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Week 3Term 42019

Year 3 Sleepover

From the Principal

Welcome to our Week 3 Newsletter for Term 4. Next Tuesday, 5th November, we will hold our Mini Olympics for our Reception and Year 1 students. Our ELC students plan to visit for a short time to be a part of this fun day. We ask all visitors to sign in for this event as it occurs during the school day. There will be a coffee cart available for you to purchase a hot drink here at school. The program finishes at approximately 12:15pm. You can sign out your child at this time or they are able to stay at school for the normal school hours. 

Our choir will participate in the Music Australia, Count us in on Thursday 7th November. This is a National event encouraging students from around Australia to join together in a virtual experience of singing. There is something very enjoyable about joining together with others to share a music experience.

We hold our iPad information night on Tuesday 12th November at 6:30pm. This is a very important meeting for those families with children entering our Year 5/6 Bring your Own Device program. Staff will outline the policies and procedures regarding the safe use of iPads for these students. We really appreciate your attendance at this meeting to help us to remain united on our understanding and to support your child.

Our Student Representative Council have been working towards hosting a GLOW dance party for all students. It will be held on Friday 15th November. A notice went home this week with the details. We are very excited to support students as they have planned this event from the very beginning and have already learnt so many things about what is required to run this kind of event. There are two sessions, Junior Primary from 5-6pm and Primary students 6:30-8:30pm. All tickets need to be purchased through the front office in advance. Please refer to the details further in this newsletter for more information for your child. It will be a lot of fun. 

The Junior Primary concert, Faith Hope Love, tickets will be available in the coming weeks through our online platform. We will notify you when this comes available for booking. The Brilliance Exhibition is also progressing well and a parent note was sent home this week to keep you up to date with our progress. We will continue to keep you informed and are excited to see the progress students are already making. 

Our new building is making excellent progress and we are excited to hear that it may be completed ahead of schedule. This means that we will be able to use the building in our transition processes and our teachers are very excited about the possibility of moving and setting some things up before they go on holidays for Christmas. The building brief included height, light and exposed structures to help our students to see how a building is put together, so that as they continue to have design opportunities, that they understand more about the process. It is also a place where student products can be curated to encourage creativity and to value the time and effort put into these endeavours. We look forward to inviting you to see this amazing space.

I pray that you will enjoy a restful weekend.

God bless,

Wendy Matear

Memory Verse

So let's not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don't give up.

Galations 6:9

Brilliance Exhibition 2019

Deputy's Corner

Deputy's Corner

Anxiety, broadly speaking, is the worry of a potential situation which may seem threatening or scary. Some people then focus on the signs of potential threats which makes them become more anxious. Students who are very fearful of a test, for example, will focus so much on what might happen that anxiety takes over their entire headspace.

Avoiding the symptoms and situations which cause anxiety may seem like a great short term relief, but what results is a lowered ability to face future anxiety. This results in the anxious person becoming less confident to cope with the next stressful situation, and sometimes this can lead to long lasting effects. Beyond Blue (2019) reminds parents that the goal for most children is not to have anxiety completely eliminated, but about giving them the strategies to manage their anxiety so that it does not interfere with them being able to enjoy life.

By addressing situations of anxiety whether it is an upcoming camp, starting at a new school, changing classes, important tests, even perhaps swimming if a student feels less confident around water, is important as it can help a student to break the cycle of anxiety. By acknowledging the feelings of anxiety, the student can be supported to help them take gradual steps to safely and successfully overcome the feeling of fear. Encouraging the student to identify what is making them feel anxious and helping them to change negative thinking into positive thinking by being fully informed of what might be coming up, and ensuring that their experience will be a successful one will help them become much more confident. Seek support from your child’s teacher to help ensure that their experience will be safe and positive, challenging the negative thoughts with more balanced thoughts thus reducing the experience of anxiety.

Some tips from Beyond Blue (2019) are;

1. Start by slowing down: Encourage your child to take some slow, deep breaths to calm the physical effects of anxiety. Practice together by breathing in for three seconds, holding for three seconds, then out for three. Once they're feeling a bit calmer, you can talk through what's worrying them.
2. Make time to worry: Setting aside some designated time to deal with worries can stop anxious thoughts from taking over. Try creating a daily ritual called ‘worry time’, and encourage children to draw or write down whatever’s bothering them. You can make the activity a bit more fun by decorating a ‘worry box’ or building a ‘worry wall’ out of post-its. When the time is up – after 10 to 15 minutes – shut the worries up in the box or tear them off the wall and say goodbye to them for the day.
3. Climb that ladder: Instead of skirting the scary situation, you could try a technique called ‘laddering’ – breaking down worries into manageable chunks and gradually working towards a goal. Let’s say your child is afraid of water and swimming. Instead of avoiding the pool, create some mini-goals to build their confidence. Start out by just sitting and watching other kids swimming. As they feel more comfortable get them to try dangling their legs in the water, then standing in the shallow end, and so on.
4. Encourage positive thinking: Kids with anxiety often get stuck on the worst-case scenario or 'what ifs' in any situation. You can help them shift these thinking patterns by:
• reminding them of times they've dealt with similar issues in the past and how things worked out OK
• helping them to challenge the scary thought with facts and evidence. For example, we know that crocodiles can't survive under our bed
• make a plan for how they'll respond if things don't go as they'd like.
5. Have a go: Anxious kids often worry about making mistakes or not having things perfect. This can lead to them avoiding situations or activities – they’d rather sit out than get it wrong. Emphasise giving new things a try and having fun over whether something’s a success or failure.
6. Model helpful coping: Don’t just tell your child how to overcome emotions – show them. When you get anxious or stressed, verbalise how you’re coping with the situation: “This looks a bit scary, but I’ll give it a go.” And hey, you might even knock off one of your own fears.
7. Help your child take charge: Think about what you can do to make your child feel like they have some control over the scary situation. For example, if your child gets anxious about intruders, make shutting and locking their bedroom window part of their night-time responsibilities.
8. Be upfront about scary stuff: Lots of kids have worries about death, war, terrorism or things they see on the news. This is all really normal. Talk through their fears and answer any questions truthfully. Don’t sugar-coat the facts – try and explain what’s happening in a way that puts their fears in perspective.
9. Be BRAVE: Check out BRAVE – a free online program to help kids cope with worries and anxiety. There’s a tailored version for younger kids (8-12), one for teens (12-17) and an accompanying program for parents.
10. And finally, check your own behaviour: Kids pick up all sorts of signals from the adults in their lives, so have a think about the messages you’re sending. Over-protective family members can inadvertently reinforce children’s fears that the world is a dangerous place where everything can hurt you. Similarly, parents who ‘over-help’ are subconsciously telling their kids that they can’t do anything without adult support.

If you’re prone to ‘helicoptering’, try taking a step back and waiting next time before you jump in. It can be hard seeing your child distressed, but figuring things out for themselves is an important step in building resilience. (

If you are concerned that your child is struggling with anxiety, please make contact with their teacher or make an appointment to speak to our school counsellor, Mrs Leeony Pfeiffer who is at school from Monday – Thursday.

I wish you and your families a fabulous week.

God bless you,


Deb Clifford


SRC Glow Dance Party

Our SRC (Student Representative Council) have organised an event for Bethany students to be held on Friday 15th November. There will be two sessions, one for our Junior Primary students (Reception to Year 2) which will commence at 5pm and finish at 6pm and the second session for our older children (Year 3 to Year 6) will commence at 6.30 and finish at 8.30 pm. Parents are able to wait for their children in the waiting area where drinks will be available for purchase for the Junior Primary session only. Tickets are available by completing the ticket order form that went home this week and returning it by Wednesday 13th November. The ticket price includes a snack, a drink and a glow product. Parents are required to sign children in and out on the night. 

Junior Primary End of Year Concert

Please keep Wednesday 27th November free for the Junior Primary End of Year concert. This year the JP classes will explore the theme  Faith, Hope and Love. Tickets will be available online again this year. Information regarding the booking process will be sent home shortly.

Year 3 Sleepover


Last Thursday our Year 3 students participated in a sleepover at school. It was a hot night and they enjoyed a huge water fight. Afterwards there were lots of games and the night ended with pizza and a movie. 

Uniform Labels

If you missed out on the iron on label promotion that was run by the Uniform Shop last year please note that it is available again this term. Head into the Uniform Shop to pick up an order form if you haven't already received one. Fill it in as the special price is only $3 for 10 labels with an extra 5 included at no extra cost. This offer is only available until the end of this term!

Premier's Be Active Challenge

Congratulations to the following students who have completed the Premier's Be Active Challenge!

Emily D

Community News

Sports News

Weekly Sports Results


 Sport Team Opposition Coaches Pick Score
BasketballU8 BlazersTyndale ThunderLevi C Elijah W24 . 2
U10 BucksKings WildcatsLevi M Brayden H39 . 2
U10 RaptorsTyndale HawksSaurabh B Armstrong H23 . 13
U12 RocketsHeccies U12B YellowEthan G Rodante P38 . 16
Netball7 & U Bright StarsSFX LegendsMillie R Lana TNot Scored
11 & U Shining StarsKings SapphiresElla S Hayley G19 . 1


 Sport Team Opposition Coaches Pick Score
BasketballU8 BlazersSt AggiesKhonreich C Dylan K20 . 10
U10 BucksAFCBC HawksElijah R Lucas H22 . 6
U10 RaptorsAFCBC DynamiteElijah Y Steven L5 . 10
U12 RocketsTyndale HurricanesNicolas A Austyn M27 . 24
Netball7 & U Bright StarsGS StarsIsabella B Amali TNot Scored
11 & U Shining StarsLutheran LightningsAlyssa B Dekodah B14 . 1

SA BMX State Titles

The BMX State Titles were held last weekend at the Cross Keys BMX Club. Hayley G competed with the 11 year old girls and she made it into to the final where she defended her 4SA plate from last year.

David G competed in 3 classes and made it into the semi finals for one of them. He won the 5SA in the Junior Retro competition.

Matthew G competed in 7 sprockets on Saturday and he raced well too.  No plates for his class but he was awarded a participation trophy.

Well done to everyone!

Gill, David.jpg
Gill, Matthew.jpg
Gill, Hayley.jpg

Weekly Information

Important Dates

Date Event
Friday 1st November SACSA Netball Yr 4/5, 6/7
Friday 1st November ELC 2020 Inductions
Monday 4th November ELC 2020 Inductions
Tuesday 5th November Mini Olympics
Tuesday 5th November ELC Parent Teacher Interviews
Wednesday 6th November ELC Parent Teacher Interviews
Thursday 7th November Music Australia - Count Us In
Friday 8th November ELC Parent Teacher Interviews
Friday 8th November Year 6 Excursion
Monday 11th November School Tour
Tuesday 12th November iPad Information Night
Wednesday 13th November SACSA Basketball Year 4/5
Thursday 14th November SACSA Basketball Year 6/7 Girls
Friday 15th November SACSA Basketball Year 6/7 Boys
Friday 15th November SRC Disco
  2019 Term Dates
Term 1 Mon 4th February - Fri 12th April
Term 2 Mon 29th April - Fri 5th July
Term 3 Wed 24th July - Fri 27th September
Term 4 Mon 14th October - Wed 11th December

Monday Morning Praise

Whole School Worship
10 - 10.30am Mondays


Primary Chapel (Years 3 - 6)
10.50 - 11.30am Wednesdays

Junior Primary Chapel (Reception - Year 2)
12.10 - 12.50pm Wednesdays

Uniform Shop Times

The opening times for the Uniform Shop are: 

Monday 8.15 - 10.30 am
Tuesday 8.15 - 10.30 am
Thursday 2.00 - 4.00 pm
Friday 8.15 - 10.30 am

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Newsletter published: Friday, November 1 2019

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