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Week 3Term 22019

Photos from our SAPSASA Athletics Day

From the Principal

Welcome to our Week 3 Newsletter for Term 2.  You may notice that our newsletter has been updated to a web based version to improve the reading experience regardless of the device you use.

The weather last week was a good reminder that we are heading in to the winter season and need to take care of our health through regular sleep patterns.  If you are unsure of how to implement a regular bedtime, please feel free to talk to your class teacher or the wellbeing team, led by Suzi Pedler, who will be happy to help.  Parenting classes are another option and are being held on Tuesday mornings, for more information, contact Elise Ottens via email or the front office.

This Saturday is our federal election and Bethany Christian School is a polling station.  We encourage you to find out what different parties are supporting and promoting to make your own judgements as to who are the best candidates to vote for.  We have included a brochure for your interest to inform you of some of the impacts that different parties will have on Christian schools.  This is to give you information that may not have been reported in the media or maybe of particular interest to you as a parent in a Christian school.  It is good to be informed and to make decisions based on a wide range of information.  This helps a democracy to have healthy conversations and enables us to act responsibly and in line with our values. 

This term, a group of students have travelled to some of the other schools who were involved in the Rudolph project to make films of the work.  It has been wonderful to see how capable our students are to film, record and interview others about their work.  Aaron Mabikafola continues to encourage and support these students to help make an excellent product.  These films will be shown as a part of a conference in Adelaide later this year, that showcases the schools that have worked with Dr Yong Zhao in developing entrepreneurship.

Our Year 6 students returned from camp on Wednesday and our Year 4 students return this Friday.  I would like to thank our dedicated staff who make sure that students are able to have these different learning experiences. We do have a wonderful team of dedicated teachers and support staff who care about your children and want to help them to discover their identity and purpose in the world.

Our school photo day is on Thursday 30th May.  Please send your child in their formal winter uniform for this day.  If you are unsure, the uniform policy is in the school diary on pages 13 and 14.

We also have a pupil free day on Friday 7th June.  Remember to book your child in to OSHC with Camp Australia through our website if your child needs care on this day. 

You would see that our development at the front of the Performing Arts Centre is taking shape and we look forward to using this new outdoor learning space.  The building at the rear is also taking shape with the first story concrete flooring poured this week.  We are so excited to think about how this new building will enable us to provide flexible spaces that will inspire creativity and encourage collaboration.

It is a wonderful time to be involved in schooling and to be a part of bringing about change and improvement together.  I look forward to sharing with you the important learning that is happening for all of us as we explore, think and create together.

God bless,

Wendy Matear

Therefore, since we have been made right in God's sight by faith, we have peace with God because of what Jesus Christ our Lord has done for us.

Romans 5:1

Deputy's Corner

It has been such a busy week with all the Year 6 students going to Wirraway for their camp, and the Year 4 students going to Aldinga for their camp, all of the Year 3 and Year 5 students sitting the NAPLAN tests and all the Junior Primary students completing their MAI (Mathematics Assessment Interview). What a week! However, even though it has been an exceptionally busy week, I have been so proud of our students in how they have been so cool and calm, even when they might have been feeling a little bit nervous. It has been such a privilege to watch our young people grow in themselves as they bravely went on camp or sat for the NAPLAN test and were able to come out of that experience successfully.

Talking to our children is one of the best ways to help them to overcome their fears. We all have times when we feel anxious and this can present in all different ways. You may be interested in the information below.   

Anxiety in Children

There are times throughout the year that a child might become anxious. Sometimes a child might tend to be naturally a more anxious person. 

Anxious children or teenagers can present any number of the following symptoms;

  • Crying, clinging and/or tantrums when leaving parent or caregiver
  • Excessive shyness, tends to avoid social situations
  • Worrying constantly
  • Avoiding situations or places due to fear
  • Complaining about frequent stomach aches or headaches
  • Experiencing sudden or frequent panic attacks

(adapted from, 8/8/17)

Parents can help their children overcome their anxiety by taking the time to listen and talk to their child about what they are feeling. It’s important for parents to reassure their child that anxiety is very normal, and in some cases a good thing. Anxiety can help motivate us to work hard to achieve a personal goal, such as studying to pass a test. It can also keep us alert to any dangers we might be facing, such as needing to watch carefully when crossing a busy road.

While sometimes anxiety can feel frightening, anxiety is not dangerous. It can trigger our ‘fight-flight-freeze’ responses which can be really important for us to have when we might actually be in danger. The adrenaline rush we feel just before a big sporting event actually helps us to perform and that same feeling can propel us to practice harder to prepare for a big game, test or performance.

Anxiety is impossible to eliminate from our lives, but there are skills to help us manage it. A wonderful website for parents of children and teenagers is Anxiety BC (please see the link to ). Anxiety only becomes a problem when it becomes excessive and it prevents a young person from joining in on fun activities (such as camps, social functions etc) and they start wanting to avoid things such as school. Very often, the best thing we can do for a child experiencing anxiety is to stay calm ourselves and simply listen to their fears, supporting them in overcoming fear by teaching them about what they are feeling and what they can do to make positive choices. If you feel you need further support, you can speak to your child’s teacher or even make an appointment to speak to our School Counsellor by ringing the Front Office.

I do wish you a fabulous week with your families! 

God bless you,

Deb Clifford
Deputy Principal

Toolbox Parenting Group

On Tuesdays between 9am – 11am starting on May 14th, Elise Ottens of our Diverse Learning and Wellbeing team, is hosting a 6-week course which aims to provide practical parenting strategies, inspiration and encouragement. If you have children aged between 5 – 9 years of age, this could be a terrific opportunity to meet other parents and inspire each other. For all information you can contact Elise Ottens by email or call the school on 8283 0000.

Premier's Be Active Challenge

The following students have completed the Premier’s Be Active Challenge for this year. Well done!


Samantha C

Beau D

3L 1D

Angelo H

Madison D

 3N 2P
 Rozanah T Elijah Y
 Aiden B Ella C
  Lucca M


Premier's Reading Challenge

Well done to the following students who have completed the Premier's Reading Challenge:

RD Hannah H Emily S Noah J
Ashiwei A Grace M Leslie S Ethan L
Alma B  Lilah M  Liam A Charlie M
Lilly C Esther N Markus B David O
Amelia F Sofia-Lee N Elijah C Zakir S
Thian H Mariah N  Adam J Theodore T
Henley H Emily P

 Rory H

Noah W
1D Matthew A Yash P Annalise N
Mille R Mackenzie W Lauren C Armstrong H
3L 3N 3T 4G
Micaela G Charlie W


Charli W
Alessia R Steven L

Annlena B

 Dikesh Y
Tyson P Rozannah T

Rossi C

Jack O Munyk O

Makenzie M


Mothers Day Stall

The Bethany Parents and Friends would like to take this opportunity to thank all the students, teachers and volunteers of our beautiful school community for participating in the Mother's Day Stall.

It was a successful event with $2,983.35 raised, to go towards Hope Village and school based projects. What a great opportunity for the students to bless the Mothers, Aunties and Grandmothers in their lives.

Here are some responses from our parent community:

My gifts were given to me with so much excitement! Beautiful hearts allowed this to happen for the children............Thank you!

The Mother's Day stall is such a blessing. Such an excellent opportunity for the kids to use their thoughtfulness and also so helpful for the mums/dads that didn't have a chance to take the kids shopping.

It was beautiful to see how well thought out my child's choice was......such a heartfelt thing!

I love the Mother's Day Stall – the kids are so excited about the gifts they bought without me – they are so proud of themselves!

We love hearing comments about how this event connected families together. Praying you had a wonderful day celebrating with your children and families!


Bronnie Lyrtzis
Parents and Friends

Woolworths Earn and Learn

Thank you to all our families who have been collecting the Earn and Learn stickers for our school. So many stickers have been collected already. Please continue to support our school by collecting stickers and depositing them in the collection boxes at school and also at the Woolworths at Paralowie.

We ask that you encourage other family members to collect stickers to help us gain more educational equipment for our school.

Sticker sheets are available from the front office.

P & F Fundraising

Entertainment books are still available for purchase. Remember that by purchasing a new Entertainment book membership you will supporting fundraising at Bethany Christian School. Please click on the link to purchase a membership for only $70!

Click here to support us

Community News

Net Attack

Sports News

Weekly Sports Results

 Sport Team Opposition Coaches Pick Score
BasketballU8 LakersShooting Stars U8BLilly C  Brodie B0 . 22
U8 BlazersCedar College 8Dylan K  Samuel M8 . 6
U10 RaptorsKings HotshotsElijah Y  Brayden H16 . 11
U12 BobcatsNWDC Wildcats StormCameron N  Max Z22 . 20
U12 RocketsShooting Stars U12B3Rodante P  Nicolas A38 . 10
U12 ThunderSFX All StarsSaurabh B  Lachlan C8 . 44
 Netball11 & U Shining StarsTyndale TigersMadeline P  Eden L6 . 11

 Sport Team Opposition Coaches Pick Score
BasketballU8 Lakers GGLPS GiantsScarlett G  Oscar E3 . 16
U8 Blazers Bye 
U10 RaptorsWynn Vale WarriorsJacob W  Elijah R17 . 30
U12 Bobcats AFCBC FalconsEthan G  Liam C 16 . 9
U12 Rockets Dunkin DonutsEthan G  Rodante P 23 . 30
U12 Thunder Tyndale TornadoesJeremy S  Nathaniel C 12 .18
Netball11 & U Shining StarsOLOH MagicJack H  Hayley G12 . 7


Team List: Awek A, Bailee B, Bobbi H, Caitlyn S, Chanelle C, Clair H, Emily C, Faith K, Hailey H, Holly S, Imogen P, Jessica A, Kaylee W, Krystal G, Mackenzie B, Nareta S, Pollina P, Sarah L, Tam L, Taylor N, Trinity M, Yeukaishe M, Adyn M, Bill S, Eden D, Ezeikeil T, Hudson S, Ilyas D, Jack H, Jadon W, Jensen P, Jethro C, Jimmy K, Matthew N, Moses N, Rainn S, Riley C, Robinson S, Theim N, Thomas B, Tyson B & William M.

Staff: Mrs C Wyten, Mr N Grieger, Mr A Mabikafola, Mr S Traeger & Mrs R Curtis.

The SAPSASA Athletics carnival took place on Friday 5th of April, at Enfield Athletics Club, Clearview. The carnival was broken into a large schools competition and a small schools competition. Bethany competed in the large schools with five other schools. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Raine Williams, Shelley Howard and Stephanie Suckley for their help at the finish line.
Throughout the day Bethany students won 18 events, came 2nd in 18 and 3rd in 10. The teachers were so proud of the way our students conducted themselves all day, even after some lengthy delays, and they should all be congratulated on a job well done. 


Para Districts Large Schools 
 Bethany 164
 Parafield Gardens 89
 Settlers Farm 72

Congratulations to the following student for breaking a Bethany school record at this meet:

Faith K11G200m 31.18 sec 

We would also like to congratulate the following students who finished first in their individual event and as a result will be picked in the Para Districts SAPSASA Athletics Team to compete shortly at the State Metropolitan Championships:

Trinity M 10G200m
Nareta S 10GHigh Jump
Nareta S 10GLong Jump
Faith K 11G100m
Bailee B 11GShot Put
Holly S11G800m
Taylor N12G100m
Taylor N12G800m
Imogen P13G800m
Nareta S10GHigh Jump
Faith K11G200m
Faith K11GHigh Jump
Bailee B11GDiscus
Jack H11B800m
Taylor N12G200m
Eden D12BLong Jump


Team List: Amelia L, Awek A, Bailee B, Bobbi H, Clair H, Danae M, Emily C, Faith K, Holly S, Imogen P, Jessica A, Kaylee W, Krystal G, Mackenzie B, Mackenzie C, Madison M, Makenzie M, Nareta S, Sarah L, Tam L, Taylor N, Wynter D, Yar N, Aydn M, Bill S, Braith H, Eden D, Elijah Y, Harveer B, Hudson S, Jack H, Jacob N, Jed M, Jensen P, Jethro C, Marcus A, Matthew N, Maxx S, Moses N, Orian P, Rainn S, Riley C, Robinson S, Thomas B, Tyson B & William M.

Staff: Mrs C Wyten, Mr N Grieger, Mr S Traeger, Mrs R Curtis, Mr B Richardson & Mrs C Boxall.

On Friday 3rd May on a cold day, Bethany Christian School attended the SA Athletics Stadium at Mile End in order to compete against the other Christian schools in the state.
SACSA Primary athletics is broken up into three divisions. Bethany competed in Division One which was made up of six schools. It was a great effort by the whole team with many of them filling gaps that we had on the day. Thank you to those who helped us out in this way. Our team should be proud of the demonstration of good character that was on display for all to see. Also, thank you to our high jump helpers on the day which were Mr Richardson, Raine Williams, Julie May and Louise Moffat Ward. 

Congratulations to the members of the following relay team who won their race:

11 Year Old Girls

We had two of Bethany’s own school records broken on the day. Congratulations to the following students on their achievement:

 Riley B8G 200m 38.97 sec
 Nareta S10GHigh Jump 1.16m

We would like to congratulate the following athletes for finishing in first place in their event:

 Marcus A 9B Shot Put
 Bailee B 11G Shot Put
 Madison M 11G 200m
 Bailee B 11G Discus
 Faith K 11G100m
 Jack H 11B 800M

Two SACSA records were also broken on the day. Congratulations to the following students on their achievement:

Faith K  11G 100m 14.87 sec
Madison M 11G 200m 32.05 sec

Weekly Information

Important Dates

Friday 17th May Year 1 Zoo Excursion
Mon 20th May to Fri 24th May ELC Parent Teacher Interviews
Monday 27th May School Tour
Thursday 30th May School Photo Day
Friday 7th June Pupil Free Day
Monday 10th June Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday
Tues 18th and Wed 19th June ELC Photos
Monday 1st July to Friday 5th July Swimming Lessons for Yr 4 & 5
  2019 Term Dates
Term 1 Mon 4th February - Fri 12th April
Term 2 Mon 29th April - Fri 5th July
Term 3 Wed 24th July - Fri 27th September
Term 4 Mon 14th October - Wed 11th December

Monday Morning Praise

Whole School Worship
10 - 10.30am Mondays


Primary Chapel (Years 3 - 6)
10.50 - 11.30am Wednesdays

Junior Primary Chapel (Reception - Year 2)
12.10 - 12.50pm Wednesdays

Uniform Shop Times

The opening times for the Uniform Shop are: 

Monday 8.15 - 10.30 am
Tuesday 8.15 - 10.30 am
Thursday 2.00 - 4.00 pm
Friday 8.15 - 10.30 am

Bethany Christian School

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Newsletter published: Friday, May 17 2019

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