Bethany Christian School

Enrol at Bethany


Please contact the school's enrolment officer at:"> for a prospectus and registration form. There is no cost involved.

The registration form can also be downloaded here:

Waiting List Registration 2019

Admission Requirements

It is a requirement that all enrolling parents;

  • Attend a School Tour
  • Accept the Principles of Faith
  • Support the School’s Vision, Mission and Values
  • Support the School’s policies on Curriculum, Behaviour Management and Uniform
  • Accept responsibility for the payment of the School Fees

All registrations must be accompanied by a copy of the child / children’s birth certificate and Temporary Resident Visa if applicable.

School Tours for 2019

School tours commence at 9.30am

Term 1  Monday March 4th 
Term 2  Monday May 27th
Term 3 Monday August 19th
Term 4  Monday November 11th 


Priority is given to:

  • Children where either one or both parents are committed Christians
  • Siblings of current enrolled students
  • Siblings of students enrolled at Temple Christian College, Paralowie Campus
  • Old Scholar’s Children 

The date of lodging a Waiting List Registration Form will be used as a guide in the priority of enrolment.

It is essential that we are notified of any changes to information on this form.  Failure to do so could affect your child’s future enrolment. 

Cancellation of a Registration prior to commencement at Bethany Christian School must be made in writing to the Enrolment Officer.

Reception Intake Policy

From 2015 children are able to commence on the first day of school at the start of the year providing they are 5 years of age before the 1st of May of that year.


When the Principal offers a position, parents/caregivers will be given the enrolment forms to complete. The position for a child is secure upon the receipt of the completed forms and the $50 enrolment fee.  This fee is paid once per family.