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Week 5Term 22020

From the Principal

Welcome to our Week 5 Newsletter for Term 2. We have switched off our online learning platform and have continued our learning journey together on site. Thank you for your understanding as we work through what is beneficial to maintain safety, health and learning. We are working through the processes of returning a number of activities and experiences while keeping important protections in place. Thank you for keeping unwell children at home, this is really helping to keep our community healthy.

Next week we have a Pupil Free day on Friday 5th June. This coincides with the June long weekend and our teachers will be working with a Literacy focus to continue to improve outcomes for students. We really value these opportunities for staff to keep learning and growing together for the purpose of improving student learning. Our dedicated teachers are passionate about helping your children to learn. Camp Australia will be open for OSHC on this day. 

Can I encourage you to take this opportunity to help your children to rest and be refreshed to manage the final weeks of Term 2. It has certainly been a challenging year and we cannot underestimate the importance of wellbeing for our children. Providing time to rest can take many forms. A family walk to look at nature and notice the changing leaves, a board game played together, a craft activity that requires concentration and focus are all things that allow the mind to unwind and to reduce stress. Time to talk and imagine or read a favourite story can be another way to find ways to enjoy life and relationships. These times away from technology are essential for family wellbeing and for providing time to communicate without stress and pressure.   Why not consider a day or two of rest this June long weekend.

There are also a number of church services that are available for you to watch online while buildings are closed. In our Easter message we sent out links to a number of churches that are streaming during this time. Base Church is one of those churches and is usually located on site on Sunday mornings. You may like to seek out one of these to encourage your family and connect with others in hearing more about God’s love at this time.

Our sporting teams will begin training soon and the Sports Department will notify parents regarding when after school trainings will resume. These will still be restricted access for adults initially so we will communicate directly with those families regarding the procedures to be followed. We would rather progress slowly and be confident that we are not taking unnecessary risks as we ease restrictions.

Our visiting allied health providers, music tutors and others who visit to provide services for students will be able to return after the June long weekend. We have an additional sign in procedure to ensure that all of these visitors are healthy and understand their responsibilities. Parents are continuing to remain off-site at this stage. Our uniform shop will initially reopen with appointments only for booking if you require visiting the shop. This will ensure that we only have the correct amount of adults within a confined space. We will notify you with the specific dates and times these appointments will be available soon. During this time, we have rescheduled a number of things including our school photographs. We will give you a new date for this as we are planning to hold them in Term 3, assuming all continues to progress well. 

Once again I would like to thank you for your support as we walk together through uncharted waters and find a new way to move forward. We appreciate your efforts in bringing your children to school on time and ready to learn each day. You are doing a great job by helping your child to be here to learn and I say “thank you". I pray that you will experience a restful weekend and enjoy some time as a family.

God bless,

Wendy Matear

Memory Verse

Christ is the visible likeness of the invisible God. He is the first-born Son, superior to all created things.

Colossians 1: 15

Deputy's Corner

Have you ever caught yourself of the last few months pondering, “If someone had said this would be happening in 2020 I would not have believed them…”?  It seems almost inconceivable to see how much what we took for granted in 2019 has changed. Some of it has been difficult, some of it has been puzzling, a lot of it has been down right annoying, and yet in amidst the challenges, some really awesome benefits have emerged. One of these is the independence that all of our students demonstrate on a daily basis as they know they have to walk onto the school site independently. Very few are still unsure or teary in the morning, and everyone is settled and happy when starting each day in class.

The one thing that has been on the rise is the number of hats, jackets, jumpers, drink bottles or lunches that are being asked to be passed onto the students via the Student Desk because the child has forgotten to pack the item/s in the morning.

What a great opportunity to help our children to develop self-managed routines that build independent personal organization. Building healthy routines to promote independent organization gives them life-long skills. So, how do we go about supporting them to build these routines?

Plan ahead – voice aloud what needs to be organized ahead of time. If it is Sunday, begin talking about what your child will need for a successful start to the school week. Do they have their uniform ready for Monday morning?  Where will they leave their school shoes?  What do they need to pack in their bags? Look at the weather forecast. If it will be cold, remind them to pack their jumper. Remind them to pack their hats. What will they be eating for recess and lunch?  Is it packed and ready to go on Sunday night, or will they need to do that early on Monday?

Model – Your children watch you whether you know it or not!  Try making your thinking visible by talking about how to prepare in advance and be organized.   Talk about what they will need and when they need to pack it. Rather than asking, “where is your uniform?” try, “It is Monday tomorrow. You will need to get your uniform ready. Where will we hang it so that you can find it easily in the morning?”  Time management is a skill that needs to be taught. If you need to leave the house by 8am, then think aloud so that your children hear that they will need to get up earlier to allow enough time to get dressed and eat breakfast before going to school. 

Scaffold- To help your child to become successful at managing themselves, they’ll need a little help in the beginning. A visual chart with pictures for younger children or words for older children can provide the reminder needed. You may add times things need to be completed. This gives children the opportunity to manage their own belongings and to stay aware of how long things take to be ready on time.Be careful not to take over! If they forget their hat, jumper, school diary or their drink bottle, don’t panic!  If you bring it to school, you are just giving them the idea that when they forget to pack something, someone will drop it off to school for them. At school, we can manage whatever has been forgotten, so there is no need to worry and race to the school to rescue your child. They probably don’t even need rescuing! The inconvenience of forgetting that item may be the very reinforcement needed to encourage them to remember next time.  Remember, we all learn from making mistakes.

Praise! - Remember to celebrate the success of your child for when they do remember to pack their belongings.  Positive reinforcement is a powerful tool. Your child’s feelings of success and achievement will cement positive life long-habits. 

Working With Children Checks (WWCC)

Last year, on July 1st the Government introduced the new Working With Children Checks (WWCC), replacing the DCSI. This year, from the 1st of July, no adult will be allowed on site to work or volunteer at Bethany without a valid WWCC. If you are currently a volunteer at Bethany and you do not yet have a WWCC, please see our Administration staff at the front desk to get the free WWCC process started for you. When the school gets clearance from SA Health, parents will once again be allowed on site to volunteer. 


Open WWCC_infographic_A4_2020.pdf (626.48 KB)

I wish you all a safe and healthy week!

God bless you,


Deb Clifford
Deputy Principal


Hardship Application Support Forms

If you are experiencing financial hardship during the COVID-19 crisis and have concerns about paying your school fees, please click on this link, complete the Hardship form and return it to Dean Huntley, our Bursar. The form can be emailed to . If you have any questions about the form please call the front office and ask to speak to someone from the Finance Department.

Premier's Reading Challenge

Congratulations to the following students who have completed the Premier's Reading Challenge for this year:

Elijah CJett CAlphie PLauren C
Kelly LLiliah MLucas H
Mila SLucca MCharlie W
Demi MNeveah D
Emily NVivia P
Joash STylah-Shae S


We would like to remind all parents about their responsibility to obey parking laws that are in place in the streets that surround the school. Please consider our neighbours and do not park across driveways or double park as this is illegal and inconvenient to those who live close to the school. 

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Newsletter published: Wednesday, May 27 2020

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