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Week 3Term 32021

Our ELC Brilliance Exhibition

From the Principal

Welcome to our Week 3 Newsletter for Term 3. It seems that we have just returned and we are already nearly 3 weeks into the term. I have really appreciated the calm way our whole community has managed the surprising start with a lockdown and online learning and the return to school. Thank you for your help to make this work so smoothly. We have an amazing staff who have worked hard to keep things going and to provide a safe place for children of our essential workers. We have also appreciated the way you have kept up to date and followed recommendations. We are grateful for the reducing of restrictions and the way that our community has remained safe.

As I mentioned last week, we will resume our after school activities on Wednesday with sports training and also choir on Thursday. The Sports Department will keep parents up to date with future events and how these are to be managed. The new levels of restriction will allow us to return to our weekly Chapel and Monday Morning Praise gatherings next week. For parents, there is little change and we really appreciate the responsible way you have engaged with us through this time.

Our ELC students held a Brilliance Exhibition at the end of Term 2 with amazing products. We have enjoyed seeing the incredible creativity of students as they shared their Brilliance work with us. I was also really encouraged to see the innovation and creativity that your children have explored while they were learning at home. This work is one way we can continue to help children build skills and capabilities that they will find very useful for life. The ability to solve problems, overcome difficulties and work with others will be key to a successful future for all of us. Learning through experiences is a valuable way for our children to discover more about themselves in the context of community. I look forward to hearing more of our students’ reflections as they think about what is emerging through these Brilliance experiences.

On Friday 10th September we will have a Show Day and we would encourage you to use this day if you are planning on booking tickets during a week day to attend the Royal Adelaide Show this year. This will be a pupil free day and OSHC will be open.

I have asked our school counsellor, Leeony Pfeiffer to share some tips about wellbeing as I am very aware that times of uncertainty can be challenging for many of us and I want to encourage you to consider how you can look after yourself, your relationships and your children. Once again, I say thank you for doing your best and remaining adaptable in these changing times.

God bless,

Wendy Matear


Memory Verse

Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right.

Ephesians 6:1

Deputy's Corner

Welcome back to Term 3 … part #2! It has been one of the most unique starts to a Term 3 in my teaching career. That being said, however, the students ought to be commended by their ability to adapt to the challenges of a state-wide lockdown and a return to online learning. They returned on Wednesday of Week 2 full of confidence and smiles. No one would have known there had been a disruption to the school term by their calm, happy disposition.

We were also thrilled at the excitement and joy that accompanied the many various projects brought into school as part of their participation of the Brilliance work. The sheer variety was a wonder, and what struck me as particularly noteworthy was the passion and excitement each student demonstrated when discussing what they had done during lockdown.

Creativity is such a powerful and healing behaviour. By, “exploring and listening to our thoughts, feelings, and desires” (Tartakovsky, 2020), we reconnect with ourselves and discover stress-relieving benefits, such as peacefulness and calmer thinking. In the theory of cognition, it is believed that creativity is the basis for human life as it improves brain function, mental and physical health (Stahl, 2018). So, our Brilliance work is not just some curriculum topic to be ticked off a compliance list, but is something which allows our students to explore themselves and to build valuable life-long skills. What better time to build stress-relieving, lateral thinking, mind-growing skills than during a pandemic?

I wish you and your families a safe, warm and healthy week ahead.

God bless you,

Deb Clifford

Stahl, A. (2018, June 25). Here's how creativity actually improves your health. Retrieved from Forbes:
Tartakovsky, M. (2020, June 24). the power of creativity in stressful times and how to cultivate it. Retrieved from PsychCentral:



Health Care

Welcome to Week 3! As we are returning to normal activities slowly with restrictions such as wearing a mask, maintaining social distancing etc, I would like to encourage everyone to keep up with hand hygiene as well. Hand hygiene is one of the most effective ways of stopping the spread of infection. Hand hygiene refers to any method which effectively removes harmful microorganisms (germs). These include washing with soap and water or using an alcohol-based hand sanitiser. Let’s encourage our children to practice a 20 second hand washing technique. Also, as you touch your face to adjust your mask or to remove and reapply the mask, remember to clean your hands.

We are entering in to a season of headlice. So, I would like to encourage you to do a regular headlice check on a weekly basis. This will help with early identification and effective treatment. If you identify headlice please let the school know, so we can send a memo out to the parents to do a check of headlice to prevent further spread.

Bethany Christian School is registered as a Sun Smart School. Sun Smart and Cancer Council SA recommend the following which is also incorporated in our policies.

We know that skin damage which can lead to the development of skin cancer, can occur when the ultraviolet (UV) Index is 3 and above. The UV Index averages at 3 and above from 1 August to 31 April. This means that Term 3 is the time to slap on a hat and start prioritising SunSmart behaviours. Therefore, encourage your children to pack and wear their hat every day.

God Bless You,

Priya Wilson
School Nurse
Bethany Christian School

Pick Up

A friendly reminder to prearrange your collection for after school with your child. While we understand that sometimes it is unavoidable and things can change last minute, where possible, please arrange pick ups with students before school.

Many thanks,

Bethany Christian School Front Office

Self Care

To our wonderful Bethany parents

How are you going anyway?

It has been a very topsy turvy launch to the term with stops and starts, and the uncertainty of what is going on in our world can begin to build and increase our stress levels.

Even when we think we are going fine and have got it all under control, what is playing in the background can begin to wind us up.

Your self-care is important in this season. By ‘self-care’ we mean looking after your needs. This may seem to have selfish connotations, but as parents we give out to others constantly.

Looking after your self-care doesn’t mean you don’t look after others. It means there is a balance.

Like a car that needs petrol and constant maintenance, we too need to be filled up and may need some attention from time to time. It’s hard to care for others if we are running on empty or the battery is flat.

If you feel you are winding up, perhaps consider turning off the news and social media and do just one daily media catch up.

Snatch some time when the weather is good and go for a walk. To quote my friend when we got caught in the rain on the weekend, “It’s only water!”

Make some time for those activities that you enjoy that lift your mood and bring you peace.

Doing those odd jobs (those ugly 10-minute ones that we put off) may bring you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

If you feel this season is getting on top of you, please consider reaching out and getting some support. Don’t overthink it. Just do it. For you and your family.


Many blessings,


Leeony Pfeiffer

School Counsellor

Book Week this year will be held in Week 6, August 21 to 27th with a Book Fair to be held from Tuesday 24th August. 

The theme this year is Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds.

More information will be sent home shortly. 

Premier's Reading Challenge

Congratulations to the following students who have completed the Premier's Reading Challenge.

Lincoln BAleesha B
Ethan PLevi C
Diego CNate N
Evie CAmira S
Sabastian CMason L
Daniel DTobiasz T
Micah-Malachi F
Abraham G4G
Gemma KDemi M
William K
Thien L5K
Benjamin LSteven L
Giada MSon D
Charlie MDavid G
Sienna M
Ruth N
Deng N
Oliver P
Aria P
Hannah P
Michael S
Shrine S
Bronte S
Jessica T
Sullivan V
Grace W

Sports News

Weekly Fitness Club

We would like to congratulation to Cameron H who competed in the recent 2021 SA State Championships at Marion during the school holidays and won for the 11 year old boys:

  • 1 gold medal in the 200m free
  • 3 silver medals in the 100m fly, 50m freestyle, 100m freestyle
  • 3 bronze medals in the 100m backstroke, 50m fly, 100m individual medley

To qualify for the finals he had to be in the top 10 qualifiers and he made it into every final.

Cameron achieved his personal best in all the events and also bettered his times in the finals. He also broke the Playford Aquatic Club record for 11 year boys in the 100m fly and 200m freestyle that had been standing since 1999.

Weekly Basketball

Calling all students interested in playing Weekly Basketball for Bethany!

We are looking for a few players to participate in the weekly program played on Saturday Mornings.

The current age brackets are U8 Mixed, U10 Mixed, U12 Separated.

We currently have a few on the waiting list, and would love to create new teams!

We would also love to have some volunteer helpers as coaches for our weekly teams!

If you are available to help please email 

If your child is interested in playing please nominate them on the following link:

Basketball Nomination Form

Weekly Netball

Calling all students interested in playing Weekly Netball for Bethany!

We are looking for a few players to participate in the weekly program played on Saturday Mornings at Parafield Gardens Recreation Centre.

The current age brackets are U8 Mixed, U10 Mixed, U12 mixed.

We currently have a few on the waiting list, and would love to create new teams!

We would also love to have some volunteer helpers as coaches for our weekly teams!

If you are available to help please email

If your child is interested in playing please nominate them on the following link:

Netball Nomination Form

Weekly Information

Important Dates

Date Event
Wednesday 11th August SACSA Basketball Carnival Yr 3/4
Thursday 12th August SACSA Basketball Carnival Yr 5/6 Girls
Friday 13th August SACSA Basketball Carnival Yr 5/6 Boys
Monday 16th August Online School Tour
Thursday 19th August Mixed Touch Footbal Yr 6/7
Friday 20th August SAPSASA Athletics
Monday 23rd to Friday 27th August Swimming Lessons for Year 5/6
Monday 23rd to Friday August Book Week
Friday 10th September Pupil Free Day - Show Day
2021 Term Dates  
Term 3 Tuesday 20th July to Friday 24th September
Term 4 Monday 11th October to Wednesday 8th December

PE Timetable

ELCMonday to Friday
RDMonday and Thursday
RKMonday and Thursday
RHWMonday and Wednesday
1CMonday and Thursday
1DTuesday and Thursday
1PMonday and Thursday
2HSTuesday and Friday
2RWednesday and Friday
2ZTuesday and Friday
3LTuesday and Friday
3HRTuesday and Friday
3TWednesday and Friday
4GMonday and Friday
4PMonday and Wednesday
4WMonday and Friday
5KWednesday and Friday
5RTuesday and Friday
5TTuesday and Friday
6STuesday and Wednesday
6TMonday and Wednesday
6WTuesday and Wednesday

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Newsletter published: Wednesday, August 4 2021

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