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Week 1Term 12020

Photos from our recent Indonesian Trip.

From the Principal

Welcome to our very first newsletter for the 2020 school year. A special welcome to those new students and their families who have joined us this year. We are glad that you have come to Bethany Christian School. We have a lovely community of staff, parents and students and we look forward to getting to know you and your child. Every second year, we hold an Autumn Fair on a Saturday. This year we have Autumn Fair on Saturday 21st March between 10am and 2pm. We provide rides, stalls and also invite our community to participate through volunteering, renting a stall for their business or coming along to enjoy the day. This is our largest fundraiser for the school and we look forward to your support.

Next Wednesday night, February 12 is our annual Meet the Teacher night. This is a time that our teachers share with parents the classroom expectations, management and operations which vary from class to class. It is also a time that you can hear about some of the broader aspects of the school. At 6:00pm the classrooms will be open for a half hour session with your child’s class teacher. At 6:45pm all parents meet together in the Performing Arts Centre for school information. At 7.30pm the classrooms will be open again for a half hour session with your child’s class teacher for those parents who were not able to attend the 6pm session. Please choose whether you attend the 6:00pm or 7.30pm session. If you have 2 children you will be able to attend both sessions in the different classes. The classroom teacher will run the same session at 6:00pm and 7.30pm. Please only attend one session.

I hope that you have had the opportunity to walk in to the school grounds and see the new building facilities in operation. It has been wonderful to finally see students using these lovely spaces. We are continuing to develop what will become a new play space where our transportable buildings used to be. I am encouraging our teachers and students to participate in the future development of this space. Can we please ask that when you are waiting for your child at the end of the school day, that you wait until 3:10pm until you enter the building or classrooms?  The end of day is a busy time and it is helpful for teachers to ensure that all communication occurs without the distractions of parents looking through windows at this time. This also includes siblings from Temple. All Temple students are to wait until 3:10 to move across onto the Bethany property to collect younger siblings. Please remind your older children to stay on the Temple property until 3:10pm. 

This term there a number of events and we have included a Term 1 Timetable of Events for you to keep at home. Our Year 6, Reception and Year 1 students have swimming lessons this term. Our Year 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 Athletics days and Cross Country days, our Year 5 camp as well as other representative sporting events all occur this term. Please refer to the calendar and mark them in your diary. 

This term finishes on Thursday 9th April the day before Good Friday. School always finishes at 12:10pm preceding Easter. You may like to take advantage of heading off early for this long weekend. We begin Term 2 with a Pupil Free day on Monday 27th April so school returns on Tuesday 28th April. 

I pray that you have a lovely weekend and that this year is full of learning and growth for all of us. I look forward to sharing this with you in 2020.

God bless

Wendy Matear

Memory Verse

Love God and love each other.

And he has given us this command. Anyone who loves God must also love their brother and sister.

1 John 4: 21

We are excited to announce that our new Bethany Christian School Mobile App is live!

Some of the features are:

  • School communication and notifications
  • Online permission for excursions and sporting events
  • Absentees reporting
  • School calendar
  • Links to the uniform shop/canteen and newsletters

Parents and caregivers have been emailed their setup details for the App, if you have not recieved the email yet please check your junk mail first and then call the office to make sure they have your latest email details.

We hope you enjoy using the App!

Deputy's Corner

Welcome back to school for 2020! It was wonderful to see familiar smiling faces and the brand new students starting school this week. It was also so great to see our students coming into school anticipating a great start to the school year, and being able to manage their nerves as they started in a new class with a new teacher.  

Over the past few months it has been a challenging time for Australia, our state and for the world. With increasing media coverage of the bushfires and coronavirus, we are bombarded with information about traumatic events. I know that with my own children, I have had to deliberately make time to discuss the events such as the bushfires of Cudlee Creek and Kangaroo Island, and to dispel any misleading information about the coronavirus. Children are great at hearing and absorbing information around them, but often they are not old enough to process this information at the same level an adult will, leading them to become unduly fearful of the world around them.

The article from ‘Healthy Families - Beyond Blue’ has a terrific article about how you can talk about the ‘scary stuff’ our children will either see or hear on the news. Please also remember, if your family was affected by a traumatic event over the school break, we have support systems at school to help. Come in and let the office know if you would like to access some support and they will direct you to the correct person.

I do wish you and your family a very safe and successful start to the school year! 

God bless you,

Deb Clifford

Talking About Scary Stuff in the News

Digital media means we increasingly witness wars, terrorist attacks, accidents and natural disasters as they happen – through our phones, TVs and social media feeds. And while this coverage helps us stay informed about what’s going on, it can be distressing – especially for kids.

It’s pretty much impossible to shield children completely from upsetting news. And keeping things secret can mean kids get snippets of information, adding to their sense of anxiety.

Your best option is to monitor what kids are seeing and reading, and support them to understand what’s happening. 

5 tips for parents and guardians

  1. Be aware of what kids are watching
  • On average, adults in Australia spend nearly 100 hours watching TV or browsing online – and that’s not including work-related stuff. Think about how often kids are in the room or watching over your shoulder, and be proactive about switching off when they’re around.
  • Put some age-appropriate boundaries around how much news kids are seeing. For example, children under the age of six should have very limited or no access to upsetting media. As kids mature, supervise what they’re watching and talk through what you’re seeing together. 
  1. Help them understand
  • Encourage your child to ask questions about what they’re seeing.
  • Explain that sometimes scary things happen in the world and it can be hard to understand why – and it’s really normal to feel scared and worried. 
  • Often children aren’t able to fully understand what’s happening, and this can add to their distress. It can help to explain things in concrete ways, such as by showing them on a map how far away the event was from your neighbourhood, or explaining that what they’re seeing on TV is a replay of something that happened before, not a new incident.
  1. Provide plenty of reassurance
  • Traumatic events can challenge our belief that the world is a safe place – whether we’re five or 50. Reassure your child that you’re looking out for them and help them see that these kinds of scary things happen very, very rarely.
  • Stick to your regular family routines – these help kids feel secure. 
  1. Focus on the helpers
  • Help your child see the positives – that there are lots of people working to fix the frightening situation and stop it happening again. Point out the helpers – the emergency workers and volunteers – as examples of the goodness in people. 
  • Find something they can do to make a difference, such as writing a thank you letter to emergency workers or donating pocket money to a charity. 
  1. Take care of yourself

You don't need to be directly involved in a tragedy to feel its effects. It's important to take care of yourself so you can continue to support your family.

  • Allow yourself to feel.It’s a normal reaction to upsetting news. It shows compassion.
  • Limit how much news you watchif you’re becoming pre-occupied or feeling overwhelmed. 
  • Talk to othersabout how this event has affected you. 
  • Calm yourself.Go for walk. Take deep breaths. Do things that relax you.
  • Think helpfully.Tragic things happen but remember most of the time we’re safe and most people are good. 
  • Take care of yourself. Sleep. See friends and family. Do things you enjoy. 
  • Re-direct your energyinto things that will make a positive difference. Donate money. Volunteer your time. Raise awareness about the response efforts and available support.
  • Don’t be afraid to seek professional supportif you need it. 

Children often learn how to feel about something by watching and modelling adults’ reactions. Share your feelings, but show that you’re managing them. If you’re feeling upset or distressed, talk privately with another adult you trust or a health professional.  

Changes in behaviour - and what to look for

When children are confronted with something stressful, like news of a traumatic event, they’re not always able to express their feelings in the same way adults can. Instead, kids show how they’re feeling through their behaviour.

Common reactions include: 

  • becoming clingier
  • having more tantrums or outbursts
  • acting younger than their age
  • not sleeping as well  
  • being more irritable
  • talking more about death and dying.

If your child is acting differently and you’re worried about their reaction to distressing news, seek support from a health professional or contact the Beyond Blue Support Service


Canteen Changes

As you would have heard, Bethany Christian School's canteen has set up an online system for lunch orders. Please read the instructions below to set up an account if you would like to take advantage of online ordering.

SAVE TIME with our ONLINE CANTEEN - Bethany Christian College SA.pdf

Open SAVE TIME with our ONLINE CANTEEN - Bethany Christian College SA.pdf (142.82 KB)

Uniform Shop Changes

This year there have been many changes in the Uniform Shop. The Uniform Shop is now located next to the Indonesian classroom and will have new opening times. From Monday the opening times will be:

Monday8.00 to 11.00 am
Wednesday1.15 to 4.15 pm
Friday8.00 to 11.00 am

Online orders are now available via the School Locker app or website which is or you can email your orders to

If you have any questions about the online process please feel free to speak to one of the friendly staff in the Uniform Shop.

Autumn Fair

Autumn fair Flyer.pdf

Open Autumn fair Flyer.pdf (159.46 KB)


The SA Department of Education has updated its advice with regards to the Novel Coronavirus. Please see below:

  • Children or staff who travelled to mainland China must isolate themselves in their home for 14 days after leaving mainland China if they left mainland China on or after 1 February 2020.
  • Children or staff who have been in close contact with a confirmed case must isolate themselves in their homes for 14 days after last contact.
  • Children or staff who have returned from Hubei Province, China must isolate themselves in their home for 14 days after leaving Hubei Province.
  • Staff and students in these circumstances must not attend schools, preschools or early childhood centres and should not engage with other students.

If you require more information, the Australian Government has updated the fact sheets regarding Novel Coronavirus. Please click on this click to access those fact sheets -

Nut Awareness

Please remember that Bethany Christian School is a Nut Aware school. We would like to remind parents not to pack nut products in lunch boxes including Nutella and satay sauces. Please check the labels on food products. Products with traces of nuts are OK. If in doubt please talk to your child's teacher. Alternatives to nuts are: fruit, dried fruit, vegemite, jam, popcorn, muesli bars, yogurt, rice crackers, pretzels and savoury biscuits.

School Banking

Bethany Christian School is excited to offer the Commonwealth Bank School Banking program to all students.

School Banking is a fun, interactive and engaging way for young Australians to learn about money and develop good savings habits. Children who deposit money into their Youthsaver account through School Banking earn Dollarmites tokens, which they can save up and redeem for exciting rewards.

The rewards available during 2020 are:

  • Terry Denton’s Activity Book
  • Mini Soccer Ball (size 2)
  • Treetop Stationary Set
  • Treetop Handball
  • Tomato Seed Kit
  • Magic Mist Drink Bottle
  • Emoji Wallet
  • Snakes & Ladders Game

School Banking is also a great fundraiser for our school. Our school receives a Regular Savers Contribution of $5 for every 10 deposits processed per student as well as an Annual Contribution which is based on the number of students who made at least one School Banking deposit in the prior year.

Getting involved in School Banking is easy!

All you need to get involved in the School Banking program is a Commonwealth Bank Youthsaver account. You can open an account for your child in one of two ways:

1. Online
Visit and click on the link to open a Youthsaver account.

2. In branch
Visit a Commonwealth Bank branch with identification for yourself and your child, like a driver’s licence and birth certificate.

If your child has an existing Commonwealth Bank Youthsaver account they can start banking straight away. They just need to bring their deposit in every week on School Banking day using their Dollarmites deposit wallet.

School Banking day is Tuesday. Each week you need to bring in your deposit wallet to the front office or hand it into child's teacher.

If you would like to know more about School Banking, please ask for a 2020 School Banking program information pack from the school office or visit

School Times

School commences at 8.40 am and students are expected to line up at the front of their classroom doors if the teacher has not opened the classroom. School dismissal time is 3.10 pm. Recess is at 10.30 am and lunch 1 pm with eating time starting 12.50 pm. Play time is between 1 pm to 1.35 pm.

The school office is open at 8.00 am each morning and closes at 4.00 pm each afternoon.

Children who are not collected by 3.30 pm can wait in the front office until picked up by a parent. However, if this happens on a regular basis, children will be taken to Camp Australia at the parents expense.

Meet the Teacher Night

A parent information session will be held on:

Wednesday February 12th 2020

6:00 pm Classrooms will be open for a half hour session with your child’s class teacher.

6:45 pm All parents meet in the Performing Arts Centre for school information.

7.30 pm Classrooms will be open for a half hour session with your child’s class teacher.

Please choose whether you attend the 6:00 pm or 7.30 pm session. If you have 2 children you will be able to attend both sessions in the different classes.

(The classroom teacher will run the same session at 6:00 and 7.30 pm. Please only attend one session).

Adult English Class

This year the free Adult English classes will continue for those who are interested in improving and developing confidence in conversational English. Classes will commence later this term and this year be run by Juliet Schultz.

Kenyabelieve It

My name is Anette and I work in Administration here at Bethany. Last year my husband and I had the privilege of travelling to Kenya to see our friends get married in a traditional Kenyan wedding. After travelling through Kenya, our eyes were opened to the severe poverty that a large number of these people live in. I felt so strongly about the injustice of the situation these people were in that I couldn’t see it, leave, and do nothing about it. My husband and I decided that we wanted to do something practical to help these beautiful people. After conversing with our friend on what would be the best way to start helping, we developed a plan to build toilets and a septic system on their property. Access to a working western toilet in this village is non-existent. As such, the facilities built on this property would be available for the whole village to use. We then began to think of a way to raise the money to start this project. We decided that we are going to do a can and bottle drive!

If you would like to help us in achieving our goal we will be collecting bottles and cans at Bethany this term. There will be a grey bin outside the administration area near the JP playground exit. If you have cans and bottles that you aren’t going to recycle, please bring them to school and place them in this bin! All of the money raised will go directly to building the first western toilet in small village in Homer Bay County, Kenya!

Sports News

Weekly Sports Results


 Sport Team Opposition Coaches Pick Score
BasketballU8 BlazersGGLPS GiantsTobiasz T Isaleli T-F14 . 10
U10 BucksHeccies U10B YellowLucas H Elijah R14 . 14
U10 RaptorsAFCBC DynamiteJoash S Elijah Y16 . 17
U12 RocketsTyndale HurricanesJaiden K Ethan G49 . 31
NetballU8 Bright StarsNo Game

Fitness Club


Open _Weekly_Flyer_Fitness_Club.pdf (1.25 MB)

Weekly Tennis


Open _Weekly_Flyer_Tennis.pdf (874.08 KB)

Weekly Information

Important Dates

Date Event

Wednesday 12th February

Meet the Teacher Evening

Wednesday 12th February

Reception Rest Day

Wednesday 19th February 

Reception Rest Day

Monday 24th to Friday 28th February

Year 6 Swimming Lessons

Wednesday 26th February

Reception Rest Day

Wednesday 26th to Friday 28th February

Year 5 Camp

Monday 2nd March

School Tour

Wednesday 4th March

Reception Rest Day

Thursday 5th March

Senior Athletics Day

Friday 6th March

Junior Athletics Day
2020 Term Dates
Term 1Term 2
Monday 3rd February to Thursday 9th AprilTuesday 28th April to 3rd July
Term 3Term 4
Tuesday 21st July to 25th SeptemberMonday 12th October to Wednesday 9th December

Uniform Shop Times

Monday8.00 to 11.00 am
Wednesday1.15 to 4.15 pm
Friday8.00 to 11.00 am

Chapel Times

Primary Chapel (Years 3 - 6)

10.50 to 11.30 am on Wednesdays

Junior Primary Chapel (Reception - Year 2)

12.10 to 12.50 pm on Wednesdays

Monday Morning Praise

Whole school worship

10 - 10.30 am Monday mornings

Bethany Christian School

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37 Countess St
Paralowie, SA, 5108

P. 08 8283 0000
F. 08 8283 0101

Weekly PE Lessons

ELCMonday to Friday
RDTuesday and Friday
RHWednesday and Friday
RHWTuesday and Wednesday
1CWednesday and Friday
1DTuesday and Friday
1PTuesday and Wednesday
2HSMonday and Thursday
2RMonday and Thursday
2ZTuesday and Thursday
3LMonday and Thursday
3KMonday and Thursday
3TMonday and Thursday
4GMonday and Friday
4PMonday and Friday
4WMonday and Friday
5RTuesday and Friday
5STuesday and Friday
5TTuesday and Friday
6SMonday and Wednesday
6TMonday and Wednesday
6WMonday and Wednesday

Newsletter published: Friday, February 7 2020

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