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Week 3Term 12023

Cross Country 2023

From the Principal

Welcome to the Week 3 newsletter.

I hope that you are managing well in this hot week and taking steps to be kind to yourself to ensure that you and your children stay healthy and rested. The routines of the year have begun to settle, and it is good to see so much important learning happening around the school. We were reminded in some recent training that learning takes effort and is not comfortable so we can remind ourselves that it is good to do new things, even when we feel stretched. It is also important to have times of rest and refreshment to prepare for all that will come. I do want to thank you as parents for keeping up the helpful routines and for partnering with us.

Last week we held our "Meet the Teacher" evening, and it was wonderful to have parents back in classrooms for those sessions. As I mentioned last newsletter, we are gathering information in regard to communication, and we have a short survey that we would encourage you to give us your thoughts. I have included the QR code and link for you to respond if you haven't already, please see below. We are also developing a general feedback platform to help provide a way for you to address those issues that don’t quite fit into the usual communication procedures of speaking with your child’s teacher or calling the office. We genuinely want to improve communication and are excited about this new initiative. I have asked Elise Ottens our social worker, to develop and implement this with a team of staff so that we can create something that works well. Look out for Elise’s communication about this initiative.

We have our Primary Athletics day coming up next week weather permitting. Our Sports Department will be in touch with you to give you specific information about the day for you and your children in Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 & Year 6. It was lovely to see parents supporting at Cross Country last week and we look forward to seeing you throughout the year celebrating achievements and encouraging effort with us.

Once again thank you for your support and have a lovely weekend.

God bless,

Wendy Matear

This week's Memory Verse

God loved the people of this world so much that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who has faith in him will have eternal life and never really die.

John 3: 16

Deputy's Corner

It has been such a great start to the term! Every time I walk through a classroom, the students are all engaged in their learning and excited to be telling me what they are doing. Our Monday Morning Praise Assemblies and Chapels have been so good, and it has been a delight to see the students so engaged.

The weather has certainly turned up the heat this week. This can be quite challenging for us all, because our sleep can be disrupted. Excessive heat can make us feel quite fatigued. It is super important to keep a regular, healthy sleeping pattern established at home to help our children get sufficient sleep so that they can thrive each day. The recommended amount of sleep required for a 6-13 year old is between 9-11 hours. Having a regular routine at home is immensely helpful when helping our children to go to bed and actually fall asleep at a reasonable time so that they get the full amount of sleep required. I’ve included a link to Headspace’s, “Sleep and Young People: Putting the Myths to Bed”. .

We all know how we feel when we do not get sufficient sleep, so we can empathise with our children who wake up feeling grumpy and disorganised. When our children take what seems like forever to get organized in the morning and really resist going to school, maybe consider a reward chart to give them that extra incentive. Often, our children do not need, or have outgrown a reward chart, but it is absolutely okay to re-introduce an incentives-based system to encourage your child to be more organized, follow instructions and get to school on time. When you are creating a chart or an incentive-system, remember you will get the greatest return for your efforts if the rewards are given either instantly or within a short period of time. Remember the ‘when-then’ statements (ie. “when you have your shoes on, then …..”). The rewards need to be small, but easily achievable. Once your child has become really good at achieving the smaller goals, lengthen the time between rewards, or raise the stakes to a bigger reward, achieved at a longer time interval. Offering rewards is a really effective way of improving behaviour. There is some measure of truth to the old saying, “you attract bees with honey, not vinegar!”

The Wellbeing Team are here to offer help and advice, so if you are struggling with setting up or establishing healthy routines, give the Wellbeing Team a call.

Traffic Update

Thanks to everyone who is continuing to keep our children safe when driving around the school site. The City of Salisbury Council Parking Inspectors have been in communication with Bethany Christian School. They have asked us to remind drivers to familiarize themselves with the road rules and road signs in the area as the inspectors will once again resume their patrols of school sites. See further information below.

Please remember to observe the ‘Entrance’ and ‘Exit’ signs on our school site. The roundabout on Byron Bay Drive is the ‘Exit’ to the back car park. Drivers using it as an entrance risk causing an accident with those following the road rules and exiting correctly from the school site. Your support in following the road rules and using our car parks responsibly will help keep our students safe.

Remember also, that we are not to park in the GoodStart Early Learning car park. Please utilize any one of the kiss ‘n’ drop/turning circle zones, find a car park provided by the school, or find a car park in one of the neighbouring streets. Please be courteous of our lovely neighbours, remember not to park across their driveways or make it difficult for them to enter or exit their private driveways.

I wish you a delightful weekend with your families, may you enjoy the cooler weather that has been forecast.

Deb Clifford
Deputy Principal


Health Care

Medication Policy at School

Please be reminded of the school’s medication policy.

•    If your child needs to be on any medication at school, please provide the school with the required medication along with the current management plan. 
•    Medication can only be administered with a Doctor’s prescription and with
     a Management Plan.
•    All student medical management plans are updated annually.
•    All medications need to be labelled and provided to the school office by the parent/caregiver along with a Doctors authorisation letter/plan at the beginning of the year
•    Out-of-date medicines will not be administered.
•    Please ensure medications are given to a member of staff for safe storage.
•    Students are not allowed to keep any medication in their bags including over the counter medication.
•    More information can be found on our website.

Communicable Disease Prevention Policy

We have had students presenting to the care room with the symptoms of vomiting and/or diarrhoea and fever. Please keep your child home until at least 24 to 48 hrs after vomiting and/or diarrhoea has completely stopped. Please visit out school’s website for more information.

No Lunch Policy
If students present to the teacher with no lunch, a sandwich will be provided rather than parents being called. The parents will receive a notification at the end of the day via email, informing the student received a sandwich from the Wellbeing Department. Parents will not be charged for this service.


God bless you,

Priya Wilson
School Nurse

BCS Cross Country

Last week our Year 3 to 6 students participated in the BCS Cross Country tournament. Please see the photos from the fun day.

More information about the day will follow in the next newsletter.

CC Photo 1.JPG
CC Photo 2.JPG
CC Photo 4.JPG
CC Photo 5.JPG
CC Photo 6.JPG
CC Photo 7.JPG
CC Photo 8.JPG
CC photo 9.JPG

Community News


Sports News


Athletics | Yr 3 - 6

Bethany Christian School’s Inter-House Athletics Carnival is fast approaching and will be held on:

Thursday 02|03  |  Week 4

with the back-up date of Friday 10|03  |  Week 5

Shadarch, Meshach and Abednego will again go head to head to see which house can tally the most points to win the House Shield, so make sure you are there!

Depending upon the year they were born in they will be in the following age group:

  • 2015 |  8 Year Olds
  • 2014 |  9 Year Olds
  • 2013 |  10 Year Olds
  • 2012 |  11 Year Olds
  • 2011 |  12+ Year Olds

While giving everyone a chance to participate, we use this as a gauge to help select our SAPSASA and SACSA Athletics squads, so those students who wish to be selected will need to try their best at this event.

More information will be updated on the Sports Events Page as we get closer to the event.

Weekly Sports

Weekly Basketball  |  Rec - Yr 6

Bethany Christian School offers a Weekly Basketball program. This is a user pay program staffed by approved volunteer coaches, with compulsory weekly after school trainings held at BCS

There are two seasons per year

Winter Season - Terms 2 and 3  |  Summer Season - Terms 4 and then 1

Age Groups as follows (must be 5 yrs old)

U08s mixed  |  U10s mixed  |  U12 Boys | U12 Girls

Saturday games are generally at the following recreation centers

Golden Grove  |  Burragah  |  Turramurra  |  Ingle Farm  |  The ARC

Weekly Netball  |  Rec - Yr 6

Bethany Christian School offers a Weekly Netball program. This is a user pay program staffed by approved volunteer coaches, with compulsory weekly after school trainings held at BCS

There are two seasons per year

S1 Season - Terms 1 and Two  |  S2 Season - Terms 2 and 4

Age Groups as follows (must be 5 yrs old)

U08s mixed  |  U10s mixed  |  Under 12s mixed

Saturday games are at the The Gardens Recreation Centre.

Match Results | Weekly Sports

Saturday 11|02

SportTeamOpponentCoach's PickMatch Result
NetballU08 Golden StarsMini Angels-Not Scored
NetballU10 Wild StarsGems EmeraldAva ML12
NetballU10 Bright StarsHurricanesIra PW211
BasketballU10 BullsGGLPS Rising StarsOliver PL820
BasketballU10 BoomersGlenunga 10aJon NE3325
BasketballU10 WarriorsBrooks Celtics 10Adam JL1220
BasketballU12 HornetsBearcats SunsConnor TW1018
BasketballU14 Mavericks76ers DemonsChloe JL256

Saturday 18|02

SportTeamOpponentCoach's PickMatch Result
NetballU08 Golden StarsKaleteeyaKeira CNot Scored
NetballU10 Wild StarsBright StarsL121
Netball10 Bright StarsWild StarsAnnabel JW211
BasketballU10 BullsBearcats BlazersBentley LL1123
BasketballU10 BoomersHeccies 10cElijah CW529
BasketballU10 WarriorsGlenunga 10cSamuel DW1716
BasketballU12 HornetsBearcats AirTyler MW2814
BasketballU14 MavericksNerdsL273

Weekly Information

Important Dates

Date Event
Monday 20th February to Friday 3rd March Dental Clinic Visits
Wednesday 22nd February Reception Rest Day
Wednesday 1st March SAPSASA Cross Country
Thursday 2nd March BCS Athletics Day (Year 3 - 6)
Friday 3rd March SAPSASA Swimming Carnival
Tuesday 7th March SACSA Swimming Carnival
Wednesday 8th March Reception Rest Day
Monday 13th March Adelaide Cup Day Public Holiday
Wednesday 15th March to Friday 17th March NAPLAN
Monday 27th March to Friday 31st March Swimming Lessons for Year 3 & 4s
Thursday 30th March Parent Teacher Interviews
Tuesday 4th April Parent Teacher Interviews

Uniform Shop Opening Times

Wednesday8.15 to 10.30 am
Friday8.15 to 10.30 am

PE Timetable

ELCMonday to Friday
RHDWednesday and Thursday
RHTuesday and Thursday
RMTuesday and Thursday
1DTuesday and Wednesday
1PWednesday and Thursday
1TCWednesday and Thursday
2RTuesday and Thursday
2WCTuesday and Wednesday
2ZTuesday and Wednesday
3HRMonday and Thursday
3METuesday and Wednesday
3MOTuesday and Friday
4GTMonday and Friday
4NLTuesday and Friday
4WMonday and Friday
5KMonday and Friday
5RTTuesday and Wednesday
5TTuesday and Thursday
6SCTuesday and Wednesday
6TTuesday and Friday
6WMonday and Thursday

School Terms 2023

Term 1Monday 6th February to Friday 14th April
Term 2Tuesday 2nd May to Friday 7th July
Term 3Tuesday 25th July to Friday 29th September
Term 4Monday 16th October to Wednesday 13th December

Bethany Christian School

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Newsletter published: Thursday, February 23 2023

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