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Week 1Term 22021

Some photos from our Easter service

From the Principal

Welcome back to Term 2. I trust that you enjoyed some time with your children and were able to share some experiences that built memories together. We have another term ahead which will be full of learning experiences. Our Year 6 students head off to their camp at Wirraway in Week 3. This camp offers a large range of activities including horse riding, archery and many outdoor challenges. It is always enjoyed by our students and staff and remembered as a highlight of their final year with us. Our Year 3 students will have a sleep over in week 4 as a way to prepare them for future school camps. This will be a fun way to spend time together and learn in additional ways to the usual day at school. I look forward to hearing reflections from students and sharing them with you in future newsletters.

Week 3 is also NAPLAN week. These will be held in an online format this year and we have already participated in a trial last term. If you have any questions or concerns about this national testing, please get in touch with your child’s teacher.
Our school Photo Day will be Thursday 27th May. All children will need to wear their winter uniform on this day (no PE uniform). You will be sent home more information about how to purchase these photographs closer to the day.

Mother’s Day is Sunday 9th May and so we will have our annual Mother’s Day stall on Thursday 6th and Friday 7th May. Please refer to the specific information on the flier you will have received or in this newsletter.

Our Reception, Year 3 and Year 4 students will attend swimming lessons this term. These include a session each day over 5 days. You will receive the notice for permission to attend via the Bethany app. If you have not yet downloaded the app, this will be the ideal time. If you need support to set this up, please call the office and ask for Karen. Further medical information from the swimming centre will also be required to ensure the wellbeing of each child. Your class teachers will communicate with you regarding the timing of this process.

Our uniform shop has continued to receive customers via appointments but next week, we are able to open the shop for drop in purchases. Please see the notice in this newsletter to check the opening times and head to the front office to check in prior to entering the shop.

I would also like to thank you for your ongoing diligence in using the QR code to check in as you enter the school grounds. We are very grateful for the health we have enjoyed in SA and hope that this will continue as the year progresses. Thank you for supporting us in keeping home your children when they are unwell, washing hands thoroughly and also maintaining a sensible distance with others.

I pray that you will enjoy a safe and healthy term.

God bless,

Wendy Matear


Memory Verse

Then the Lord told me: "I will give you my message in the form of a vision. Write it clearly enough to be read at a glance."

Habakkuk 2:2

Deputy's Corner

Welcome back for Term 2! I trust that you all had a wonderful school break with your family. It is going to be a busy but amazing term. Just some of the wonderful activities that are planned are the Year 6 Camp, Year 3 Sleep-over, Mother’s Day Stall, SACSA Athletics, SACSA Cross Country Carnival, SAPSASA Cross Country, School Photos, Reception and Year 3 & 4 Swimming lessons and a Pupil Free day on Friday 11th June for the Queen’s Birthday public holiday weekend. All of the dates will be published in the Bethany Christian School Timetable of Events and will be regularly updated and added to this newsletter. It is wonderful to see such a full timetable considering that only this time last year we were beginning to return back to school after our first COVID19 lockdown.

This week our Year 6’s all received their new Year 6 jumpers, and they all look fantastic. It is also a timely reminder that the uniform requirements for Terms 2 & 3 are winter uniform. If you are unsure about what the uniform requirements are, please refer to the student diary on pages 13-15. Please also remind your child to leave their jewellery at home. If your child receives a uniform slip this week, please do not be alarmed as they are a reminder to correct a uniform infringement. If we notice that a student continues to wear the incorrect uniform, your child’s teacher will contact you directly to discuss how the problem can be resolved.

At the beginning of the term it is also a good opportunity to ensure that all your child’s uniform is clearly named. We are finding many unnamed items around the school and it makes it tremendously difficult to return a garment if it is unnamed.

A Mother’s Day Stall will be held on Thursday 6th May and Friday 7th May (week 2). Your child’s class will be allocated two time slots during school time to visit and purchase a Mother’s Day gift. The items range in price from 50c to $15. It is really important that when you send money to school with your child that you place the money into a clearly named and labelled ziplock bag (actually write the exact amount of money that is enclosed). This money will be collected by your child’s teacher and handed back to your child when they get to the stall.

I wish you a wonderful week and a successful start to the new term!

God bless you,

Deb Clifford


Health Care

Welcome to Week One of Term Two.

The students are so excited to be back at school and very happy to share all the things they have done during the school holidays.

I would like to remind you of the following:

Year 6 Camp - medication requirements

The Year Six's will be camping in Week 3 from 10/05/2021 to 12/05/2021. The school will pack the medications that have already been provided to the school for the Year 6 Camp.

However, if your child is on any regular medication that needs to be administered at any time over the camp, please provide the new medication along with a Doctor’s note prior to the event. The last day for bringing in medication will be Friday 7th May 2021.

*All medications needing to be administered during this time, including over the counter and herbal medication, must have a Doctor’s note.

Health Topic of the Week - Too Sick for School

As the winter months are approaching, there are some illnesses that will begin with mild symptoms, however, if appropriate care is not given the illness can become severe and there is a chance of spreading the illness or infections to others in the school community. As a parent, if you are struggling to decide whether to send your child to school or not, please ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is my child well enough to comfortably take part in the day’s activities?
  • Will my child pass on their illness to other children or staff?
  • Will my child’s teacher be able to care for my child without it impacting on their ability to care for other children?
  • If I felt like this, would I go to work?

‘Find a pharmacy’ have put together a poster which will act as a guide for parents and carers to help to make the decision based on the symptoms the child is experiencing. This is a guide only. This shouldn’t stop you from visiting the Doctor if you are in need. You can find this poster on Bethany Christian School website by following the link below.

God bless you,

Priya Wilson
School Nurse

Mother's Day Stall

Uniform Shop

Thank you to everyone who has supported our Uniform Shop and all the changes that have been made. We would like to announce that from now onwards appointments will not be needed to shop at the Uniform Shop. Parents can walk in anytime the Uniform Shop is open.

Purchases can still be made online and pick up from the front office is still available.

The opening times for the Uniform Shop are Wednesday and Friday from 8.30 am to 10.30 am.

If you have any questions about the uniform shop please contact the front office.

Year 4 Sleepover

As part of their Aboriginal studies that they undertook last term, our Year 4 students went on an excursion to the Botanic Gardens in the city to learn more about Aboriginal culture. Afterwards they had fun at the Aquatic Centre in North Adelaide. On their return they spent the night at school in tents and had lots of fun.

The following day they decorated boomerangs and had the opportunity to test them on the oval. They were also involved in building shelters that had to last the water hose test.

Please enjoy the photos below from the day.



This term, NAPLAN is being held in Week 3 on Tuesday 11th May to Thursday 13th May.

If your child is in Year 3 or 5, we would appreciate it if you could ensure that they arrive on time and are not collected before lunch.

If an appointment is unavoidable, please let their class teacher know before the day and we will organise for them to attend one of the make up sessions.

Community News

Temple Christian College Musical

Sports News

Weekly Basketball

Calling all students interested in playing Weekly Basketball for Bethany, we are looking for a few extra U8 & U10 Basketball players to fill a team for our upcoming winter basketball season starting in term 2.

If your child is interested in playing please nominate them on the following link: Basketball nomination link

2021 Bethany Christian School Junior Athletics Carnival

On Friday March 5, 2021 we held our second carnival for the week which was the Junior Athletics Carnival.
Congratulations to the following medal winners:

INDIVIDUAL AGE GROUP WINNERS                                                                   

7 Year Old FemaleTinotenda S7 Year Old MaleNoah W
8 Year Old FemaleIsla F8 Year Old MaleEthan L
9 Year Old FemaleSophie S9 Year Old MaleNhial M-Y


7 Year Old FemaleChristina J7 Year Old MaleAdam J
8 Year Old FemaleElise K8 Year Old MaleAntonio C
9 Year Old FemaleMyka H9 Year Old MaleAlfie P


Two 4x100 metre relay records were broken at this carnival. Congratulations to the following teams:

8 Year Old MaleAbednego1 minute 16.27 seconds
9 Year Old MaleMeshach1 minute 14.19 seconds

We have also added a new record to the books from 2021 - Mixed 7 Year Old 4x100 metre relay:

7 Year Old MixedAbednego1 minute 29.11 seconds

Final House Results were as follows:


Thank you so much to everyone who came out to support our students. It was fantastic to see you out there. There were quite a few people involved on the day helping to make things run smoothly including the BCS Staff, Year 10 PE classes at Temple Christian College – Paralowie Campus and their teachers. We would also like to thank Mr Josh Curtis who helped out in the timing tent as part of the team.



On Thursday March 4, 2021 we held our annual Senior Athletics Carnival on the school grounds and the Fairbanks Reserve. It was a fantastic day for our students and all involved.

Congratulations to the following medal winners:


10 Year Old FemaleJessica S10 Year Old MalePiol D
11 Year Old FemaleAmelia L11 Year Old MaleMitchell M
12+ Year Old FemaleSarah L12+ Year Old MaleCohen M


10 Year Old FemaleOlivia E10 Year Old MaleJaxon S-C
11 Year Old FemaleChloe F11 Year Old MaleJudah M
12+ Year Old FemaleTam D12+ Year Old MaleMackenzie C-H


One 4x100 metre relay record was broken at this carnival. Congratulations to the following team:

12 Year Old FemaleAbednego1 minute 07.19 seconds

Final House Results were as follows:


We would like to thank all the spectators for coming out and supporting our students as they competed. Also, a big thank you to the Year 10 PE classes at Temple Christian College – Paralowie Campus students and their teachers along with our volunteers and staff for making this day possible.

2021-03-04 SENIOR ATHLETICS-5.jpg
2021-03-04 SENIOR ATHLETICS-10.jpg
2021-03-04 SENIOR ATHLETICS-18.jpg

Weekly Information

Important Dates

Date Event
Friday 30th April SACSA Athletics 
Thursday 6th May Mother's Day Stall
Friday 7th May Mother's Day Stall
Friday 7th May SAPSASA Cross Country
Monday 10th to Wednesday 12th May Year 6 Camp
Tuesday 11th to Thursday 13th May NAPLAN
Thursday 20th May Year 3 Excursion and Sleepover
Monday 24th May School Tour 
Monday 24th May SACSA Yr 3/4 Soccer carnival
Tuesday 25th May SACSA Yr 5/6 Soccer carnival
Thursday 27th May School Photos
2021 Term Dates  
Term 2 Wednesday 28th April to Friday 2nd July
Term 3 Tuesday 20th July to Friday 24th September
Term 4 Monday 11th October to Wednesday 8th December

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Newsletter published: Friday, April 30 2021

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