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Week 1Term 12023

Last year's ELC graduation

From the Principal

Welcome to Bethany Christian School for 2023. We are so glad you are here, and we are looking forward to a year of learning together. Our first days have gone very smoothly, and we thank you for your care and patience in and around our school. If you are new to Bethany this year, we say welcome. Our community is a wonderful place to belong, and we are excited to develop more connections and to grow together. This year we are very grateful for the opportunity to get together face to face as I remember our online start last year.
Next Wednesday we are holding our ‘Meet the Teacher’ evening. We will hold two sessions so that you can choose which works best for your family and so that you can visit two different teachers if you have more than one child at Bethany. The two sessions are identical and are at 5:30 - 6pm or 6:30 - 7pm in your child’s classroom. This is a time for you to hear from your child’s teacher about class expectations, routines, homework, and other helpful information. We look forward to seeing you there.

Sunday 19th February we are holding a Community Chapel in our Performing Arts Centre at 10am. We want to invite you to attend if you would like to join us as we come together to celebrate and ask for God's blessing on all we do in 2023. This event is hosted by Base Church. Base Church meet every Sunday here at school and you would be welcome to come along any time.

This week our Reception students began on Tuesday to allow for parents to enjoy and celebrate this exciting milestone with them. For the next 4 weeks, Receptions will stay home on Wednesdays to give them a rest day. They are learning so many new things and we know that a rest is essential to ensure they continue to be their best at school. It was lovely to see how settled they have been in the classroom and in the yard already. First day of school photos will be available and you will receive information directly through your class teacher.

On Friday 17th February our students in Year 3, 4, 5 & 6 will participate in our Cross County event. You will receive an email directly with information including House groups. You will also be able to access a timetable for the day online as each age group run at a specific time. The cross-country track is in the Fairbanks drive reserve and so we ask that you drop off your children and exit the school grounds as normal. You can then enter the event at the rear of the school, which removes the need for you to sign in at the office. 

We have some organisational changes this year to let you know.
•    Sign in/ sign out- We will now sign in late students and sign out those who are leaving early from the front desk.
•    Canteen- if students forget their lunch, a sandwich will be provided rather than parents being called. Canteen orders close at 9:15am online through Munch Monitor. We also ask that you update your child’s class on Munch Monitor when ordering lunch to ensure they are sent to the correct class for 2023. 
•    We are establishing a new feedback system for you so that throughout the year you can send in feedback. Elise Ottens our social worker, has been able to extend her time with us and is developing the area of Community Relations. This is an exciting improvement, and we look forward to sharing more with you as the year continues.
I would like to let you know that Easter is during the school term this year, and so we have an early finish prior to Good Friday. Parent teacher interviews are a little earlier in the term to accommodate this. Please check our timetable of events which is attached to this newsletter and put those important events in your diary.

I would like to thank you for reading our communication with you and if you need help to access either our school app or if you change your contact details, please contact the office. Once again, I thank you for your support and look forward to journeying with you this year.

God bless,

Wendy Matear

Deputy's Corner

A big hearty welcome back to all of our returning students, and welcome to our brand-new students. It has been a tremendous week of new experiences regardless of the year level your child has begun this year. I am extremely grateful that we have all been able to start school together this year. Can you believe that last year we started with only our Reception and Year 1 students, and everyone commenced online learning?

Many of your questions may be answered in the upcoming "Meet the Teacher Evening", which is a great source of relevant and timely information. Remember, a lot of the information can be found in your child’s school diary. For any questions in regards to our behaviour management or uniform policies, please refer to the diary. If you have questions, next week’s "Meet the Teacher Evening" is the perfect opportunity for you to speak to your child’s teacher face to face.

Your child’s safety is important, so please help us reduce risk when they are at play and encourage all jewellery to stay at home. A necklace, bracelet, dangling earrings, ankle bracelets etc can become a hazard in the yard while at play, and sometimes these items are quite sentimentally special or valuable. We don’t want the special items to get broken or lost, nor do we want a physical injury when the item is caught up on a piece of equipment. Please take the time to explain this to your child. They can wear the jewellery on the weekends, school holidays or after school, but at school we ask that they do not wear it.

Next week all of the Year 6 and 5 students begin their year of student leadership. The Year 6 students have already nominated their student leadership roles across the groups of Lumin8 (Prefect, House and School Captains), Activ8 (lunch time active play leaders), Student Representative Council (SRC), ACTS (tailored student leadership roles around the school) and BCS Creations (multi-media production). It is very exciting that this year, our Reception students will be exploring student leadership within their daily devotional routine in their classrooms. In Weeks 1-2, our school value is love and our memory verse is from 1 John 4:21, “Love God and love others”. Our students will be learning about the value of love, and that leaders demonstrate strong leadership by loving others, and putting the needs of others ahead of their own.

I wish you and your family a wonderful start to the school year.

God bless you all,


Deb Clifford
Deputy Principal


Health Care

It is wonderful to see how the students are settling in. Our Wellbeing team will work together with our students to make them feel safe and well in our school. Health care is one of the aspects we look at to make sure our students can receive the care and help they need, so they can be worry free while in the classroom and concentrate their time in fun filled classroom activities. Some of the things to remember:

  • Medication and medical conditions - It is really important to update the school with any medical condition your child has regardless of its severity. If your child suffers from any medical condition and needs medication to be administered at school, please provide the school with the appropriate medication (with in expiry date) along with the management plan. The school does not administer any medication without a doctor’s authorization.
  • Remember to speak to us if you need any assistance in taking care of your children’s health care needs. Together we can develop a school health care plan to help our students’ wellbeing.
  • To know more about our school’s health care policies, visit our school website. If in doubt you can always contact the school and talk to me.


Prevention is better than cure. As a school we recommend to exclude the student from school until no diarrhea or vomiting for 24-48 hours. We are encouraging everyone to make sure they wash their hands thoroughly with soap and running water after going to the toilet, before eating or preparing food, changing nappies or having contact with someone who is unwell while they are at school and at home. (visit our website for fact sheets)


God bless you,

Priya Wilson

School Nurse


Late Sign Ins

We would like to notify parents of some changes that we have implemented in the front office. As of this year, students who are signing in late will need to do so at the reception desk. Both side gates will be locked at 8.45am to help students know to sign in at the front office. All students who arrive after 8.45 am must sign in at the front office.

Lost Property

Lost property has now been moved. It will no longer be at the Student Desk. A container has been placed in the undercover area in front of Mrs Clifford's office. If your child has lost anything, please ask them to check this container. The container will be checked regularly for any named items which will be returned to the right child. Please remember to label all your child's belongings.

Early Pick Ups

If you know that you are going to collect your child early from school, we ask that you notify us before 9.30 am. We understand that sometimes emergencies happen, but please try to give us as much notice as possible. This will give us plenty of time to notify the class teacher and allows the teacher time to have your child ready. Please avoid picking up your child at lunch time. Children are at lunch play between 1pm and 1.40pm and we are unable to locate them in the yard during this time. 

Junk Food

Please remember that we do not encourage the consumption of junk food at school. If you have not packed lunch for your child we can arrange for a sandwich to be made for your child. We do not deliver junk/fast food for your child to consume at school.

Dental for Schools

Bethany Christian School Dental for Schools Flyer 2023.pdf

Open Bethany Christian School Dental for Schools Flyer 2023.pdf (2.61 MB)

Please return consent forms by Monday 13th February, 2023.

Community News


Grasshopper Soccer

Para Hills Football Club

Sports News


Cross Country  |  Yr 3 - 6

Bethany Christian School’s Inter-House Cross Country Carnival is fast approaching and will be held on:

Friday 17|02  |  Week 2

with the back-up date of Friday 24|02  |  Week 3

Shadarch, Meshach and Abednego will again go head to head to see which house can tally the most points to win the House Shield, so make sure you are there!

The Cross Country program generally runs from 9.00 - 1.00pm, and we would love you to come and watch your child walk, jog or run the event.

Depending upon the year they were born in they will be in the following age group:

  • 8 Year Old Group (Year 3 and up)  |  1km
  • 9 Year Old Group  |  1km
  • 10 Year Old Group  |  2km
  • 11 Year Old Group  |  3km
  • 12+ Year Old Group  |  3km

While giving everyone a chance to participate, we use this as a gauge to help select our SAPSASA and SACSA Cross Country squads, so those students who wish to be selected will need to try their best at this event.

More information will be updated on the Sports Events Page as we get closer to the event.

Athletics | Yr 3 - 6

Bethany Christian School’s Inter-House Athletics Carnival is fast approaching and will be held on:

Thursday 02|03  |  Week 4

with the back-up date of Friday 10|03  |  Week 5

Shadarch, Meshach and Abednego will again go head to head to see which house can tally the most points to win the House Shield, so make sure you are there!

Depending upon the year they were born in they will be in the following age group:

  • 2015 |  8 Year Olds
  • 2014 |  9 Year Olds
  • 2013 |  10 Year Olds
  • 2012 |  11 Year Olds
  • 2011 |  12+ Year Olds

While giving everyone a chance to participate, we use this as a gauge to help select our SAPSASA and SACSA Athletics squads, so those students who wish to be selected will need to try their best at this event.

More information will be updated on the Sports Events Page as we get closer to the event.

School Sport SA | Softball Tryouts (5|6 Boys and Girls)

School Sport SA (SAPSASA) run State Carnival’s in various sports each year.

Each District (Bethany is a part of the Para District Zone) holds tryouts for their team to participate in the State Carnival.

Para District has now released information for tryouts for Boys and Girls Softball for students in Year 5|6

If your child is interested in trialing for the team that will participate at the State Carnival then please follow the instructions in the link provided below.

If your child is selected into the team, Bethany Christian School will cover the nomination cost to participate, but as this is not a school excursion parents will need to arrange transportation and supervision of their child.

We would also ask you to communicate their attendance of this event directly with the Front Office should they be selected.

All further enquiries should be directed to the contact listed once receiving the online form confirmation.

Weekly Sports

Weekly Basketball  |  Rec - Yr 6

Bethany Christian School offers a Weekly Basketball program. This is a user pay program staffed by approved volunteer coaches, with compulsory weekly after school trainings held at BCS.

There are two seasons per year

Winter Season - Terms 2 and 3  |  Summer Season - Terms 4 and then 1

Age Groups as follows (must be 5 yrs old)

U08s mixed  |  U10s mixed  |  U12 Boys | U12 Girls

Saturday games are generally at the following recreation centers.

Golden Grove  |  Burragah  |  Turramurra  |  Ingle Farm  |  The ARC

Weekly Netball  |  Rec - Yr 6

Bethany Christian School offers a Weekly Netball program. This is a user pay program staffed by approved volunteer coaches, with compulsory weekly after school trainings held at BCS.

There are two seasons per year

S1 Season - Terms 1 and Two  |  S2 Season - Terms 2 and 4

Age Groups as follows (must be 5 yrs old)

U08s mixed  |  U10s mixed  |  Under 12s mixed

Saturday games are at the The Gardens Recreation Centre.

Match Results | Weekly Sports

Saturday 04/02

SportTeamOpponentCoach's PickMatch Result
NetballU08 Golden StarsSalisbury North Hawks GreenNot Scored
NetballU10 Wild StarsAngels U10Zoey GW72
NetballU10 Bright StarsMawson Lakes OpalsAleesha BL24
BasketballU10 BullsMini Hoopers 10aGabriel SL1016
BasketballU10 BoomersBrooks Bulldogs 10Lazar TL1250
BasketballU10 WarriorsModbury ScorpionsKade MW482
BasketballU12 HornetsBrooks Cavaliers 12Samuel MD1818
BasketballU14 MavericksModbury FirebirdsL810

Weekly Information

Important Dates

Date Event
Wednesday 15th February

Reception Rest Day

Wednesday 15th February Meet the Teacher Night - 5.30 and 6.30 pm in your child's classroom
Friday 17th February BCS Cross Country (Yr 3 - 6)
Monday 20th February to Friday 3rd March Dental Clinic Visits
Wednesday 22nd February Reception Rest Day
Wednesday 1st March SAPSASA Cross Country
Thursday 2nd March BCS Athletics Day
Friday 3rd March SAPSASA Swimming Carnival
Tuesday 7th March SACSA Swimming Carnival
Wednesday 8th March Reception Rest Day

Uniform Shop Opening Times

Wednesday8.15 to 10.30 am
Friday8.15 to 10.30 am

PE Timetable

ELCMonday to Friday
RHDWednesday and Thursday
RHTuesday and Thursday
RMTuesday and Thursday
1DTuesday and Wednesday
1PWednesday and Thursday
1TCWednesday and Thursday
2RTuesday and Thursday
2WCTuesday and Wednesday
2ZTuesday and Wednesday
3HRMonday and Thursday
3METuesday and Wednesday
3MOTuesday and Friday
4GTMonday and Friday
4NLTuesday and Friday
4WMonday and Friday
5KMonday and Friday
5RTTuesday and Wednesday
5TTuesday and Thursday
6SCTuesday and Wednesday
6TTuesday and Friday
6WMonday and Thursday

School Terms 2023

Term 1Monday 6th February to Friday 14th April
Term 2Tuesday 2nd May to Friday 7th June
Term 3Tuesday 25th July to Friday 29th September
Term 4Monday 16th October to Wednesday 13th December

Bethany Christian School

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