (GO) team for our Summer Season at Golden Grove. This team will be placed in the GO 1 competition, which is played under full netball rules and so we are targeting players born in 2010 as a development team, as they will be playing in the Primary age grade during Winter 2020. 

We have a number of players for this team already but do have a few spots available.

Games are 6:50pm on Friday Nights, training is Wednesday from 6 to 7pm. If your child is currently committed on Wednesday nights, we are Okay with them not training if they are keen to play.

If your child (boy or girl) is keen to join us, can you please confirm your interest by registering them via this link.


Newton Jaguars Registration Form

Little Athletics Holiday Clinic

2019 Dare to Dream Athletics Holiday Clinic Flyer.pdf

Open 2019 Dare to Dream Athletics Holiday Clinic Flyer.pdf (1.16 MB)

Girl Power School Holiday Workshop

Golden Grove Central Districts Baseball Club

Dodgers T-ball starts term 4 on Friday nights from 6:00pm, 25 October 2019

Come and try on 14th October at 6:00pm, Illyarrie Reserve, Surrey Downs

Under 7 – born between 1/9/2013 and 31/8/2015

Under 9 – born between 1/9/2011 and 31/8/2013

Baseball players are wanted in the following grades:

Pre-season/ Come n Try training start from 8 Sept

Under 11 – born between 1/9/2009 and 31/8/2010

Under 13 – born between 1/9/2007 and 31/8/2009

Under 15 – born between 1/9/2005 and 31/8/2007

Under 17 – born between 1/9/2003 and 31/8/2005

For further info, contact Bob Neiswander, Jr Coordinator at or 0402 068 738.

Sports News

Weekly Sports Results

 Sport  Team  Opposition  Coaches Pick  Score
Basketball U8 Lakers


U8 Blazers AFCBC Vikings Levi C, Nate N 6 . 9
U10 Raptors Kings Hotshots Jude C, Brayden H 16 . 6
U12 Bobcats Tigers Ethan G, Ilyas D 23 . 18
U12 Rockets Tyndale Hurricanes Jadon W, Rodante P 30 . 18
U12 Thunder Shooting Stars U12B3 Nicholas B, Saurabh B 14 . 28
Netball 7 & U Bright Stars Kings Sparkles Millie R, Chelsea O Not scored
Netball 11 & U Shining Stars Lutheran Lightning Hayley G, Mackenzie C 18 . 1
 Sport  Team  Opposition  Coaches Pick  Score
Basketball U8 Lakers

Cedar Strikers

Khonreich C, Lilly C 2 . 28
U8 Blazers GGLPS Giants Levi C, Elijah W 12 . 13
U10 Raptors Shooting Stars U10B Brayden H, Elijah Y 24 . 25
U12 Bobcats Tyndale Hurricanes Ilyas D, Liam C 20 . 19
U12 Rockets AFCBC Falcons Jaiden K, Jadon W 19 . 14
U12 Thunder Cedar Knights Nathaniel C, Rainn S  24 . 10
Netball 7 & U Bright Stars SFX Legends Ariana D, Lana T Not scored
Netball 11 & U Shining Stars OLOH Illusions Eden L, Hayley H 15 . 5


On Monday 19th August our 6/7 Boys AFL Football team headed up to Kings Baptist to compete as one of 11 teams in their draw. Our 4/5 Boys and Girls teams did the same on Tuesday 20th August to compete as one of 11 and 8 teams in their respective draws. Both days were great even with the really cold and windy conditions. Well done to all three teams.


4/5 Boys – 2nd Place

Team List: Alessio C, Austyn M, Braith H, Cohen M, Connor T, Ethan G, Ilyas D, Jaiden K, Josiah H, Mackenzie C-H, Reilly S & William M

Captain: Austyn M              Vice Captain: Ilyas D

Coach: Mr S Taylor             Manager: Mrs C Boxall

Goal Umpire: Mr S May

Scorer: Mr S Karklis


What an amazing effort by these boys. They played with passion and cohesion whilst giving everything they had. As a result they made the grand final and even though we didn’t get the win it was a great day by the boys.

Mr Taylor


6/7 Boys – 6th Place

Team List: Blake B, Ezeikiel T-E, Hudson M, Jack H, Jed M, Jediah S, Jordan B, Keith O, Lachlan E, Lachlan R, Robinson S & Zachary F

Captains: Blake B and Lachlan R

Coach: Mr Steve Taylor     Manager: Mrs Cherie Boxall

Goal Umpire: Ms M Fitzharris

Scorer: Mrs S Howard


A great effort by the boys at this carnival. They played well but couldn’t get enough wins to make the semi-finals. Well done!

Mr Taylor


4/5 Girls – Equal 3rd Place

Team List: Amelia D, Bailee B, Charlotte S, Dekodah B, Eden L, Hayley G, Holly S, Kaylee W, Leda M, Mackenzie C, Madeline P & Nareta S

Captains: Amelia D and Mackenzie C

Coach: Mrs R Thomson       Manager: Mrs C Boxall

Goal Umpire: Mr N Grieger

Scorer: Mr N Grieger          


The girls had a fantastic day. They worked well as a team and showed determination. Well done girls!

Mrs Thomson



On Thursday 29th August we took 11 students made up of year 6 and 7 students to our first mixed touch football carnival. The event was held at the City Touch Fields run by Touch Football SA with three different carnivals being run simultaneously for the Primary, Under 15 and Open Divisions. Bethany competed in the Primary division and we are very proud to announce that we won.

Primary Champions

Team List:

Alexander A, Eden D, Imogen P, Jessica A, Jimmy K, Mackenzie B, Pattana P, Riley C, Tam L, Taylor N and Vikky L

CAPTAIN:                            Alexander A

COACH:                                Mr S Sheeky

MANAGER:                         Mrs C Boxall


This team had an impressive day out on the field. The day began strongly with a 7 – 0 win and this set the tone for the rest of the carnival. Our team made it through the minor round and semi-final undefeated and faced off against Northfield, a team we had beaten 2 – 1 earlier in the day, in the Grand Final. Knowing they had each other’s back the team played with confidence and executed plays we had learnt at training. We finished up winning the game 5 - 0.

I’d like to thank the team for all their hard work and enthusiasm. It was a real privilege being their coach.


Mr Sheeky

2019 School Sport Australia 12 Years and Under Girls Football Championship

Congratulations to Lily H for being selected into South Australia’s 12 and Under team for football.

Lily went to Canberra from the 25th to 30th August to compete against Australia’s best and had a wonderful week enjoying every moment this experience brought her. Well done Lily!

Weekly Information

Important Dates

Date Event
Friday 6th September Reception Incursion - Police Visit
Wednesday 11th September Cultural Celebration Evening
Thursday 12th September Jump Rope for Heart
Thursday 12th September Reception Incursion - Firefighters Visit
Friday 13th September Reception incursion - Firefighters Visit
Monday 16th September SACSA Soccer Yr 4/5
Tuesday 17th September SACSA Soccer Yr 6/7
Thursday 19th September Parent Teacher Interviews
Tuesday 24th September Parent Teacher Interviews
Monday 23rd to Friday 27th September Swimming Lessons for Yr 2 & 3
  2019 Term Dates
Term 1 Mon 4th February - Fri 12th April
Term 2 Mon 29th April - Fri 5th July
Term 3 Wed 24th July - Fri 27th September
Term 4 Mon 14th October - Wed 11th December

Monday Morning Praise

Whole School Worship
10 - 10.30am Mondays


Primary Chapel (Years 3 - 6)
10.50 - 11.30am Wednesdays

Junior Primary Chapel (Reception - Year 2)
12.10 - 12.50pm Wednesdays

Uniform Shop Times

The opening times for the Uniform Shop are: 

Monday 8.15 - 10.30 am
Tuesday 8.15 - 10.30 am
Thursday 2.00 - 4.00 pm
Friday 8.15 - 10.30 am

Bethany Christian School

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4G Monday & Friday
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4WY Monday & Friday
5P Tuesday & Friday
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5T Tuesday & Friday
6SH Monday & Tuesday
6S Monday & Tuesday
6T Monday & Tuesday

Newsletter published: Thursday, September 5 2019

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