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Week 1Term 12021

From the Principal

Welcome back to school for 2021. I would like to say a huge thank you for all of you who came to school prepared to scan our QR Code and also with a mask to wear. It was so lovely to chat with many of you after not having parents and caregivers in the school grounds. We hope that 2021 will continue to improve and that we will not need to return to further restrictions. Next week we should receive our SA Gov QR Code which will allow you to scan in a little more efficiently. I am very grateful for your help and support as we walk together on this journey of learning for you and your children. I really appreciated the conversations and the thanks for our school that were shared with us for the way we were able to keep children safe and we will continue to do all that we can to do this.

Our Meet the Teacher night will be the first parent event for 2021 on Wednesday 10th February. We have made appropriate adjustments to help ensure that you have the opportunity to hear from your child’s teacher. We will be limiting the number of adults to 2m2 for classroom entry and keeping the seating 1.5m apart. Cleaning will take place before children return in the morning. At this time, this is the only time adults will enter the classrooms until further restrictions are lifted. We will run each class session twice to have enough places to accommodate one adult per child and to help you visit two different year levels if you would like to. We will specify gate entry to help spread out adults as they enter our school and will not require masks to be worn for the evening. This will help you and our teachers to see each other and to help to get to know each other. We will send out a link for you to register one adult to attend a session in your child’s classroom. The first session will be held at 5:30-6:00pm and the second is 7:00-7:30pm. When one of the sessions fill up you will need to select the other session so I recommend booking the junior years first as more parents attend in the early years. We will not have child minding facilities available during either session. If you are unable to attend, please notify your class teacher via the diary so that they can provide you with the information.

You will receive lots of information over the coming days and we appreciate your help in reading right through to the end of our communication. We will endeavour to be clear and concise to help you with this. We will continue to communicate through a number of ways throughout the year to help you to know what you need and also for us to receive information appropriately.

  • The Newsletter is published fortnightly and you receive this via a notification on the Bethany App as well as email. We will also send out Parent Updates in this manner if we need to communicate changes to usual practices like we experienced in 2020. 
  • Your child’s diary is a primary means of direct communication with your child’s teacher. Please use this if you need to let your teacher know something or you have a question regarding how things work in the classroom. The diary is checked daily and we ask that you also check it daily. There are also policies that you may need in the front of the diary so that you can check policies that impact you.
  • The Bethany App will also be used by year levels to notify you of things, to celebrate success or to remind you of events. If you have not downloaded the app to your device, please follow the instructions.

Click here for information on setting up the Bethany App

At times, class teachers will email you with information. We have asked our staff to set a time limit to when they will respond to emails in order to keep a good work life balance. They will let you know the best times for a response but it will be something like 8am-6pm.

Bethany Christian School does not have a social media presence. If you are invited to join a group with our name, please be aware that this does not represent our position and that we have asked that our staff do not join these groups. We want our staff to come to work and feel they are safe to do their job without being discussed. It can be very upsetting to read comments posted about staff or the school that are taken out of context or unfairly expressed. We would appreciate your respect in this matter. The most accurate school information will be found through our newsletter, broadcasts, emails and your child’s diary.

If you need to let your child know of a change of pickup, we ask that you call the office before 2:30pm, this allows us time to pass on the message. As a part of our BYOD policy we state that students are not to contact their parents directly, especially asking you to pick them up early. This can cause undue distress and means we may not be aware that your child needs to attend the Care Room. Our Registered Nurse, Mrs Wilson, is the best person to ensure that we provide appropriate medical care.

Our calendar is attached to this newsletter so please look to see what events are relevant to you and we will keep you updated with more specific information through the various forms of communication I have listed above.

We have the school dentist on site beginning Monday 15th February. You are able to book a bulk billed appointment directly through the dental group. 

Please note that Easter falls within the end of this term and so there are some changes to our usual dates to accommodate this. 

I look forward to a great year with hopeful expectation that we will see God’s goodness in many ways and I pray that you will experience his peace in your home and on your family in 2021.

God bless,

Wendy Matear

Deputy's Corner

Welcome back for another year. It has been a terrific start to the school year, with the students settling into their new classes without any hesitation. A big welcome also to our brand new families, both with students beginning their journey at Bethany as new Reception students, and to those families that have joined us part way through their primary school adventure.

The start of a new school year can be daunting. Some might even describe it as stressful. The Headspace website ( explain that there can be good stress, and bad stress. Good stress is described as helpful, being able to help us to feel more alert, to improve and increase our concentration levels, enhances our sensory experience and can provide additional energy when required. Good stress can be helpful when studying for an important test. Stress becomes harmful, or bad, when the alertness experienced affects how we act and perform in our environment. At school, bad stress can become harmful to a student’s health and wellbeing.

The good news is that we can help those experiencing negative stress. There are a lot of strategies that can help our children when they are feeling stressed. Some very simple strategies such as exercise, positive self-talk, mindfulness activities, nutritious food, maintaining good social connections, and excellent sleep routines are extremely effective in managing stress.

Positive self-talk is actually a really important skill. With practice our children can change their self-talk by rethinking the negative self-talk. This means, learning to identify how realistic or accurate the self-talk is, taking something that is quite negative, “I can’t do that,” and changing it to, “I can’t do that yet, but I can if I …..”  Such positive self-talk has the potential to change the individual’s perspective, attitude, and their reactions in regards to those around them and their circumstances. Such a skill also increases confidence and is stress reducing. For our children who are quite young, we will need to model it and reinforce it at school and home. Often, this means that we need to, ‘think aloud’, verbalizing our thinking and rationalizing. When you hear your child speak in a negative self-talk manner, turn it around by putting a positive, solution based phrasing.

If you feel that your child might be feeling overwhelmed about school and you feel that it is more than normal, feel free to communicate with your child’s teacher either by calling to make an appointment, email or your child’s school diary. There is always the option of referring your child onto our school counsellor, Ms Leeony Pfeiffer. 

I wish you all a very settled, safe and healthy 2021.


God bless you,

Deb Clifford


Health Care

Welcome back to school for 2021.

It was wonderful to see parents dropping in medication along with care plans which has helped me to prepare and provide efficient care for the students. As the Bethany Christian School community, we would love to provide adequate care and a safe environment for our students and staff. I would like to thank everyone for supporting and following the guidelines of our school to enhance the health and wellbeing of our students and staff. Some of the things to remember….

  • Medication- If your child suffers from any type of medical condition and needs medication to be administered at school, provide the school with the appropriate medication (with in expiry date) along with the management plan
  • Vomiting/Diarrhea- If your child has diarrhea and/or vomiting, help them to rest at home and recover. As per our SA health recommendation, exclude the student from school until no diarrhea or vomiting for 24 hours
  • High temperature/Fever- If your child is experiencing fever along with other symptoms such as cough, runny nose, body pain; contact your GP and as per advised visit the COVID testing Centre. Exclude the student from the school until no fever without Panadol or Nurofen for 24 hours.

We have updated our Care Room Information page on the school website with the Medical Policy and Information handouts that you may find helpful.

Visit Care Room Information website page

I pray for a healthy year for each and everyone of us and if you need any help related to health and wellbeing of you child, do not hesitate to talk to me.

God bless you,

Priya Wilson
School Nurse


Online School Fees

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all families who have signed up to the FACTS online family portal. This has been a great success to see so many of you embrace the new way in which Bethany is moving with school fees.

For those families who have not yet signed up I encourage you do to so as soon as you can. An email has been sent by FACTS to all families regarding the registration details for the new system.

 In 2021 all invoices will be processed through the family portal including:

  • School Fees
  • School Camps
  • Extra-curricular sports
  • Other extra-curricular activities i.e. Choir, after school clubs etc. (excluding music tuition)

If you are unsure or need assistance please do not hesitate to contact the Finance team at or via phone on 08 8283 0000.

Dean Huntley

Camp Australia

Circle of Security Parenting Workshop

School Banking

School banking has resumed for 2021, so welcome back!

If you would like to join school banking at Bethany Christian School for 2021,  please open an account with your child at your local Commonwealth bank branch. School banking day is Tuesday during school terms.

Please ensure that your child has their deposit book and correct money.

Any questions, please call the front office on 8283 0000.

School Dental Visit

Dental Ad for Newsletter Feb 2021

Open Dental Ad for Newsletter Feb 2021

Community News

Saver Plus

Fruit Fly Outbreak

The Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA) has released updated information about fruit fly restrictions in South Australia including new colour coded maps for metropolitan Adelaide residents which show the outbreak areas, suspension areas, and areas not affected by fruit fly. The maps can be used by parents to inform them whether they can pack certain fruits and vegetables for their child’s recess or lunch.

Further information is available on the PIRSA website or via PIRSA’s Fruit fly hotline: 1300 666 010.

Base Care

Weekly Information

Important Dates

Date Event
Wednesday 10th February Reception rest day
Wednesday 10th February Meet the Teacher Night
Friday 12th February Cross Country (Yr 2 to Yr 6)
Monday 15th to Thursday 18th February School Dental Visit
2021 Term Dates  
Term 1 Monday 1st February to Friday 9th April
Term 2 Wednesday 28th April to Friday 2nd July
Term 3 Tuesday 20th July to Friday 24th September
Term 4 Monday 11th October to Wednesday 8th December

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Newsletter published: Friday, February 5 2021

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