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Week 3Term 42020

Jump Rope for Heart

From the Principal

Welcome to our Week 3 Newsletter for Term 4. Last Friday we held our Book Week dress up day. It was wonderful to see the fun and creativity of costumes and also to see some of the reading and writing opportunities that students enjoyed. We have included a number of photographs and work samples for you to enjoy from our Junior Primary students.

We have also been able to make some adjustments to our Mini Olympics day with volunteers managing the opportunity for one guest per student to attend the event. There are still a number of limitations and we will make these clear through an additional memo to the parents and caregivers of Reception and Year 1 students. We all look forward to the day that restrictions are lifted and we can gather as a larger community. We would like to thank each of you for the way you are maintaining responsibility for your part in keeping us safe and healthy.

Have a lovely weekend.

Wendy Matear

Memory Verse

So let's not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don't give up.

Galatians 6:9

Book Week 2020

Last Friday was our dress up day for Book Week. Our students thoroughly enjoyed the day. Please read the quotes and enjoy the photos from our Junior Primary students.

RH Comments:

“You can bring a book and dress up.”

“I was doing some cool flips when I dressed up as a super hero.”

“You get to see all the different costumes.”

“I was Batman with a cape and I read my book.”

“I dressed up as a policeman and I was the A Choice Police for the day, making sure people were making A choices.”

“You get to be whatever you want to be!”

“I played Little Red Riding Hood with my friends.”

“We sung songs that our characters would sing.”


Year 2 Comments

“I liked that we got to spend money on books at book fair and read them. It was fun to dress up as a character from a book. I love how people popped their minds out with creative ideas.”

“I liked that people dressed up as all different characters and there were not many the same.”

“I dressed up as Pikachu and I bought a Pokemon book at book fair.”

“I liked book week because people didn’t just dress up as the same thing but were different characters. It was super fun! I like how people took pictures so our parents can see us all.”

“I loved the dress ups. People were dressed nicely and we were having lots of fun together.”

“For book week, I was a ten year old girl from a novel I enjoy reading. Her name is Lucky and she has a pet horse called Spirit. I dressed up as Lucky because I look a bit like her, I enjoy reading the books about her and my costume was easy to do PE lesson in. It was great to see all the different costumes people wore on the day.”

Year 2 Book Week Write Ups

Book Week 1.jpg
Book Week 2.jpg
Book Week 3.jpg
Book Week 4.jpg

Year One Book Week Write Ups

Year One Book Week_Page_1.jpg
Year One Book Week_Page_2.jpg
Year One Book Week_Page_3.jpg
Year One Book Week_Page_4.jpg
Year One Book Week_Page_5.jpg

Deputy's Corner

It is coming to that part of the year when we start talking about, and planning for, change. For our Year 6 students, this includes changing schools, moving from primary to secondary school for their middle years education. This is a huge transition for them, regardless of whether they are moving next door to Temple Christian College or going to another school entirely.

For our younger students, they are looking at changing a year level. This can bring about many different emotions; excitement, wonder, eager anticipation, trepidation, fear or anxiety. Regardless of age, change requires the use of the executive functioning skill, mental flexibility. Young children in particular are still working on developing this skill and for some it could take a long time to develop mental flexibility. Not everyone thrives or enjoys change.

To help our students, everyone will have a period of transition where they will have the opportunity to meet their new teacher. For our Year 6 students, they have a period of time where they visit their new school to familiarise and orient themselves in a new environment. In Week 9, our Reception-Year 5 students will visit their 2021 teacher and spend some time in their new classroom.

Teachers have been considering what class grouping might best fit your child for some time, but over the next few weeks they will be officially formulating the class lists for 2021. Please be assured that while the formulation of new classes is a complex process, many staff come together to plan the classes, and we rely on your child's class teacher and their professional opinion when compiling these class lists for 2021.

There are some really practical ways to help your child to develop the executive functioning skill of mental flexibility while preparing for changes in class teacher.

  • Talk to your child’s current class teacher if you find your child worrying about the changes for 2021. The school will do formal transitions, but if your child’s current teacher feels it might help, extra informal visits to the future teacher can be organised to allay fears. 
  • Talk to your child about the changes but remember to keep consistent routines at home to ensure a place of security and safety. While you may not yet know the class teacher or the classroom, they know where the year level classrooms are, so you can speak positively about where they will be walking to next year.
  • Be enthusiastic! By being excited about the new school year, your child will get excited too. By all means, acknowledge the nervousness of change, but make sure each conversation turns it around to what is exciting to look forward to.

Remember that our counsellor, Leeony Pfeiffer, is on hand should you feel that your child’s anxiety about change have become unmanageable. You can book a time to speak to her by calling our school admin office on 8283 0000.

Wishing you and your family well as we race through Term 4!

God bless you this term,

Deb Clifford


Scholastic Book Fair

Thank you for supporting our Scholastic Book Fair!

A big thank you to all the parents, students, and staff who supported our school library by purchasing items at our Scholastic Book Fair last week! We exceeded our goal with a grand total of $5745 in sales!

Some of the funds from from the Fair will be used to support our sister school at House of Hope in Indonesia.


Library Team

Competition Winner

Congratulations to Sophia C who recently entered the Lincraft National Sewing Month Competition and succeeded in becoming a top 10 finalist! Sophia won a $50 Lincraft gift voucher for the playsuit that she made for the competition. Although Sophia is only 10 and this is the first garment that she has made, she is quite an experienced sewer and has made lots of craft items.

Entertainment Books

Entertainment Book 2020.pdf

Open Entertainment Book 2020.pdf (238.14 KB)

Premier's Be Active Challenge

Emily DLucca M

Community News

Base Church

Sports News



Sport Team Opposition Coaches Pick Score
BasketballU10 BlazersKings WildcatsWebb, Tong8 . 9
U12 RaptorsHope Valley Heat Lawton, Sabo0 . 18
U12 LakersGGLPS Thunder Richardson, Webb49 . 12
U 8 Bright StarsBlazeBagnato, Dymmott


Each year Bethany holds a Jump Off Day to raise funds for the Heart Foundation which is a great cause. This program promotes participation and exercise which allows the students the opportunity to learn about skipping whilst keeping their hearts healthy.

This year’s Jump Off Day was held on Friday September 18. It was an awesome day where everyone had a great time. Throughout the day our students participated in lots of skipping and jumping activities using both short and long ropes. The students also had a fun time on an obstacle course, challenging their class mates to a skip off competition and cheering on those students who showed us some really amazing tricks with the skipping rope! Each year level also experienced a visit from Bethany’s very own superhero Nico who joined in on some of the fun and helped give out some prizes.

The Sports Department would like to acknowledge and thank the following people for their contribution to the success of this day:

Mr Alex Peterson for his full support and involvement in making the launch and Jump Off Day such a success.

The maintenance team, Mrs Cheryl Wyten and the students of 4W for help with the set up and/or pack down on the day – you guys were invaluable.

The teachers for their help leading up to and on the Jump Off Day itself – we really appreciated your support.

Every student for your participation, encouragement and awesome attitude on the day.

Parents, families and friends for your support through sponsoring the students and all your encouragement. We raised an incredible amount of money this year and it was the most we have ever raised for the Heart Foundation. Well done to everyone.


Tuyet M (RHW) $596.08


Kim-Ngoc P (RHW) $501.16


RHW   $1781.53

107 students contributed to our OVERALL FUNDRAISING TOTAL of



2020 SACSA Soccer Football CARNIVAL

On Monday 14th September our 3/4 Boys and Girls teams headed up to Kings Baptist to compete as one of 9 and 8 teams in their respective draws. Our 5/6 Boys and Girls teams headed to West Beach for their carnival on Tuesday 15th September to compete as one of 10 and 8 teams in their respective draws. Our teams tried hard all day and gave their best – well done to all our players.

Year 3/4 Boys - No Ladder Kept

Back Row [L to R]: Harveer B, Diego T, Joash S, Lucca M, Piol D, Jacob N

Front Row [L to R]: Vincent M, Orlando H, Lucas H, Brayden H, Orian P, Angelo H

Captain: Rotating Captains

 Coach: Mr Simon Traeger 

Manager: Mrs Cherie Boxall

Linesman: Nathan Horn

The boys put in a sensational effort right from the start. There were excellent displays of both teamwork and sportsmanship throughout the day, with the team remaining undefeated. All the boys in the team should be very proud of how they played, they all did such a great job.

 Mr Traeger

Year 3/4 Girls - No Ladder Kept

Back Row [L to R]: Micaela G, Jayelah A, Jayda M, Yar N, Ann Lena B

Front Row [L to R]: Helen O, Wynter D, Mohitha S L, Sienna M, Haylee L, Makenzie M, Maddison J-S

 Captain: Micaela G

Coach: Mr Aaron Mabikafola                          

Manager: Mrs Cherie Boxall

Linesman: Narelle Henderson

 With the majority of our players trying soccer out for the very first time there was a lot to learn in the weeks leading up to the carnival. The girls trained well and showed a willingness to learn. Our first game we conceded 2 goals and took the lessons learnt by tightening our defence and didn’t concede another goal for the rest of the day and netted 16 goals in our remaining games. In the end we had 5 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss. It was a privilege to work with this year’s team and I am proud of what the girls were able to achieve.

Mr Mabikafola

Year 5/6 Boys - 8th Place  

Back Row [L to R]: Lachlan S-C, Josiah H, William M, Ethan G, Mackenzie C-H, Ilyas D, Dikesh Y, Nicolas A

Front Row [L to R]: Liam C, Jethro C, Ruben G, Rick L, Aydn M-W, Ethan P, Marcus A

Captain: Rick L                                 

Vice-Captain: William M

Coach: Mr Aaron Mabikafola

Manager: Mrs Cherie Boxall

Linesman: Miss Kelsey Piltz

This year’s team consisted of players with varying degrees of soccer experience. Those players who had more experience proved themselves invaluable in our preparation for the carnival as they encouraged and helped teach the others. Our first game we lost by 1 goal and afterwards our captain and vice-captain provided feedback to help our team move forward. These boys provided the lift the team needed for the remainder of the day. At the end of the carnival we had 2 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses. It was a privilege to work with this year’s team and I’m proud of the way the boys represented our school.

Mr Mabikafola

Year 5/6 Girls - 7th Place

Back Row [L to R]: Ezaawa J, Amelia D, Bailee B, Mackenzie C, Charlee-Marie B

Front Row [L to R]: Alana T, Hayley G, Nareta S, Kaylee W, Sarah L, Annabel P, Holly S

Captain: Rotating Captains

Coach: Mrs Cheryl Wyten

Manager: Mrs Cherie Boxall

Linesman: Josiah Wyten

Thanks to the girls for the effort at both trainings and on the day. While we were not highly successful on the score board, they were able to put into practice some new skills. Good sportsmanship and encouragement, to both our team and the opposition, were great examples of the girls’ character.

Mrs Wyten

Weekly Information

Important Dates

Date Event
Monday 19th October to Friday 6th November ELC Inductions
Friday 30th October Financial Commitment Forms due
Friday 6th November Mini Olympics
Monday 9th November Online Tour for new families
Monday 9th November to Wednesday 11th November ELC Parent Conversations
Friday 13th November School fees due
Tuesday 17th November Reception 2021 Assessments
Wednesday 18th November SACSA Yr 3/4 Basketball
Thursday 19th November SACSA Yr 5/6 Basketball
Monday 23rd November ELC Inductions
Thursday 26th November Temple Transition
Tuesday 8th December Year 6 Graduation
Wednesday 9th December Last day of school (normal dismissal time)
2020 Term Dates
Term 4
Monday 12th October to Wednesday 9th December

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Newsletter published: Friday, October 30 2020

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