Bethany Christian School

Waiting List Registration Form

This form may be used for both Bethany Christian School and Bethany Early Learning Centre (ELC) enrolment applications.
Completion of this form does NOT guarantee that a place will be offered; formal offers of placements are made following completion of the registration process, consideration of the application and an enrolment interview.
Enrolment in our ELC is only accepted where the intention is to attend the School; however, it should be noted that enrolment in our ELC does NOT guarantee automatic acceptance of enrolment into the school.

Student Information

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Student Information - Student 2

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Student Information - Student 3

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Family Information

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Christian Reference

Signed Declaration & Authority

We support the mission and vision objectives of Bethany Christian School.
We personally agree with the Principles of Faith of the school, as stated in the School Prospectus.
We would like to register our child/children’s names to be considered for enrolment, and understand that this form enables Bethany Christian School to place our child’s name on the waiting list.
We understand that we will be required to attend a Principal’s Tour prior to an interview.
It is our responsibility to contact the school to arrange a time to attend a tour.
As the Parent/Guardian of the child/children, I authorise the Principal and the Staff at Bethany Christian School to access information that may be of benefit to the education of my child from the relevant persons/organisations.
In granting this authority, I understand that it will remain current for the period of consideration of my child’s application for enrolment and for such period as, and if, my child is enrolled at this school.

Failure to accurately complete all sections of the Registration Form may result in the school’s inability to accommodate your child’s individual needs and may affect your child’s continued Enrolment.