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iPad Program

Technology has continually developed rapidly over the past few years with the development of tablet devices that are now practical and affordable for educational use. At Bethany we strive to keep up with technology, aiming to provide a technologically rich learning environment for our students and staff. We are currently running our BYOD (Bring your own device) program, where parents provide students in Year 5 & 6 with an iPad to enhance their learning experience. This is our second year of the program after a very successful first year trial with our Year 5 classes.

If you need support with your children's device you can email

For parents of students in Year 5 & 6 there are some PDF downloads available if you missed the class handouts, please click the link to download.

Parent Resources


Telstra Parental Controls click to view link

Internet Filtering click to view link

Safe Technology Use click to view link

Screen Time click to view link

Ipad Information LetteriPad Policy

Bethany Christian School Apple Education store and JBHIFI Parent Portal

Bethany parents now have access to discounted student iPads. This link is for purchasing iPads and accessories for your child's education, not for purchasing iPhones or other non educational accessories.

Click the links below to access the Bethany Christian School Apple Education Store or JB HIFI parent portal to view pricing and order online. 

The JB HIFI parent portal will require a parent code which you can get from the parent letter or by calling the office 82830000


iPad Program FAQ

Do I need to buy separate apps for each of my student’s iPad’s?

Apple allows a family household to share an iTunes account, this includes sharing apps, songs and iTunes content between up to 5 devices in 1 household. Please see Apples terms and conditions for more information. The school required apps will be allocted to your children through a Mobile Device Management System, this means that you will not need to purchase those required apps.

You can also setup family sharing if using iOS 8 and above.

Do I have to buy my student an iPad? 

At Bethany we have incorporated the use of technology as an important part of your students education, we encourage you to make this commitment for your student’s education and learning. If this will cause genuine hardship, please contact Mr Dean Huntley, Bursar, Bethany Christian School

I already have an old iPad, can my child use it at school?

With the release of iOS 11 (mobile operating system) some iPads are no longer compatible with current apps. Please make sure the old iPad your child is using is loaded with iOS 11 or above to ensure all school apps will run. To check iOS version: Settings > General > Software Update

My student has a 3G/ Cellular iPad can they use it at school? 

If your student had a 3G/Cellular iPad it must not come to school with a sim card inserted. We have no control over the internet content provided using 3G/Cellular sim cards. For your students safety we provide completely filtered internet using a firewall and content filter via our WIFI network. 

Where can I get insurance for my students iPad? 

It may be best to speak with your household insurance company and see what cover is available for a student device. Unfortunately, the school’s insurance cannot cover students individual iPads. IPads purchased through the JB HIFI portal have an option to add insurance that can include breakage, theft and loss of device.

What if my student already owns another type of tablet device? 

We have chosen the iPad as a school wide tablet device; teachers are learning on the iPad, developing lessons using the iPad and using apps created for the iPad. After trialing other devices in our pilot program we are only permitting iPad’s to be used in the classroom.