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The BCS Choir is a group of Year 2 - 6s who love to sing. It is a great opportunity, no matter your current ability, to learn to sing, learn about music and to create amazing things as a team. We meet each Wednesday in the PAC balcony with the vocal coach Joy Starling and a team of BCS Staff.

Choir takes place on Wednesdays from 3:15 - 4:00pm

Students need to be picked up from the Performing Arts Centre foyer at 4:00pm.

Fees for the Semester 1 program ($45) will be added to your school fees during the second term of the relevant semester.

Please ensure that you are no later than 4:00pm as there is limited staff onsite after this time.
If your child is booked into OSHC we will walk them over 
and sign them in. Another important note is that the playground is not allowed to be used after school, even with adult supervision (this includes siblings of choir students). 

If your child is interested in being part of our choir, can you please complete the form below. Information about the start date and fees will be sent at the start of each term. Fees will be directly added to your school fees. 

We ask that your child commits to attending the full term. 

If you would like any further information, please contact

We are looking forward to you joining us!

The BCS Choir Team.

Student Information

Parent Information

Terms and Conditions

  • My child's medical information is up-to-date with the school.
  • I understand that I will pick up my child by 4.00pm, or arrange OSHC beforehand.
  • I understand that once enrolled my child will need to complete the entire program. I understand should I choose to withdraw my child I will not received a refund.
  • I understand the fee will be added to my school account.
  • I have read, understood and will actively engage in Bethany Christian School’s Code of Behaviour, the policies and procedures.
  • I understand my child may be in photographs/videography. I consent to these photographs/videography being used to promote the School and affiliated associations including newsletter, webpage, yearbook and social media.
  • I understand that excursions take place in the public arena and Bethany Christian School are unable to ensure that photographs are not taken by outside sources (eg: other schools, spectators, sporting associations, etc)
  • I understand that all communication will be sent via BCS App or email.