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Week 3Term 22021

Mother's Day Stall

From the Principal

Welcome to our newsletter for Week 3. Our Year 6 students have returned safely from camp, our Year 3 and Year 5 students have finished NAPLAN and our Junior Primary students are participating in some maths assessments to track their progress. It has certainly been a busy and productive week. We have also enjoyed a Jump Rope for Heart session as we prepare for a jump off day later this term.

Temple Christian College, Paralowie Campus are performing the musical Annie in Week 6 of this term. Many of our old scholars are involved in the show and I look forward to seeing them perform. Our students will attend a matinee session on Friday 4th June. We will be making some adjustments to the use of our Performing Arts Centre in Week 6 to accommodate the musical.

Throughout the year, there are a number of extra-curricular activities that many of our students choose to participate in including sporting teams, lunch time groups and choir. These are wonderful ways that children can develop skills, grow in relationships and build confidence. It was lovely to see that our students came first in the SAPSASA cross country event last Friday and I was really impressed with the way our students represented our school. Later this term our choir will perform for parents and share what they have been learning. Our weekly sports teams also continue to represent us in the broader community and I want to thank you as parents for your commitment to supporting your children in these varied experiences.

Our school photograph day is approaching and so if you need to purchase a uniform item, please remember that you are able to order online or drop in to the shop on Wednesday or Friday mornings.
As the weather gets colder and we have more rain, please remember that the way you enter and exit the carpark really helps to keep all of our children safe. It is also very important to keep up early bedtimes and healthy meals. I do want to encourage you as a parent, that the small things that you do every day to keep your household healthy and running are appreciated. I know that parents can feel underappreciated but we do thank you for keeping up routines, following through, and providing a safe home for your child.

I pray that you will find some time to rest this weekend.

God bless,

Wendy Matear


Memory Verse

Therefore, since we have been made right in God's sight by faith, we have peace with God because of what Jesus Christ our Lord has done for us.

Romans 5:1

Deputy's Corner

Our Year 6s returned from their camp at Wirraway safely with many good memories created. It was so wonderful to see our students excited about the adventures that they had. The horse riding seemed to be the clear favourite activity. Next week on Thursday 20th May, our Year 3s will be having a sleep over at school as their first ever school camp experience. I look forward to hearing what new experience was their favourite!

School Photo day is coming up quickly. The date for the school photos is Thursday 27th of May. I have noticed many students not wearing the correct winter uniform. Please check that your child has the full winter uniform before their school photos. You still have time to order new items from the School Locker in preparation for the photo day. Boys are required to have the long grey pants and long-sleeved blue shirt. If you are unsure about the uniform requirements, check out pages 13-15 in your child’s school diary. The weather is coming in cooler, so the warmer clothing will be more suitable for your child.

We have been very fortunate to secure a concert with Peter Coombe on Tuesday 8th June (week 7). He will be performing to our whole school, ELC – Year 6. He will be making CDs and DVDs available to purchase on the day. More information on how families might be able to buy either a CD or DVD will be made available in the coming weeks.

Week 7 this term appears to be a very busy week. The SRC are currently planning to have a PJ/Casual day on Thursday 10th of June. It will be once again a gold coin donation to come to school wearing your PJs, or your casual clothing if you’re not adventurous enough to come to school in your PJs! All proceeds will be going towards buying equipment for the new nature play near the oval. Advertising for the PJ/Casual day will be coming shortly.

Finally, in week 7 we are having a Pupil Free Day on Friday 11th of June. Don’t forget to add it to your calendar!

I wish you and your families a safe and warm week.

God bless you,

Deb Clifford


Health Care

Welcome to Week 3 of Term 2.

I would like to remind you of the following:

Year 3 Sleepover and Excursion - medication requirements

The Year 3’s will be having their sleepover at school in week 4 on 20/05/2021 and Excursion on Friday 21/05/2021.

The school will pack the medication that has already been provided to the school for the Year 3 sleepover.

However, if your child is on any regular medication that needs to be administered during the night or day time, please provide the new medication along with a Doctor’s note by Tuesday prior to the event (18/05/2021).

*All medications needing to be administered during this time, including over the counter and herbal medication, must have a Doctor’s note.

Health Topic of the week

Head Lice (Referred from SA health Website)

Head lice are small parasitic insects that live close to the human scalp. Head lice are pests but rarely pose a threat to health. Outbreaks can be minimised if parents and guardians regularly check children for head lice and follow the recommended treatment methods if active lice are found.

Some of the steps to prevent headlice:

  • check for head lice weekly – daily during head lice outbreaks
  • treat head lice as soon as they are detected
  • avoid direct head-to-head contact
  • keep long hair firmly platted or braided and slick down stray hairs with hairspray or gel
  • avoid sharing brushes, combs, hats and helmets

Notify the school if you notice headlice on your child. For further detailed information please visit the school website following this link -


God bless you,

Priya Wilson
School Nurse

Australian Early Development Census

Playing our part to build a national picture of child health

Our school, along with thousands of others across the country will begin preparations for the fifth Australian Early Development Census (AEDC).

The AEDC gives us a national picture of the development, health and wellbeing of children in their first year of full-time school. Since 2009, the census results have helped communities, schools and governments plan services and develop better policies to target support for children and families.

Children don’t miss any class time, and parents/carers don’t need to supply schools with any new information for the census. The AEDC gives us data at a school and community level - it isn’t an assessment of individual children.

Some teachers have also noticed that completing the assessments made them more aware of the needs of individual children and the class as a whole and that the census results are useful in planning for transitions to Year 1 and developing class programs.

Participation in the AEDC is voluntary. Parents/carers don’t need to take any action unless they choose not to include their children in the census.

To find out more about the census and how communities are using the data to help children and families visit the AEDC website:

If you have any questions, you can contact Karen Julius on 8283 0000.

Uniform Exchange

We would like to remind parents of a website that we recommended last year for the sale and purchasing of second hand uniforms. As our Uniform Shop does not handle second hand uniforms we ask that you use this site to sell any items you might want to pass on.

Things we liked about the Uniform Exchange:
• All posts are free and there are no costs associated with the Uniform Exchange second hand online store.
• All transactions are organised between the buyer and seller and money does not go through the website.
• All Items that are put up for sale are approved by a moderator to make sure that the site is used appropriately. (Approval is done on weekdays pending moderator availability)
• It is a safe and creditable site that does not contain offensive content, unhelpful comments and targeted advertising.

Click the button below to visit the Uniform Exchange Website.

We hope the Uniform Exchange website can help you move on your old uniforms to a new home and save families some money and get a good deal.

Uniform Exchange Site

School Photos

Our school photo day is Thursday 27th May. Please take time to read the relevant information on the MSP payment envelope and remember these helpful points:

  • Don't seal envelopes inside each other - you can pay for all your children in one envelope however each child needs to have their own envelope on photo day.
  • Use the Shootkey on your envelope to order online.
  • Family envelopes are available at the school office upon request.
  • Please enclose correct money as no change is given - cash, cheques and money orders only. Credit card payments can only be made online.

For any enquiries please contact MSP Photography on 8132 1148 or 



Community News

Temple Christian College Musical

Sports News

Jump Rope for Heart kicks off this term!

Jump Rope for Heart is a fantastic physical activity and fundraising program that has been run by the Heart Foundation for over 36 years. It’s a great way for your child to keep fit and learn new skills, but it also helps raise funds for vital heart research and education programs.

Since Jump Rope for Heart started in 1983, schools like ours have raised more than $104 million for the Heart Foundation’s lifesaving work.

It’s important you register your child online, so they can receive the full benefits of the program and participate in online fundraising, simply follow the link below to get started.

Students will be skipping during class fitness, PE lessons and recess and lunch times, during this time you can share their online fundraising page with family and friends to help raise money for this great cause.
We will hold our school Jump Off Day on Friday 18th June, this will mark the end of the program and is a chance for everyone to come together to skip and show off their newly learned skills.

Thank you for supporting the Jump Rope for Heart program!

Weekly Basketball

Calling all students interested in playing Weekly Basketball for Bethany, we are looking for a few extra U8 & U10 Basketball players to fill a team for our upcoming winter basketball season starting in term 2.

If your child is interested in playing please nominate them on the following link:

Basketball Nomination Form

SACSA Basketball Tryouts

SACSA Year 3|4 Carnival
Wednesday 11th August | Wk 4 | T3

SACSA Year 5|6 Girls Carnival
Thursday 12th August | Wk 4 | T3

SACSA Year 5|6 Boys Carnival
Friday 13th August | Wk 4 | T3

To participate in tryouts ask Mum or Dad to sign you up using the QR code or go online. This carnival will go ahead dependant on COVID-19 restrictions.

Year 3|4 Tryouts:
Wednesday 2nd and 9th June, Weeks 6 & 7 | T2
1.00 - 1.30pm | Lunchtimes | Meet on the BCS School Courts

Year 5|6 Tryouts:
Thursday 3rd & 10th June, Weeks 6 & 7 | T2
1.00 - 1.30pm | Lunchtimes | Meet on the BCS School Courts

Click the button below to register:

SACSA Basketball Registration

2021 SACSA Athletics Championships

Team List:

Adesola A, Alyssa A, Amelia L, Angelo H, Aria-Elena M, Aydn M, Casey H, Cohen M, Elias N, Elijah Y, Ethan L, Harrison M, Harveer B, Helen O, Isaleli T, Isla F, Jacob K, Jacob N, Jayda M, Jemima M, Jessica S, Jethro C, Kaylee W, Kuot A, Liam H, Liliah M, Lily I, Lucca M, Magot M, Makenzie M, Marcus A, Mitchell M, Mungkaun L, Myka H, Neveah W, Nhial M, Orian P, Piol D, Rick L, Sarah L, Sophie S, Sovathia T, Vivia P, Wynter D

Captains: Aydn M & Kaylee W

Staff: Mrs C Wyten, Mr N Grieger, Mr S Taylor, Mrs R Curtis, Mr B Hannaford & Mrs C Clifford

On Friday 30th April, Bethany Christian School attended the SA Athletics Stadium at Mile End to compete against the other Christian schools in the state.

Overall, we had a great day. The students represented themselves and our school well. Great sportsmanship was shown all day!

SACSA Primary Athletics is broken up into three divisions. Bethany competed in Division Two which was made up of seven schools, we finished in third place. It was a great effort by the whole team with a few students moved up in age group to help fill some last-minute withdrawals. Thank you to those who helped us out in this way.

We would like to congratulate the following athletes for finishing in first place in their event:


Isla F8 Year Old Girls70 metres
Isla F8 Year Old Girls200 metres
Isla F8 Year Old GirlsLong Jump
Magot M10 Year Old BoysHigh Jump
Amelia L11 Year Old Girls100 metres
Amelia L11 Year Old Girls200 metres
Cohen M12 Year Old BoysShot Put
Kaylee W12 Year Old Girls100 metres

We had three of Bethany’s own school records broken on the day. Congratulations to the following students on their achievements.


Isla F8 Year Old Girls200 metres38.35 sec
Isla F8 Year Old GirlsLong Jump2.93 metres
Kaylee W12 Year Old GirlsLong Jump3.77 metres

Weekly Sports Results

Matches Week Ending: 01/05/21

 Sport Team Opposition Coaches Pick Score
BasketballU8 BoomersBYE
U10 Blazers76ers Rockets Khonreich C Dylan K22 . 25
U12 RaptorsWynn Vale WildcatsJoash S Steven L28 . 16
U12 LakersHeccies 2Rossi C Lucas H25 . 38
NetballU 8 Bright StarsRenegade Cubs Emily P Annabel J

Matches Week Ending: 07/05/21

Sport Team Opposition Coaches Pick Score
BasketballU8 Boomers Modbury BullsAdam J Isaac D
U10 BlazersHope Valley Heat B Dylan K Khonreich C16 . 32
U12 RaptorsSFX SlammersCasey H Joash S26 . 3
U12 LakersWings Bandits Jacob W Elijah Y25 . 4
NetballU 8 Bright StarsTiny Tigers Alma B Ira P

Weekly Information

Important Dates

Date Event
Thursday 20th May Year 3 Excursion and Sleepover
Monday 24th May School and ELC Tour 
Monday 24th May SACSA Yr 3/4 Soccer carnival
Tuesday 25th May SACSA Yr 5/6 Soccer carnival
Thursday 27th May School Photos
Monday 31st May to Friday 4th June Swimming Lessons for Receptions
Tuesday 8th June Peter Coombe Concert
Thursday 10th June PJ Day
Friday 11th June Pupil Free Day
Monday 14th June Queen's Birthday Public Holiday
Friday 18th June Jump Rope for Heart
2021 Term Dates  
Term 2 Wednesday 28th April to Friday 2nd July
Term 3 Tuesday 20th July to Friday 24th September
Term 4 Monday 11th October to Wednesday 8th December

Bethany Christian School

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Newsletter published: Friday, May 14 2021

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