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Week 5Term 32020

Students participating in the bin project

From the Principal

Welcome to our Week 5 Newsletter for Term 3. This year has certainly provided some challenges and has caused all of us to look carefully at what is most important as well as why we do certain things. Our Parent Teacher Interviews were one of these important events that required careful thought in order to follow health and safety guidelines. I wanted to thank you for the way that you followed the directions and hygiene procedures so graciously. It was wonderful to see many of you face to face after such a long time. The conversations with teachers were very valuable and really appreciated. We will keep working together even though it is in different ways, because we are better when we work together and our children benefit from this kind of unity. There are still many events that we usually hold to celebrate different aspects of school life and we are now looking at how we can retain the most important elements of these for our students while COVID-19 restrictions limit the gathering of adults. This will mean that the end of year will feel different for you as parents, but we will continue to find different and creative ways that ensure the best outcomes for students. We will notify you as soon as we can in regards to specific events and keep you informed about how to maintain the most important aspects for students that we can safely. We do appreciate your understanding in these unpredictable times.

Second Hand uniform has not been available due to COVID-19. We understand that many of you have items to sell with a change of season approaching and so we are looking at an option that will enable you to sell your items to other parents. This will include access to a free website on which you can upload pictures of your unwanted quality items to sell. This will become a place where families can search for second hand items and buy them directly. More information will follow soon with a link and instructions on how to upload your items for sale.

School Photographs went very well last week and we have a few photographs to catch up on next Monday 24th August. If your child was absent on photo day last week, please send them in winter uniform on Monday.

Thank you for keeping your child home when they are unwell. We appreciate the extra effort this takes but also we are seeing more people remaining healthy than we usually would at this time of the year. Please remain diligent in reminding your child to wash their hands and cover any coughs or sneezes. These new hygiene practices are really helping our community to remain healthy and safe.

Our Father’s Day stall will take place at school on Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th September during school time. Jump Rope for Heart will take place on Friday 18th September and we have a Pupil Free Day on Friday 11th September. Please put these dates in your diary. OSHC will be available on Friday 11th September for care. More information will follow for all of these events.

Students are now coping very well with our morning drop-offs and it is lovely to see so many smiling faces as students enter the grounds ready for learning. I know that drop-offs and pick-ups can be frustrating when you are waiting in a line of traffic and I thank you for showing patience and safety in and around our school. Please respect and follow the road signs including the yellow lines around the school. Our school neighbours are very patient with the amount of traffic that converges around these times and so we ask that you represent us well by refraining from parking in driveways.

We are mid-way through this third term and I know that the last term of each year flies by. 2020 will certainly be a year to remember but let’s make it a year that sets us on a creative, innovative and responsible trajectory. This opportunity has given our students new experiences that have brought many benefits and I wonder what else we will achieve purely because we have had to use our creativity in new ways. 

I pray that you are refreshed this weekend and that you find ways to enjoy some time with your children.

God bless,

Wendy Matear

Memory Verse

If God has given you leadership ability, take the responsibility seriously. And if you have a gift for showing kindness to others, do it gladly.

Romans 12: 8b

Deputy's Corner

Welcome to Week 5!  Over the past few weeks while on morning yard duty, I have noticed how many students come to school with a huge grin, often running to their friends to enthusiastically greet them and they run into the school grounds. It has been an absolute privilege to witness how well our students are coming into school and how much they look forward to starting each new day. They have adapted so well to the new things of 2020, and they should be commended for stepping up and becoming so independent!


The SRC have been working hard behind the scenes to organize a fundraiser in order to raise sufficient funds to provide play equipment for our new loose parts play area which will become another nature play area. COVID19 restrictions in March saw those plans get put aside, but they are now ready and raring to go this term. On Thursday 27th August (Week 6), it will be a Pyjama’s Day (and for those not comfortable wearing their pyjama’s to school, Casual Day). The cost will be a gold coin donation, with all proceeds going to raise Giant Chess set. 

This what the SRC have written:


PJ/Casual Clothes

 This term the SRC team has organised a PJ/casual day on Thursday 27th August Week 6.

 Students will need to remember that their shoulders and belly must be covered up appropriately on the day. Girls’ hair must also remain tied back.

 If students are wearing PJ’s they MUST bring sneakers to school to be able to do physical activities but they can bring their slippers to wear in class.

 This is a fundraiser, so please bring a gold coin donation. The money that we raise will be going towards a giant chess set for the oval so students can have more equipment to play with.

 For any further details please contact one of the SRC students. Thank you, we hope to see you in your pyjamas or casual clothes.


CasualPJ clothes! 5.pdf

Open CasualPJ clothes! 5.pdf (54.44 KB)


Just a quick reminder about PE uniform. The PE uniform is not seasonal like the regular uniform (having a summer and a winter uniform). Students can choose to wear either their black shorts or black sports pants. Students are allowed to choose whether it is the official black tracksuit pants with the Bethany logo, or a generic brand of black tracksuit pants. Black leggings are not an accepted form of the PE uniform. Most department stores do sell generic black tracksuit pants for a low cost. Our uniform shop currently has stock available for purchase, and the opening hours can be found in this newsletter. Orders can also be made online and delivered to school for free pick up or delivered to your home for a small cost. Please help your child to make good decisions in regards to their uniform.

I wish you a wonderful week.


God bless you,

Deb Clifford


Father's Day Stall

2020 Fathers day stall flyer.pdf

Open 2020 Fathers day stall flyer.pdf (531.55 KB)



Just a friendly reminder, if you have decided to leave the school at the end of this year for any reason and haven’t informed the Office in writing, you only have the next 5 weeks to do so. Otherwise the Withdrawal Policy will apply and you will incur additional fees.

Withdrawal Policy

Should you decide to transfer your children to another school, then the school requires written notification one term in advance of the withdrawal of your children.

This enables the school to plan ahead with possible enrolments to replace your children. If written notification is not given, then one term’s fees will be charged.

Dental Visits

Dental Clinic.pdf

Open Dental Clinic.pdf (233.22 KB)

Food Hampers

This year as a school community we have been blessed with food donations from a variety of sources.

Hollywood Fresh at Hollywood Plaza are donating weekly fruit and vegetables, Foodbank SA are donating 20 hampers on a fortnightly basis consisting of non-perishable goods as well as fresh fruit and vegetables, and Woolworths at Springbank Plaza are donating left over baked goods on a daily basis.

If at any time you feel that your family would benefit from some food assistance or you know of someone in our community that would, please contact Abby at reception and let her know the details.

We would love to pass the blessing on to those that need it.


Elise Ottens

Social Worker

Wellbeing Team

Bread (002).jpg
Hampers (002).jpg

Walk a Mile

Thank you to everyone who came out to support the Walk a Mile campaign this morning despite the threat of rain. The event was well supported by our school community. We raised $287 which will go to support the services of the Hutt Street Centre and the work that they do with the homeless in Adelaide.

Circle of Security

Entertainment Books

2020 Entertainment Letter - Bethany Christian School.pdf

Open 2020 Entertainment Letter - Bethany Christian School.pdf (130.06 KB)

Camp Australia

Newsletter - National Science Week.pdf

Open Newsletter - National Science Week.pdf (135.04 KB)

Premier's Reading Challenge

Angela APippa AOscar E
Kim CAmity CDylan K
Emelia KHarsanjam CLevi C
Ava MAmber FSavannah D
Charlotte MAurora HBrandy L
Esther NElizabeth ICalvin P
Liliana NHannah MHarrison M
Aluong NLottie MMitchell B
Aivy PAmanda SJamelia A
Sophia-Maria SEtta-Hope SLiam B
Amelia SZofia TSharni W
Gabrielle V HNeriah THannah V
Naomi VDaniella YIsaleli T
Nate ADeng DDani H
Blake BGuransh DWayne T
Jaxon CIsaac DLana T
Jorden KCohen FMinka H
Samuel KLeo HMyka H
Nyok MCooper JIsla F
Kody NElijah LBrodie B
Gabriel SBentley LMason L
Win V SEthan PApajok A
Ethaniel YSeth PSkye L
Ruby MZira K
Dion P
Aaron N
Maddison GTam DMakenzie M
Tyson SZoe HHarry N
Ana KMandy SArthur C
Kingsley TFelix VJennifer H
Oliver LRenata MLevi M
Wade LAmelia LRhian M
Amelia HTiffany J
Ethan HAdhieu N
Ruby HSarah LLachlan M
Demiah SAdesola AAmelia D
Armstrong HViet DAllon P
Chloe JEzaawa J
David G
Jacob LParina STerena T
Rachael NMohitha S
Nui BJayelah A

Community News

Base Church

Sports News

Weekly Sports Results


 Sport Team Opposition Coaches Pick Score
BasketballU10 BlazersAFCBC HawksElijah W Dylan K8 . 22
U10 RaptorsKing's JaguarsElijah Y Devon S14 . 24
U12 BucksHighbury HeatJeremy S Levi M22 . 10
U14 RocketsDunkin Donuts Jacob L Austyn M23 . 68
NetballU 8 Bright StarsRenegade PupsEmily P Annabel JNot Scored


 Sport Team Opposition Coaches Pick Score
BasketballU10 BlazersAFCBC HawksElijah W Dylan K8 . 22
U10 RaptorsKing's JaguarsElijah Y Devon S14 . 24
U12 BucksHighbury HeatJeremy S Levi M22 . 10
U14 RocketsDunkin Donuts Jacob L Austyn M23 . 68
NetballU 8 Bright StarsRenegade PupsEmily P Annabel JNot Scored

Weekly Information

Important Dates

Date Event
Thursday 3rd September Father's Day Stall
Friday 4th September Father's Day Stall
Friday 11th September Pupil Free Day
Monday 14th September SACSA Soccer Yr 3/4
Tuesday 15th September SACSA Soccer Yr 5/6
2020 Term Dates
Term 3Term 4
Tuesday 21st July to 25th SeptemberMonday 12th October to Wednesday 9th December

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Newsletter published: Thursday, August 20 2020

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